Guest Comic Guidelines
by Newbiespud

If you want to submit a guest comic to Friendship is Dragons, here are the rules:

  • Submit your guest comic image file, Guest Author's Note, and transcript via email to spud (at) spudlink (dot) net. 
  • I do and will reject low-quality submissions. I encourage you to please pitch your idea or script by me before you start or submit the finished project. You will be given a chance to revise your submission if I find mistakes.
  • All dialogue must have correct spelling and grammar.
  • Confusing panel and word-balloon layout, eye-searingly bad visuals, and lame jokes with no self-awareness are grounds for rejection.
  • You do not necessarily have to adhere to Friendship is Dragons mainline-sessions canon.
  • Submitted image width should not exceed 1000 pixels. There is no hard limitation for image height. For reference, my standard pages are 612 x 792.
  • Maximum filesize is 3072 kb.
  • You may submit more than one guest page, as a series of pages or separately.
  • Any image medium (original art/screencaps/etc.) is allowed.
  • Limit content to a PG-13 rating.
  • Pages must be submitted with a title that is under 28 characters long (including spaces). If you submit a series of pages, the ", Part X" in the titles must also fit under the character limit.
  • Your own guest Author's Note is optional, but should be included when you submit the comic. If you submit multiple pages, include a unique Author's Note for each page.
  • Each page should have a transcript of the word balloons and sound effects included in the submission email. For examples, click the Show Transcript button on any comic page.
  • Include the name you'd prefer to be credited as, and optionally add a link to a site you'd like to plug.

Current deadline: N/A