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9th Oct 2018, 6:00 AM
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Newbiespud 9th Oct 2018, 6:00 AM edit delete
Story time! Any stories about the campaign's hometown / early/starting town (not home bases) being dramatically changed at a later date, whether for tension or the party's benefit?


Digo Dragon 9th Oct 2018, 6:14 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
One of my longer-running D&D campaigns back in the day has the players passing through the hometown of two of the PCs--Summerset. It was a farming town with the benefit of being along a well-worn trade route between three bigger cities (two being ports), so it saw a lot of bartering traffic and all was good.

Well, except for that time the nation fell into civil war and one of the major battles met in the wheat fields of Summerset. The PCs arrived to support their side (and prevent the town from being wiped off the map from a large-scale battle). Got to use mass-battle rules on that and the PCs did very well in defending the town.

However, it was never the same after that. after the civil war ended and the nation became two different countries, Summerset found itself as a border town and closer to a river than it used to be (said river was routed closer to Summerset thanks to some nasty wizards). Thus, Summerset was walled in and became a military fort. The farms were still there, but the military presence to defend the border was something new the town had to get used to.

On the plus side, the PCs were respected high-level adventurers by this point, so two of them became military captains to train new soldiers.
albedoequals1 9th Oct 2018, 6:22 AM edit delete reply
I had a pathfinder game where my players used the building rules to make custom bases in the town where the story had started. We ended up with adventurer wealth funding a wizard's tower, school of magic with dorms, fighting dojo, and a large temple. One of my players even drew a custom map for the temple. The town had been just a farming community, but it was a destination for intellectuals by the time they were done with it.
ThatGuest 9th Oct 2018, 6:23 AM edit delete reply
I tried that in a campaign once but things went.....poorly. It's yet another story I can't really share here for public viewing. The closest I can say is......federal crimes all the way up to war crimes and litteral crimes against humanity. I'm talking Caligula levels of abusing power.
Digo Dragon 9th Oct 2018, 9:23 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Did they pay for their crimes in the end?
ThatGuest 9th Oct 2018, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
No most of them quit after I completely shut down their three way discussion about how to bring the town in line since some people were disrespecting them for being terrible people. They couldn't decide between killing all the parents in the town to scare the children into obedience, kill all the kids to scare the parents into obedience, killing all families in town to avoid triggering any kind of slain family member revenge thing, or the Fighter's pitch which was. "Hey, maybe we can just kill all the men in town and keep the women~"

At this point me and my best friend were just....speechless in horror. When I told them I outright wasn't going to let them touch an NPC, basically making NPC townsflok immune from damage like a video game they lost their minds and quit because I was "Railroading them and stifling their creativity."
Evilbob 9th Oct 2018, 6:51 PM edit delete reply

At that point, instead of invoking NPC immunity rule, you shoulda just resigned and told them why...

Orrrr... if you were somehow able to get another group of players in... you could have an interactive game already with a quest, mission, and Big Bad all set up ready to go! lol.
Redwings1340 10th Oct 2018, 12:20 AM edit delete