Page 1186 - Gin & Doctor, Part 6

23rd Feb 2019, 6:00 AM
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Gin & Doctor, Part 6
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 23rd Feb 2019, 6:00 AM edit delete
Author: Winged Cat
Artist: Digo Dragon

Guest Author's Note: "You know that thing where you used to be able to cloudwalk, and then suddenly you can't, but this time you're standing on something that itself can be supported by cloud?

Story Time prompt: players who narrate themselves right into the GM's trap, with minimal to no active assistance from the GM."

Newbiespud's Note: Got a new Spudventure for ya! My friend's running a 5e campaign for us with a twist: We all woke up with amnesia, with next to no idea of our identities or what our classes and ability scores are! And we're about to enter the Dungeon of the Mad Mage!
The Forgotten Ones, Session 1 – Podcast Video


GrayGriffin 23rd Feb 2019, 8:20 AM edit delete reply
"Hi kids! Face here!"
Digo Dragon 23rd Feb 2019, 8:39 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Oh gawd, LOL! I remember that 'thing' from Nickelodeon. Great, now I'm not gonna be able to unsee that with this page all day. XD
Departure Dave 23rd Feb 2019, 12:17 PM edit delete reply
Count yourself lucky you didn't have to deal with YTV's "Snit".
FanOfMostEverything 23rd Feb 2019, 12:33 PM edit delete reply
Man, Nick Jr. got intense after the bombs fell.
Aeshdan 23rd Feb 2019, 10:36 AM edit delete reply
Why are the bigwing guards wearing disks? They're pegasi, they can cloudwalk naturally.
NoGentleman 23rd Feb 2019, 11:11 AM edit delete reply
can't tell for sure, but if i had to hazard a guess, it's probably to interface with the other functions of the ship. like those cloud racers they summoned a couple pages back? they are most likely controlled by the discs, as are most likely many of the other functionalities of the ship. that's what i'd assume at least.
Winged Cat 23rd Feb 2019, 1:51 PM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
These are not the bigwings. For one, they're nowhere near big enough. You'll see the bigwings soon.

That said, it's more solidarity than interface. These guards empathize a bit with the unicorns and earth ponies - which will be important over the next two comics.