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19th Jul 2014, 6:00 AM
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The Angel You Know
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Newbiespud 19th Jul 2014, 6:00 AM edit delete
One of my favorite forms of exposition right now is casual conversation. Revealing new and important concepts in an otherwise understated manner so that, if the players are savvy enough (or the anvil is heavy enough), the players can pick up on it and pursue it themselves.

Fallout is Dragons, Session 18, is up! This one was a lot of fun (for me).
Session 18: Dropbox YouTube


Dusk Raven 19th Jul 2014, 6:18 AM edit delete reply
Ah, the perils of being a social character. Social intrigue abounds with this one.

Tell about a time your character faced peril not from combat or traps, but from indirect means...
Luna 19th Jul 2014, 7:47 AM edit