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20th Nov 2014, 6:00 AM
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Nervous Eating
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Newbiespud 20th Nov 2014, 6:00 AM edit delete
As a DM, it's our task to add the right amount of details to make a place feel populated, believable, and even a little provocative in our descriptions. But sometimes, you don't know what small, unimportant description will catch a player's eye. And if they think it's important, then sometimes you have to make it more than it was.

I suppose the Story Time prompt flows naturally from this: Any stories about a player obsessing over a small detail?


Boris Carlot 20th Nov 2014, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
Nope, got nothing for this one. Mint, anyone?
Digo 20th Nov 2014, 6:54 AM edit delete reply
"You turn right at the fork in the cavern and the tunnel tapers off to a dead end after about 40 feet or so."

The party was exploring a network of caves inhabited by ogres. Slaying the ogres was not a problem, but for some reason the party rogue got tripped up by this one dead end. It tapers, why? Why this one spot and not other areas where the ogres have been chiseling away at the rock to make straight-ish corners for their rooms?

Well the rogue ended up getting the druid, wizard, and one ranger in on the mystery. The rest of the party finished cleaning out the caves, but this party (composed of the smartest members) were casting various detection spells, scrying spells, poking-n-prodding with their tools at this oddly tapered dead-end in the cave. I think they were at it for a good hour in real time.

DM (me): "You guys seriously find nothing at all odd about this dead end."
Rogue: "But it tapers! That's unusual for a cave, right? Unless you mean the real world and this is just... um..."


Rogue: "Oh fishsticks! Duh, caves taper when they're not being chiseled by ogres. Let's go get drunk."
Raxon 20th Nov 2014, 10:27 AM edit delete reply
In the corner, you see a small, wooden, blue box"

PC1: "Why is the box blue?"

Me: "Upon careful inspection, you find that someone has painted it blue."

PC2: "Guys, we need to take this box with us! It could be part of a dungeon puzzle!"

PC1: "Yeah! We take the box with us."

Me: "well, you can if you like."

PC3: Nobody touch it! It's booby trapped somehow!"

The rogue then spends twenty real life minutes searching the box, everything around the box and then the entirety of the room.

PC1: "There are no traps anywhere around here, you guys. How big is the box?"

Me: "It's about six inches tall by six inches wide, by eight inches long."

PC1: "I open the box to see what's inside."

PC1: "I stand on the far end of the room."

PC2: "Me too."

Me: "It won't open. It appears the paint is so thick that it has sealed the box shut. Only due to small raised spots on the back can you even tell where the hinges are."

PC1: "I pick the box up."

Me: "The box is heavy, and there are metallic clinking sounds inside."

PC1: "Is there anything on the bottom?"

Me: "Yes, it says 'Blue's box' on the bottom."

PC2: "Hey, this must be part of a quest! We need to find Blue and return his lost box!"

They ran back to town, but could not find the owner of the blue box. By the time they returned to the dungeon, two days later, they found the room. It was now painted blue. A goblin turns to look at them. "Who you? This my room!"

PC1: "Are you blue?"

Gob: "I blue. Like the color. Is gud color."

PC1: "I think we found something that belongs to you."

He gives the goblin the blue box, and he is overjoyed. In his gratitude, he gives each of them a small can of paint. Blue, of course.

Everything about that little blue box was made up on the fly, after they took an interest in it, because it amused me.
XandZero2 20th Nov 2014, 10:52 AM edit delete reply
You've been GMing Raxon?

That poor party...

-Sounds hilarious though.
Digo 20th Nov 2014, 11:17 AM edit delete reply
At least this particular story didn't end in gory death. XD
Raxon 20th Nov 2014, 11:57 AM edit delete reply
Co-DMing. I do a lot of stuff,and world building for the proper DM, and run the game for him when he needs to leave the table.
you know that guy 20th Nov 2014, 2:35 PM