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9th Dec 2014, 6:00 AM
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Sounding Bored
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Newbiespud 9th Dec 2014, 6:00 AM edit delete
I don't think it quite applies here, but how about a Story Time for problems that basically solved themselves?


ZReporter 9th Dec 2014, 6:45 AM edit delete reply
Ran a game where the players were escaped prisoners trying to escape from an evil desert empire. They managed to run near an enemy town but couldn't get in because they would be over run and captured again or possibly killed.

The proplem they ran into was that a group of "zombies" that were really dangerous were following them because of all the death from the arena they escaped.

They ended up trying to make plans to escape the zombies, enter the city, and restock supplies that they spent the night ready to pull off their fendish plans only to forgot one thing. The zombies crave the living and there were a lot more living people in the city than in their group.

They found the city was under attack by the zombies that were following them as the town was trying to escape from the zombies and taking supplies with them.

They solved both porplems by doing nothing as they simply looted the areas affected by the carnage and dealt with a few straglers.

Bright side they were fully supplied now. Though the fact the enemy was now preparing for war aginst an undead menace they had accidently unleashed was growing bigger making them need to move faster in case the swarm followed their tracks. (This came from the RPG and they really are nasty. Low intelligence with the ability to follow tracks and smell death like sharks do with blood in the water.)
CrowMagnon 9th Dec 2014, 7:10 AM edit delete