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10th May 2016, 6:00 AM
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Rings of Icarus
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Newbiespud 10th May 2016, 6:00 AM edit delete
Man, look at that page number. That's almost three-quarters of a thousand right there. That's insane, isn't it?

Right about now will be where I enter crunch time for the revival of a special project. Here's hoping I make my deadline on this attempt.


Specter 10th May 2016, 6:03 AM edit delete reply
Good luck with that deadline.

Hmm, it seems Rainbow Dash does know a thing or two about how important Health and Safety really is. Especially for a barbarian.
Digo Dragon 10th May 2016, 6:08 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
"If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done." -Tshirt I once saw.

Skill bonus-fishing can be pretty annoying when players are just trying to find every dang little excuse to squeeze a +1 out of. So when a PC finds a legit idea that is worthy of a bonus, that's when I get generous.

On the flip side, I can be pretty good at bonus-fishing. Like the time I gave the party a big bonus to break into MIT because The Great and Powerful Trixie was doing a stage show outside as a distraction, and there was nothing more distracting than a blue unicorn in a large purple hat n cape setting off magical fireworks and illusions in front of a science building. XD
Pablo360 10th May 2016, 7:29 AM edit delete reply
You've told lots of bits 'n pieces of that campaign, but one think I don't think you've ever shared on this site is why you were breaking into MIT in the first place. I know the aftermath of that was somewhere in here...
Digo Dragon 10th May 2016, 9:06 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
That's a good question!

...upon digging through a few surviving notes from the campaign, the reason the team broke into MIT was to research information on a professor who was kidnapped. It was the Dean of Occult Studies. Which... we didn't know there WAS one at MIT.

The humor of this missing professor having an office in the science building was not lost on us, but that feeling was quickly replaced by dread as we learned the missing professor was researching demonic summoning rituals.

Funny that the team happened to have a unicorn skilled in magic to decipher some of the professor's notes...
Anvildude 10th May 2016, 12:25 PM edit delete reply
First off: Seriously, you need to write up your adventures in that campaign.

Second: I'd love it if a professor at some university somewhere (probably a theology proff or one who specializes in folklore and mythology) managed to wrangle an official title of 'Dean of Occult Studies'- especially if they had an office in a science or engineering building.
Digo Dragon 11th May 2016, 5:54 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I think there's enough interest to write this adventure up that I really don't have a choice anymore. It should be written. :D
Mykin 11th May 2016, 4:24 PM edit delete reply
Sounds like what happened to me back when I decided to sh