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3rd Sep 2016, 6:00 AM
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Fluttershy Beats Some Fruit
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 3rd Sep 2016, 6:00 AM edit delete
Author: Winged Cat

Guest Author's Note: "Story Time for this one flows directly from the strip. Please tell us of times when Diplomacy or similar skills were successfully used against inanimate objects."


Dusk Raven 3rd Sep 2016, 6:36 AM edit delete reply
Not Story Time related, but something I've been thinking about for the past few days is a pony-based high fantasy setting. In the past I've liked the concept of Equestria being a part of the established D&D setting of Mystara (based on a fanfic with that premise, which rather seamlessly integrates the two), but this time I'm going for a slightly more original setting, based largely on the pony card game Buck: Legacy.

Buck: Legacy is, as expected, a game where pony adventurers explore locations, fight monsters, and grab loot. Beyond that, it's got some rather quirky tech, mostly Late Middle Ages with what I call "Teslapunk" - which is basically steampunk with gratuitous amounts of electrical power.

I've been working on my own setting based partially off that, and partially off my own ideas, in the hope of being able to form a Pony Tales or Wanderlust game off it. Though as evidenced by the whimsical nature of this post, I'm not sure how to even pitch the idea... it's 8:30! I have more enthusiasm than thinking power!
Digo Dragon 3rd Sep 2016, 6:47 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Nice. I played Buck Legacy once and had a lot of fun with it. Bought a set for myself. Sadly don't have local friends to play it with.

As for setting, I have a "classical" D&D setting that takes place over 1000 years before the show. I call it Ponaria and run a couple D&D 5e games in it. It's pretty fun. In one of the games, the party met a filly Celestia. A very moody filly Celestia. Totally adorable.
Someone 3rd Sep 2016, 12:53 PM edit delete reply
Was there also angsty teenage Woona or was that Post-Moonie?
Digo Dragon 3rd Sep 2016, 5:33 PM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
They didn't meet Luna, though she's probably somewhere around, being adorable.
Norgarth 3rd Sep 2016, 9:25 AM edit delete reply
*ahem* I'll just leave these here...

John Biles (an older Fanfic author who has trouble with the concept of a 'short' story) Has written a series of stories featuring Equestia shoehorned into Mystara.
It's pretty good (also long)

and the TVtropes page
Norgarth 3rd Sep 2016, 9:27 AM edit delete reply
actually, this is a better site to find the stories, and has 2 more not listed on the previous link.
Dusk Raven 3rd Sep 2016, 9:42 AM edit delete reply
Norgarth, you have just linked to my favorite fanfic of all time. ^u^ I've actually talked a bit with the author himself about trying to work on that setting f