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22nd Apr 2017, 6:00 AM
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Furious Fate
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Newbiespud 22nd Apr 2017, 6:00 AM edit delete
After a long period of grappling with a shadowy organization, there's no more enticing incentive a player needs than an opportunity to punch a shadowy bad guy in the face. And no greater bait for a DM to deploy. And no better window into just how sadistic your players can be when they get to be judge, jury, and executioner.


Masterweaver 22nd Apr 2017, 6:02 AM edit delete reply
So just so everyone knows, I did a review of the official pony RPG.

It's a review that I did of ponies and role playing. Just so everyone knows.
Jennifer 22nd Apr 2017, 2:59 PM edit delete reply
Awesome! Thanks, I look forward to reading it. I haven't had a chance to find the game yet.
Dusk Raven 26th Apr 2017, 12:49 AM edit delete reply
I've got a copy of the book incoming, hoping it arrives soon.
Digo Dragon 24th Apr 2017, 8:44 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I like how you word the target age groups. Clever. ;)
Rastaba 22nd Apr 2017, 6:36 AM edit delete reply
I am with Rainbow Dash. Punching thieves in the face makes most any party far more exciting! The GM should have lead with that. That there would probably be some of that at the party.
Torquelift 23rd Apr 2017, 9:27 AM edit delete reply
Quite frankly, every fancy party should have bad guys to punch. It's a party sin not to!
Rastaba 23rd Apr 2017, 9:57 AM edit delete reply
To quote Roger Smith, "It's not a real party til somebody dies." To paraphrase that, "It's not a real in game party without somebody to beat up and make a scene.
Digo Dragon 24th Apr 2017, 8:37 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
My group's version is &