Page 922 - Mafia, Part 21

17th Jun 2017, 6:00 AM
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Mafia, Part 21
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 17th Jun 2017, 6:00 AM edit delete
Author: DragonTrainer

Newbiespud's Note: And that's the end of the Mafia guest arc! Feel free to go back and look at the Night Phase pages now if you skipped them.

There's one or two more guest comics from other people, and after that... Well, I'm putting these all up about a month in the past, so I'm not sure at time of writing what's coming next. Either back to regular episode comics or maybe one more IDW arc...


CocoaNut 17th Jun 2017, 6:02 AM edit delete reply
I'm actually planning on trying to get the extended family to play Mafia this Thanksgiving using a similar composition to this. We should have enough people. The question is if we'll have enough volunteers.
DeS_Tructive 18th Jun 2017, 1:59 AM edit delete reply
Try to find One Night Ultimate Werwolf, instead. It's basically the same game, but a lot more accessible, works with smaller groups and doesn't have the "I was out after the first night and now I'm bored out of my mind" effect many dislike.
Dadada 20th Jun 2017, 1:15 AM edit delete reply
I'm doing it now while I'm in Europe.
Huor 17th Jun 2017, 6:04 AM edit delete reply
Playing Mafia without revealing roles on death is so wrong it makes my head hurt. It's literally impossible to work out who's town and who's scum without that knowledge. The town's best possible strategy is literally to lynch people at random and hope it works out.
Ronnie Simonds 17th Jun 2017, 6:40 AM edit delete reply
It's doable - some consider it the default way to play. It's much more difficult and intrigue filled, obviously. No doubt that's why Rarity suggested it!
Guest 17th Jun 2017, 8:28 AM edit delete reply
Yes, that's the way Mafia is supposed to be: a game of random murder and baseless accusations. Many are the ways to play it, but few are the variations where anyone has any real information.
Digo Dragon 18th Jun 2017, 6:50 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
So it plays like a game of Paranoia? ;)
Night Owl 18th Jun 2017, 1:04 AM