Page 927 - Groovy Dove, Part 4

29th Jun 2017, 6:00 AM
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Groovy Dove, Part 4
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Newbiespud 29th Jun 2017, 6:00 AM edit delete
Assuming the scheduling or processing doesn't break, there should be two episodes of my brand new major tabletop podcast, Dusk City Outlaws! It's a campaign where I'm running multiple groups of unlawful players in one shared, open-ended continuity where they can potentially indirectly affect each other!
Dusk City Outlaws 1 - Crimson Lions 1 - The Little Museum Job, Part 1: Libsyn YouTube
Dusk City Outlaws 2 - Cackling Crows 1 - The Horsenapping Job: Libsyn YouTube


ANW 29th Jun 2017, 6:10 AM edit delete reply
Ah the bee, by itself annoying but ok.
When together very dangerous.
Any bee or bee like stories out there.
albedoequals1 29th Jun 2017, 6:24 AM edit delete reply
I used army ants in a game. With pathfinder swarm rules, my players had almost no way to fight them except jars of alchemical fire. Which would have been fine except they were inside an antique ship. Most of them ended up with several burns and they had to be careful not to fall through all the new holes in the floor.
Rastaba 29th Jun 2017, 6:52 AM edit delete reply
I believe you mean "express elevators to the basement." And if there wasn't a basement before, there is now.
aerion111 29th Jun 2017, 10:00 AM edit delete reply
In a ship, the 'basement' is generally known as 'the sea' :P
Rastaba 29th Jun 2017, 10:39 AM edit delete reply
My bad, misread ship as shop. Still think the sea sounds better than army ants personally.
Digo Dragon 29th Jun 2017, 1:42 PM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I knew you could get that shop ship shape in no time.
Kaze Koichi 29th Jun 2017, 11:26 PM edit delete reply
Bees. My God.
Digo Dragon 29th Jun 2017, 7:07 AM edit delete