Guest Comic Guidelines
by Newbiespud

If you want to submit a guest comic to Friendship is Dragons, here are the rules:

  • Submit your guest comic image file, preferred author name and link to your homepage for credit, Guest Author's Note, and comic transcript via email to spud (at) spudlink (dot) net. (Ideally with "Friendship is Dragons Guest Comic" or something like it in the subject line!) Alternatively, submit via direct message on Twitter to @Newbiespud. If you are a part of the Discord "Newbieserver," you may submit it to me via Discord direct message.
  • I do and will reject low-quality submissions. I encourage you to please pitch your idea or script by me before you start or submit the finished project. You will be given chances to revise your submission if I find mistakes or have critical feedback. Beware that I am an honest and meticulous editor.
  • All dialogue must have correct spelling and grammar.
  • Confusing panel and word-balloon layout, eye-searingly bad visuals, and lame jokes with no self-awareness are grounds for rejection.
  • You do not necessarily have to adhere to Friendship is Dragons mainline-sessions canon, but do not rely on subtle implied diversions from canon that will confuse the majority of the casual readership. If a background detail is different from the main story, make it clear and obvious.
  • Blatant promotional crossovers with your own campaign comic will be held to an even higher standard.
  • Submitted image width should not exceed 950 pixels. There is no hard limitation for image height. For reference, my standard pages are 612 x 792.
  • Maximum filesize for a single image is 5 MB.
  • You may submit more than one guest page, as a series of pages or separately.
  • Any image medium (original art/screencaps/etc.) is allowed.
  • Limit subject matter and language to a PG/PG-13 rating.
  • Pages must be submitted with a title that is under 30 characters long (including spaces). If you submit a series of pages, the ", Part #" in the titles must also fit under the character limit. If you do not submit a title, I will be forced to ask you for one.
  • Your own guest Author's Note is optional but highly encouraged, and should be included when you submit the comic. If you submit multiple pages, include a unique Author's Note for each page.
  • Each page should have a transcript of the word balloon dialogue and sound effects included in the submission email. For examples, click the Show Transcript button on any comic page.
  • Include the name you'd prefer to be credited as, and optionally add a link to a site you'd like to plug.

Current deadline: November 10th