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7th Sep 2019, 6:00 AM in School Raze
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Getting Real
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 7th Sep 2019, 6:00 AM edit delete
We like to joke here and make fun of other players, but when you have a group that you enjoy playing with, make sure to remind them that you enjoy playing alongside them.

It doesn't have to be often. It just has to be sincere.

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ANW 7th Sep 2019, 6:08 AM edit delete reply
Anyone here did the same thing that AJ/Sandbar here did?
Digo Dragon 7th Sep 2019, 8:45 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
The best part about watching Spud write AJ lines is that many times he write a better AJ than the show writers do, and I think that writing AJ as this meta-knowledgeable experienced earth pony who can see past the tropes and use it to her advantage in the group would fit alongside Pinkie's fourth-wall leaning earth pony who bends physics for a good joke.
CrowMagnon 7th Sep 2019, 9:50 AM edit delete reply
In a previous campaign, I was playing Chekyl, tengu alchemist. The group was exploring the haunted remains of a prison, and Chekyl got ambushed by a giant, bloodsucking bug that seemed to take him out with a single attack.

The next session, the DM had me start out in a separate chatroom apart from the others, and played out a scene of Chekyl being revived by a priest who claimed that the party had left him there and gone on with their adventure. In-character, Chekyl immediately called BS on this because while he himself was true Neutral and didn't consider himself a particularly good person, he respected the morality of the more enthusiastically noble characters, and figured out that he was being taunted by one of the stronger ghosts in the prison. Sure enough, after a few rounds, I got called back into the main chat when the rest of the party took out the ghost from the outside.
Anvildude 7th Sep 2019, 11:30 AM edit delete reply
Was his Mutation form called "Byde"? 'causee you can't have an alchemist named Chekyl without them being a Mutation alchemist...
Composer99 7th Sep 2019, 10:13 PM edit delete reply
Let me guess... you were playing the PF adventure path Carrion Crown, yes? Something almost identical happened to my character, save perhaps the story he was given by the ghost.
Guest 8th Sep 2019, 7:07 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, I just ran this encounter for my party yesterday, it's either carrion crown or something the DM borrowed from it.
Classic Steve 7th Sep 2019, 10:21 AM edit delete reply
Sandbar missed an "is" (or maybe an apostrophe-S) in panel 3.
KathiraNarae 7th Sep 2019, 10:22 AM edit delete reply
Sorry, Spud, third panel. 'And that's why neither of you ARE the real Rarity or Rainbow Dash.'
Newbiespud 7th Sep 2019, 11:53 AM edit delete reply
Bah. Fixed.
Guest 8th Sep 2019, 1:23 AM edit delete reply
I have to applaud Spud for making so many screenshots of Sandbar radiating confidence and smugness as well as calm coolness.

Must be hell to time it right.
Jennifer 9th Sep 2019, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
Just discovered the finale. And watched it.

After having missed the last, oh, three seasons.

I liked it. I think it worked pretty well. No spoilers, of course.
Jennifer 9th Sep 2019, 8:58 PM edit delete reply
Sorry, I didn't realize until after seeing it that it was a leak...
Guest 10th Sep 2019, 6:23 AM edit delete reply
Great to see you're still loyally posting these. I read them on and off, but I always greatly enjoy catching up. As you stated in your author's notes, sometimes it's important to mention how much you appreciate someone. It doesn't have to be often, just sincere.

So, thank you for doing this Spud. I've been reading this for years and it has brought me great joy. Keep up the good work.