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11th Jan 2020, 5:00 AM in Guest Arc: Equestria Girls
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Axed Machina
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Newbiespud 11th Jan 2020, 5:00 AM edit delete
Author: GreatDinn

Guest Author’s Note: “It never gets to be that simple.
Update on my newcomer group! First session went well. Spent most of it building characters, plotting backstory, and setting up the meeting of the four characters. Everyone seemed to be getting into it, and it only had one instance of blatant inter-party theft. Additionally, when inconvenienced by an NPC, only one player had the thought of ‘Well, I guess I’ll murder them!’
There’s always one, I guess.
I definitely saw a few faces like Pinkie’s during that first game though. It’s all fun and games until the DM asks you in particular to roll the die.”

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ANW 11th Jan 2020, 6:42 AM edit delete reply v=hzPT0e7BLc4 &list= UUSVbVB1hckKojjYdOl9q2og& index=3&t=0s
Remove the spaces for the link.

It turns out that Hasbro has released official Mlp source books for D&D. And it looks nice.

This link also comes with a promo code discount.

What do you guys think about this?
Anvildude 11th Jan 2020, 6:54 AM edit delete reply
Oh! You're talking about Tales. That's not actually DnD- it's an entirely different ruleset, as far as I understand.

But the reception has been overall positive for it from what I hear.
BackSet 11th Jan 2020, 11:48 AM edit delete reply
GM Sunset seems a bit... controlling.
Archeo Lumiere 11th Jan 2020, 12:21 PM edit delete reply
So does character Sunset, it is going to be a metamorphosis for her
Malroth 12th Jan 2020, 11:58 AM edit delete reply
Sometimes (albeit rarely) you have these new characters that don't do anything and need prodding to stop acting like a dead horse. It's not the best DMing but it occasionally helps.
BackSet 13th Jan 2020, 2:36 PM edit delete reply
That happened to me once. Except it was the whole group. It didn't end well. Apparently I was the bad guy.
Digo Dragon 11th Jan 2020, 1:13 PM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Long go in a AD&D 2e game, I was cornered overnight by a drow assassin and poisoned with a toxin that takes about a week to kill me. The assassin demanded that if I want the antidote, I and my party must go retrieve an artifact from a specific dungeon outside of town.

Well the GM wasn't used to psionics and we had a psionic turtle character who was able to cure the poison (had to make a check for it with something like a 30% success rate, but it worked). So, we pretty much thwarted the GM's adventure within the first 30 minutes of the session. XD

But we were nice to him and decided to go get the artifact anyway and then either negotiate with the drow for money, or sell it ourselves. We managed to get the item (I don't remember what it was), but the session ended there and we never got back to it. I think we just assumed we got rich and retired early.
CmndrHurricane 11th Jan 2020, 6:40 PM edit delete reply
after playing for a long time, I DM'd for the first time tonight. Was glorious

thank you for introducing this game to me, Spud
A Quiet Reader 13th Jan 2020, 1:55 PM edit delete reply
How did it go?
Story Time 12th Jan 2020, 6:10 AM edit delete reply
Using someone else characters and adapt them is sometimes hard... any story of a group being forced to use the character of some other group?
ask-the-toy-box 12th Jan 2020, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
I keep getting behind then having to catch up and I miss out on all the comments.
The groups I am in or try to run are full of deadpoolers who just want to derail the game or kill everyone. It can be a real pain.