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2nd Jun 2020, 6:00 AM in A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1
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Contra Band
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Newbiespud 2nd Jun 2020, 6:00 AM edit delete
Imagine that player-Pinkie was holding a handful under the table and then brought it up to mime sneezing it all over the table.

...Look, sometimes there's only so much the theater of the mind can do, and I've got to spell it out so people don't get confused and imagine someone actually stuffing confetti up their nose in advance.

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Composer99 2nd Jun 2020, 6:44 AM edit delete reply
Pinkie Pie, confetti mule.
ANW 2nd Jun 2020, 7:09 AM edit delete reply
Weapon Story Time
I love magic. A few words, a wave and
Our enemies are now roasted peanuts.

But magic is tricky.
We usually need something to help out. Guiding it with a wand or charging with a staff, let's have some stories about these magicly helpful weapons.

That's the last time I summon wild lightning with a metal staff.
CliffRobotnik 2nd Jun 2020, 10:05 AM edit delete reply
Weapon Story huh... My games have had a ton, but one stands out...

Once upon a game, there was this(in pathfinder) Rod of Fireball created by a Half-Dragon warlord of old, the rod was named [Incendius], and what made the thing dangerous was that it came Preloaded with several Metamagic feats baked in, and you were able to use multiples based on your level, it was a INCREDIBLY potent weapon...

The campaign involved the party helping one of their number, a banished prince and friendly neighborhood necromancy enthusiast, regain his throne from his Genius, Manipulatuve Bataks, Alpha Legion tier brother... Who effectively out-planned them at every step... Really I was just asspulling this stuff mostly, but I made it FEEL legitimate enough that they never called bullshit, I mostly just had good timing on when to let them have a legitimate win...

Near the end, however, the Brother basically awoke, and was controlling, the Campaigns Tarrasque equilivent, and Time Bullshit was going on, so the Necromancer-Princ came up with a... Absolutely batshit plan. (cont)
CliffRobotnik 2nd Jun 2020, 10:19 AM edit delete reply
During the Time Shenanigans, thee was a Slight... Goof up, mostly in my end, that resulted in a temporal paradox duplicate of Incendius coming into the Parties grasp, which resulted in the Wizard(the Necromancer-prince) using one if their Time Portals to return to the ancient past, to the this Leyline Unfused lake(Darkness Element) that their main base would eventually be built on top of, and buried this... Basically during the Previous Time Travel plot, they got a Number of Philosophers Stones, from a Alchemical Villain, which I intended for them to either use as Edtra Lives or to cash in for a payday....but this wizar had a better plan, turns out...

So far in the distant past, he burried and left one if the stones in a place between a rock and a tree that still existed in his time, returned to his time, and dug it up... It had absorbed a Disturbing amount of Dark Energy... I had no idea what was going to happen, and I was the DM, but the PCs all decided following this to its logical conclusion was now the Main quest, and they went out repeat this with the other five Elemental Nexus lakes... Tl;dr, they eventually did so... And then had their Deurgar masters itch build a extremely pressurized, lead and adamantine box, place the six horribly-element-corrupted Philosopher Stones in the box, used the portal to the Age of Dragons(a time before most land formations and continents came to be, and no creatures that existed still do in modern times, sans the Dragons), and left the thing in a Draconic Graveyard they knew would eventually become their Brass Draconic ally's lair, and left it there for Tens of thousands of years, and functionally explaining WHY the Dragon seemed to know them already when they first met, which I never actually had a awnser for...(cont)
CliffRobotnik 2nd Jun 2020, 10:36 AM edit delete reply
There was a massive kerfuffle to get to the Box, as it had coincidently ruptured from the powé contained within it, attracting MANY other Dragons, and the villainous brothers forces me to come and try to steal the thing...

The Pcs managed to barely snag the Box via abusg a Elder Red Dragons ego to get it it Aggro that Bootleg Tarrasque that the Brothers forces brought, giving the Party the chance to Basically win the game...

You see, the six Stones had merged over the countless ages burried in a place of raw, primal, restless magic, into what looked to be a Red Star, as in the celestial body, albeit about the size of a Baseball... Which conveniently fit right in the stylized open mouth if the roof, Incendius... Which they had two of.

Using the "Red Star"s transmuting power, for the first and only time, they combined Incendius, it's paradox copy, and the Red Star itself together...

This was the birth of the Symbol of Divinity for the Empire of Dantra, the Draconic Greatstaff Ixendeus... Which was functionally a Rod of Enola Gay.

It was still technically a Rod if Fireball, but it could effectively use multiples of every Metamagic, at will, all at the same time... Most famously it as used to clear a battlefield and leave it with a checker pattern of blast Craters across the entire field... It was literally a magical WMD without any comparison, to this day That Necromancer princes descendants still rule the Kingdom, wielding that staff, which marks Dabtra as completely unassailable by other empires, lest they be rduced to ruins from a hemisphere away... It is so powerful, it is the SINGLE magic item uneffected by Dead Magic Zones...

My more recent campaigns are in the same world, but centuries in the future, and there has been countless political and social drama in the world, and between PCs and NPCs regarding this staves existence, as it is something that is a threat to literally everyone other then the one wielding it.... Far too much power for one person to wield, ect...
Matiekay_13 2nd Jun 2020, 9:41 PM All the Dakka edit delete reply
... DUDE. EPIC. 😂
CliffRobotnik 3rd Jun 2020, 12:29 AM edit delete reply
Thank you, this was ages ago, and I feel I've only improved...

And sorry for the typos, Spellcheck plus sleepiness equals awkwardness!
CrowMagnon 2nd Jun 2020, 8:35 PM edit delete reply
At the end of Hell's Rebels, when we were gearing up for the endgame we had enough funds to effectively customize our loadouts. Since our main adversaries were devils, Brenna equipped herself a magical devil-bane holy rapier which she named "Heartache." Both for story reasons that are kind of spoileriffic for those who might want to play the AP, and to signify its sharp sting.

That, combined with her cavalier challenge ability, a grapple-specced build, and a beautifully brutal combat feat called Hamatula Strike, and she ended up being able to lock down most enemies very effectively in single combat while dealing OBSCENE amounts of damage to her chosen target. In the final battle, she ended up dealing over 200 damage in one round, wrestled the big bad so an ally could exploit their weakness, and ended up swiss-cheesing him to death once he was vulnerable.
Mikoc5 20th Oct 2022, 6:23 AM edit delete reply
So, a Weapon Story time? I have an interesting one.

While creating characters for a Wakfu-inspired RP which I was GMing, one of the pieces of lore I introduced to the players was the race of demons called Shushu, which ordinarily are incapable of breaching into the mortal realm.
Ordinarily. There is a loophole that allows them to breach, posess an item, and then magically Bind themselves to a person. Should the Bound person perish, the demon takes over their body, and the item is posessed by the deceased, denying them afterlife until they trap another person inside or the item is destroyed.

One player decided to play a Shushu: A gun! with magic powers, and some buffs and debuffs. Another player would be forced to weild it, naturally, but we all agreed on that being the beginning of the campaign.
What sort of gun? Well, that's where the fun begins. While going over our options of early and exotic firearms, we were having trouble deciding on what the gun should be like. Since things like Constitution and Strength weren't even going to be a factor, I had the player roll 4d20 and give me the results.
The rolls 01; 19; 20; 10, were attributed to Aggression, Wisdom, Attachment, and Arcane Knowlege.
In other words, we had a PACIFIST demon genius looking for a date, trapped in a gun. A perfect failure by all conventional demon metrics.

Naturally, this led to a few jokes. And then a few more. And that last joke - naming the gun after a crappy item called The Disappointer - actually stuck, and became the Shushu's official title.
Even better, suddenly we had a clear idea where to take this character and how to run it: Anybody who actually tries to USE the gun is likely to be underwhelmed by its performance and that feeling of disappointment fueled the demon within. Tried to shoot a guy in the face, only for the gun to make a fart noise? Demon gets stronger. Clever joke setup turns into a cringy pun? Demon boi gets stronger. Train running late? Demon gets stronger. The stronger he was, the more reliable the gun became... And the more impressed someone became with his performance, the worse the gun performed, thus feeding an interesting cycle of ebbs and flows that could be taken advantage of by either side.

And thus, Yowetyr the Disappointer was born! (Randomly generated name, courtesy of keyboard mashing)
Sadly, the campaign only lasted for two or three sessions, because RL got in the way after those. Still, they were a BLAST, both due to interesting character play from the other players and all the antics Yowetyr was involved in! I would love to revive it one day.
Digo 2nd Jun 2020, 9:31 AM edit delete reply
Better keep six feet apart. She could be confectious. ;)
Eroraf 9th Jun 2020, 10:28 PM edit delete reply
I think you mean FUNtagious.
Evilbob 2nd Jun 2020, 10:02 AM edit delete reply
The thing is though....

Who else can easily imagine Pinkie's player actually stuffing confetti up their nose and mouths in preparation?
Guest 2nd Jun 2020, 10:37 AM edit delete reply
oh, absolutely.

i do also like the unintentional implication that pinkie's player has more than one mouth, which is obviously true
Winged Cat 2nd Jun 2020, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
Which calls into question, what is the flavor (scent) of the confetti?

Confetti incense, anyone? (Not burned: the confetti is the vapors.)
mav 3rd Jun 2020, 2:03 PM confetti edit delete reply
I thought it was just a party popper they were hiding under the table.. pull the string and pop! confetti :)