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4th Feb 2021, 6:00 AM in A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2
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Seize This Day
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Newbiespud 4th Feb 2021, 6:00 AM edit delete
Sometimes it's the GM's job to make an opportunity where there are none. The game can't end with "welp, the villain's 100% competent and has everything under control, including you," unless your players have long established that they're cool with those kinds of stakes.

Also, I can still hear Chrysalis's giggle in panel 5. It's such a keystone character moment in retrospect.

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ANW 4th Feb 2021, 6:37 AM edit delete reply
While she is buttering herself up,
Twi will try to make her plans toast

No need to toss me, I'll see myself out.
I'll admit, that was bad.
Winged Cat 4th Feb 2021, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
A self-burn? Bake caution, pun quality is the yeast of your concerns.
paintom_phan 4th Feb 2021, 6:49 AM edit delete reply
Can I get a clean version of second-to-last panel, Chrysalis smiling gives me life
Winged Cat 4th Feb 2021, 8:59 AM edit delete reply
Digo 4th Feb 2021, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
PC: "So, would you say everything is now orderly in terms of subjugation?"

GM: "Yeah, Chrysalis has all her ducks in a row."

PC: "So when is Discord showing up, dressed like a Karen, demanding to see the manager?"

GM: "I... what?"

PC: "Discord! The lord of chaos is right next door! Is he going to just let a well organized army set up shop next to him and threaten his plans? I think we've reached the Godzilla threshold here."

GM: "...oh no."
Cliff_Robotnik 4th Feb 2021, 7:15 AM edit delete reply
Thou hast invoked my favorite trope.

Unleash the foe you know,not defeat the foe you can't... Because shit has gotten so bad, leveling most of the city really isn't that bad of a price.
SilverShadow4 5th Feb 2021, 11:24 PM edit delete reply
....Our party (D&D 5E) allowed a city-sized monster to awaken beneath a country, dooming it to be unlivable within 3 years, to save the Cleric's boyfriend lol
We told ourselves we'll stop the next awakening, but yeahhhh
Keybounce 5th Feb 2021, 10:15 PM edit delete reply
I remember the old adage in DC comics batman, something like, "I don't interfere with your plans to kill everyone in the city, you don't interfere with my plans to humiliate Batman", or something like that. Two villains arguing because one was trying to get in the way of the second.
Cliff_Robotnik 4th Feb 2021, 7:17 AM edit delete reply
Careful spud, your making Chrysalis look a little too snuggable in some of these panels!

Specially panel 5, she is in need of Boops!
Winged Cat 4th Feb 2021, 9:03 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
Not Spud's fault. That's how she was in the show.
Digo 4th Feb 2021, 9:19 AM edit delete reply
The internet seems to like the tall vampiric type.
BackSet 4th Feb 2021, 9:27 AM edit delete reply
Panel Five quite frankly disturbs me.
terrycloth 4th Feb 2021, 5:51 PM edit delete reply
Everything is huggable at least once.
CCC 4th Feb 2021, 9:56 PM edit delete reply
I'm not so sure about that.

Anything with a really powerful Death Aura will kill off any potential huggers before they can get close enough to actually deliver the hug.
Guest 5th Feb 2021, 2:23 PM edit delete reply
That's when you invest in a decent trebuchet. Posthumous hugs are still hugs.
Cliff_Robotnik 6th Feb 2021, 4:00 AM edit delete reply
I laugh and cry, because this has happened in my games... The earth-aura hug part.

Short version, I've forgotten about a lantern I'd given then that dispels negative energy fields from a quest like... Three storylines and six levels ago.
Jennifer 4th Feb 2021, 4:02 PM edit delete reply
Of course. She'll break the scenario by making the guests the heroes...
Scissors Rock Paper 4th Feb 2021, 4:50 PM edit delete reply
Twilight Sparkle: Ready to Henderson at every game.
SilverShadow4 5th Feb 2021, 11:26 PM edit delete reply
Always gotta acknowledge an Old Man Henderson reference
Keybounce 5th Feb 2021, 10:14 PM edit delete reply
Is that Pinkie Pie running around in panel 2? She didn't have clones this early, did she?

Boris Carlot 6th Feb 2021, 2:03 AM edit delete reply
Nah, mane's too dark for Pinkie.