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24th Jun 2021, 6:00 AM in Magical Mystery Cure
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Wheel of Misfortune
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Newbiespud 24th Jun 2021, 6:00 AM edit delete
Let's face it, more than a little schadenfreude goes into these kinds of scenarios. Which is why it's good to make sure everyone's okay with it.

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Digo 24th Jun 2021, 7:39 AM edit delete reply
"Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel."
"Wrong wheel."

I still wonder about this episode-- did anyone in town notice their marks were switched other than Twi?I don't remember anyone saying anything about it, at least not until pinkie got her's back.
Alivda 24th Jun 2021, 7:48 AM edit delete reply
No, the spell seemed to be as if history had always been that way, as far as i remember in the episode. Cause everyone acted like Fluttershy and Rarity were annoyances, but part of life.
TyrantViewer 24th Jun 2021, 5:32 PM edit delete reply
In canon the spell was specifically about DESTINY so swaping their roles complete with history, fits, especially if you roll with the idea that cutie marks are indicative of passion more than tallent- that is cutie marks don't make you good at things they are about what you are passionate about, and thus will get good at. Frankly the only times the marks actually affect talent is when magic messes with them- Appleblooms fake marks from cutie pox, and Starlight's equalist mark, which artificially elevated and reduced talents respectively.

It likewise makes sense that twilight is unaffected due to being the caster, since when she finishes the spell she is the focal point and ascends.

Though there is the amusing possiblity that everyone did remember except for the afflicted, but they all just went about their day, treating it like normal Ponyville weirdness- like they all thought the aflicted were swapping jobs for a day on a bet or something.
Jennifer 24th Jun 2021, 6:00 PM edit delete reply
The last seems unlikely, as surely they'd want to know the events that led to Twilight's transformation. "Oh, you became a princess by *screwing over our entire town for 24 hours?* I'm becoming an anarchist."

Though, given that during season 4 there were a number of moments where ponies in other cities regarded a small alicorn walking around as an unusual interesting sight, it's certainly possible!
Jennifer 24th Jun 2021, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
Er... unusually UNinteresting sight, I meant to say!...
TyrantViewer 24th Jun 2021, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
Lets be fair, the antics they got up to with swapped talents weren't that bad compared to other issues the town faced- a day with irritating but not damaging weather, no pinkie pie parties, or fresh apples- thats all they faced, all the other issues were quite personal, Applejack and rainbow were stuck inside with thier failures, Applejack trying to make dresses, and rainbow ending up being in a cook pot at the paws of the animals she was trying to feed. Twilight made a bigger mess solo with the want it need it spell, if they could forgive that, they can forgive these minor irritations

And then there was a new princess out of nowhere after all of that was over, if the town's memories weren't affected than no wonder nothing came of this, it was barely an inconvenience to the general public and immediately after they had a new immortal ruler, this time a local
Winged Cat 24th Jun 2021, 8:37 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
And setting up for an eventual farming, possibly family, link between Pinkie Pie and Applejack. Nicely done.
ZhonLord 24th Jun 2021, 1:44 PM edit delete reply
"Farmer backstory" eh? sounds like foreshadowing to me. Will we get to see the Pie family a bit before the comic ends?
Cliff_Robotnik 25th Jun 2021, 3:57 AM edit delete reply
I really have no story fitting for this scenario...

Closest thing was when I first started getting into D&D via edition/s, and they thought it'd be great to throw my fey-tinted Rogue into the deep end with some sort of saw trap dungeon solo thing, and it not so indicesive that another player was allowed to choose for me, and he picked the worst option from his perspective(unbeknownst to the DM the guy he picked hated that I was in the game and actively kept trying to threaten me to make me drop out, guy has since burnt all bridges available) to try and get me killed... Survived but pretty much lost interest tho, and had the DM sideline and later quietly retire my character off to a farm somewhere were she wouldn't get killed.

Ever since, i have avoided anything that would steal control of a character away from the player, as I find it one of the absalute most disrespectful thing one can ever do to a player, and I consider it awful in any context...

The absalutely MOST disrespectful is killing a character off just because the player quit the game, happened to me once, cuz a game got too intense, too fast, and it felt really, really bad, as if I was punished for just not handling being a underpowered NPC class with 1/3rd Point Buy dealing with high CR shit in a tomb, because I was still new to this shit...

Even if a player leaves on bad terms, I would not kill there character off, ever, just put them on a bus to some safe village somewhere, where they were never even implicitly get killed.

That latter story might actually be a big part of why I detest "Underdog" stories, actually, as hindsight that's clearly what he was going for... Just, pass, power fantasies only plz.

Lord knows bad experiences killed Exaulted for me(highly related to the same cuntburger from the first story), even tho it's literally "Power Fantasy:The Game"... And gave me a eternal hatred for back room politics.

Apologies if my rambling tangents about campaigns that are nearly 15 years old at this point, are annoying to any of you readers, Story Time sort of drugs up oooold memories.
rmsgrey 27th Jun 2021, 4:09 AM edit delete reply
While your opinions and reactions to events are entirely valid, so far as they concern yourself, I would point out that not everyone shares them - yes, giving control of your character to someone who hates you and will use the opportunity to sabotage you as much as possible when they're supposed to be helping you is a bad idea, but that's mostly to do with the asshole, not the shared control. There are players for whom temporary loss of control over their character is fun.

As for the fate of abandoned characters, again, players' opinions vary - I've played with people who'd rather their abandoned character is very definitely dead than leave them alive in that campaign world where the GM can do whatever they want with them. Putting them on a metaphorical bus means there's an unresolved story there - the possibility that it will turn out their adventures are unfinished after all...

It all comes back to the only wrong answer being to not communicate about things when there is a mismatch.
Cliff_Robotnik 27th Jun 2021, 6:31 AM edit delete reply
"Association" is 90% of how the human brain works, in my opinion... From Phobias to Fetishes, things being subconsciously linked to other things pretty much details how one will react to certain things...

In my case, the loss of character control is tied to numerous events that nearly killed D&D for me...

Also fear, stun, paralyze, knock up, and related effects in other games, like WoW and LoL, tend to cause me a extremely undue amount of stress, but that might only be from sheer absalute frustration on not being able to move when/where I am trying too... Why I dropped PvP in the former, and the entirely of the latter.

Being stunlocked retroactively murders any fun I was having XD
Tempestfury 30th Jun 2021, 6:41 AM edit delete reply
That comment about killing characters off when they leave the group really gets me. I doubt anyone's going to read this, but I actually have three stories about that exact thing. Both of them happened years ago, and they STILL bug me.

Anyone here remember Ponytales? The Pony RPG system that was directly inspired by Friendship is Dragons? Which is now completely dead? Because I got into a PonyTales game over Skype back in the day, and I ended up getting kicked from the game in the first session. See, Ponytales has a system where your Cutie Mark gives you a bonus to a certain skill, if you manage to roll a Nat 20 in that skill, its upgraded from a critical success to a super success, like how Raindow Dash performed the Sonic Rainboom. The system is rather light on rules through, leaving the details entirely up to the DM.

So what do you do when the character with a Cutie Mark in diplomacy rolls a Natural 20 when their rolling to piss off and antagonize a random pony NPC?

According to the DM. The most logically explination for this MLP inspired RP focused on peace, friendship and harmony, was for the NPC to have an aneurysm and drop dead in front of them. Being that this was a Pony RP, I immediately protested this descsion as it felt incredibly out of theme for the RP. One arguement later, I was summiarly kicked from the group, and my character was left to stand where he was, in complete denial about what happened, and was summiarly stomped to death by the Guards who arrived on scene to investigate the commotion.

Rather glad I left that game early honestly..

Another example was a freeform Zombie Apoclypse game, with dragons and shit, because why not? In this campagin, my character had his arm bitten. So to stop himself from becoming infected, he ripped his arm off. And being a badass master of water and ice, proceeded to freeze the end of the arm so they would not bleed out. Skip a few days later, and I was kicked from the RP and banned from the forum due to making my characters overpowered. What happened to my character? Well they SOMEHOW grew faint from blood loss while flying. Leaving them to pass out, fall into a river directly next to one of the zombie PCs, drown, and get eaten by said zombie PCs.

Same guy who controlled the Zombie PC decided that my character, who had peacefully surrended to a military organiziation would do this in a later campaign: 'Oh, oh! You dare push me! All my moral reasons for trying to help your group have now vanished because I have been pushed a singular time! I will now proceed to climb into my mech despite being surronded by dozens of heavily armed solider! Oh, woe to be me! I have been shot! How could this ever have happened to me? Alas I shall die, such a tragic, unavoiable fate for me'