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14th Oct 2021, 6:00 AM in Magical Mystery Cure
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Rising Star
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Newbiespud 14th Oct 2021, 6:00 AM edit delete
She do be popping off like fireworks, though.

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FanOfMostEverything 14th Oct 2021, 6:15 AM edit delete reply
Hey, anyone who achieves arcane apotheosis without exploding a few times clearly has no sense of style.
zimmerwald1915 14th Oct 2021, 8:12 AM edit delete reply
Sunny didn't explode.
Guest 14th Oct 2021, 9:15 AM edit delete reply
She has no sense of style
Digo 14th Oct 2021, 10:01 AM edit delete reply
I disagree, her shoulder bag with the little buttons is an adorable fashion statement.
aylatrigger 14th Oct 2021, 1:43 PM edit delete reply
I disagree...It depends on the kind of arcane apotheosis. Maybe you implode instead. Maybe something else cool.
Digo 14th Oct 2021, 6:24 AM edit delete reply
Years back I remember having an earth pony character get a neat power bump when they got the magical explosions transformation and ended up being half dragon as a sort of "super Saiyan" mode.
Cliff_Robotnik 15th Oct 2021, 4:50 AM edit delete reply
I find a better super form for a Earth Pony is a Sliepnir, aka Odins many-legged horse that is also Loki's offspring.

Norse mythology is weird.

In a old game of mine, a Earth Pony wizard achieved apotheosis... And became Discord.

This I told the full Harvest Moon/Starswirl story on a previous page.
Wulfraed 15th Oct 2021, 8:24 AM edit delete reply
Especially as Loki is Sleipnir's MOTHER. Being Fenrir's father seems blase in comparison.
Cliff_Robotnik 16th Oct 2021, 1:11 AM edit delete reply
What most don't realize, is this is actually a lightly christianized version of Norse beliefs, as before the Christians came, the Norse had no written language, and were being slowly indoctrinated by Christians for a good while before they got the ability to preserve their belief System!

It's what they usually do, slowly twist local "pagan" religions, make the old ways seem worse, or otherwise steadily degrade the local gods into just local saints or angels that worship the "true" God, as a way to ninja-convert them to Christianity.

As a result, we've absalutely no idea whatsoever the true context and intents of the stories, or why, despite Loki bailing them all out in just about every single story featuring him, he is considered that religions Satan figure.

I am not trying to diss Christians here, I just find it real tragic that all we'll have of one of the most interesting Religons on earth is a version tainted by outside influence and bias...

...yknow, like how Druids might of never even been a thing that actually existed, as early Englishman just assumed a bunch is disconnected tribes of vaguely the same behaviors HAD to have a single United Religon between them somehow, because that's how THEY do it.
Winged Cat 14th Oct 2021, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
Aww, but this is her big chance to explode! (Not counting Pony Life.) Though, yeah, much more of that and the others would need shades.
Dakkath 14th Oct 2021, 12:18 PM edit delete reply
I always found it weird that they added a 6th star around the center one when she got alicornified.
you know that guy 14th Oct 2021, 12:49 PM edit delete reply
Maybe the sixth star is Twilight Sparkle The Deceased Unicorn.
Digo 14th Oct 2021, 2:07 PM edit delete reply
Or for the soon-to-be added Starlight.
Guest 14th Oct 2021, 3:06 PM edit delete reply
Secret cross-dimensional Sunset foreshadowing!

Or an animation error.
TheCorporal 14th Oct 2021, 1:37 PM edit delete reply
Happy post-just-before-1600!
Mordenheim 14th Oct 2021, 2:18 PM edit delete reply
Since no one else said it....

She exploded! And then she exploded again!!

I guess she CAN do that... XD
Truthkeeper 15th Oct 2021, 12:52 AM edit delete reply
So is Twilight making a bunch of exploding noises with her mouth, does the DM have sound effects playing, are actual fireworks being set off?
Yev 15th Oct 2021, 8:35 PM edit delete reply
Probably Pinkie Pie player's party paraphernalia producing pretend 'plosions.