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23rd Jul 2022, 6:00 AM in What About Discord?
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Arcana Transfusion
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 23rd Jul 2022, 6:00 AM edit delete
So this is slightly new - a page with no dialogue or tension-deflating punchline at the end.

I was going to put in a line about how the DM described this process in a way that made it sound excruciating... but really, I felt like the show's visuals convey that so much better on their own, and any dialogue I would add would cheapen it.

I've been doing this for nearly 11 years (as of this coming Thursday). I can be a little lazy (and call it "experimental" or "less is more"), right?

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A Quiet Reader 23rd Jul 2022, 6:35 AM edit delete reply
Tbf, I'm also having trouble coming up with anything to add on to this. I think the panels convey everything perfectly on their own.

Side note, that's a great wide shot of the throne room... even with the repetitive stain glass. I guess the ones with the Bearers' adventures are further down the hall?
Godzfirefly 23rd Jul 2022, 6:39 AM edit delete reply
There could also be more than one Throne Room?
Wulfraed 23rd Jul 2022, 9:09 AM edit delete reply
The first panel seems to bear an inkling of Vultures Circling a Victim
Winged Cat 23rd Jul 2022, 9:36 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
You mean it isn't? :P (Among other things.)
Borg 23rd Jul 2022, 10:06 AM edit delete reply
If you had put words in, you could claim the joke was something about the medium and the necessity for the DM to cheapen the visuals because they don't diegetically exist . . . but that would be a lot of meta for a lame payoff.
you know that guy 23rd Jul 2022, 11:45 AM edit delete reply
Twilight: oh God

Celestia: "Princess" will suffice
Roguim 23rd Jul 2022, 2:22 PM edit delete reply
Sometimes text it's not necessary.
But you could gave The Skeletor " The power fills me" speech here...xD
CosmicPlatonix 23rd Jul 2022, 8:13 PM edit delete reply
"By the Power of Neighskull!"
Bruce Cipher 23rd Jul 2022, 9:35 PM edit delete reply
And now I’m all caught up! I love how you’ve modified these stories using the tools you’ve been given, and I can’t wait to see where this particular story goes. See you on Tuesday! 😄
Philadelphus 23rd Jul 2022, 11:46 PM edit delete reply
I don't think every strip necessarily needs text – if you can have a beat panel, why not a beat strip?
Digo 24th Jul 2022, 7:04 AM edit delete reply
If I were the GM, the text would just be me making sound effect noises.
System 24th Jul 2022, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
Congratulations Player 'Celestia' your 'Twilight Sparkle' leveled up!
... Leveled Up
... Leveled Up
... Leveled Up
... Leveled Up
... Leveled Up
... Leveled Up

Celestia: Should I stop with the Magic Rare Candies? Nah, let's drop another hundred
CosmicPlatonix 25th Jul 2022, 11:25 AM edit delete reply
"Hang on, let me make another quick trip to that island coast."
Lord Helpme 26th Jul 2022, 2:13 AM edit delete reply
Celestia with white-out eyes is pretty disturbing in itself, but if you got a little dirt spot on your screen that is positioned to look like her pupil, it can make her look like she's gone totally quackers.
NobleCuriosity 4th Aug 2022, 8:28 PM edit delete reply
You know, in hindsight it’s weird that Celestia and Luna kept their flowing manes. They’re clearly magical, and when Nightmare moon was purified, depowering Luna, she had a normal light blue mane.
zimmerwald1915 3rd Sep 2022, 8:55 AM edit delete reply
They didn't keep flowing in the animation, they just hung limp, albeit without changing color. That doesn't come through in the screencaps for obvious reasons.