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9th May 2013, 6:00 AM in Swarm of the Century
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Enter Rover
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 9th May 2013, 6:00 AM edit delete
It took me a little while to decide on a font for the Diamond Dogs' dissonant dialogue, but I eventually found one that looked alright AND doubled as a pun:

Baskerville Old Face.

Notice: Guest comic submissions are open! Guidelines here. Deadline: January 27th, 2023.



DoubleCross 9th May 2013, 6:00 AM edit delete reply
Xentus 9th May 2013, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
DoubleCross 9th May 2013, 6:01 AM edit delete reply

Only 98 more to go!
darkwulf23 9th May 2013, 6:03 AM edit delete reply
98 shuns or 98 firsts?
DoubleCross 9th May 2013, 6:11 AM edit delete reply
98 firsts.

The guy a couple of pages ago mentioned exchanging firsts for prizes. I reckon if I get enough, I can switch my voice permanently to Rarity Mode!
T 9th May 2013, 6:14 AM edit delete reply
For Rarity mode you need 1000 firsts. 100 is for Twist
DoubleCross 9th May 2013, 6:35 AM edit delete reply
Well, I have the ability to do the voice for a short amount of time, I'm just looking for a boost. Higher costs are for total vocal transformations.
Night Writer 9th May 2013, 6:40 AM edit delete reply
Oh God, it's like the iOS game all over again!
Raxon 9th May 2013, 9:32 AM edit delete reply
DoubleCross, you're the DM's girlfriend, so I'm going to overlook this once. Seriously, unless this is part of a really good joke, firsting is an annoyance that plagues most of the internet, and we would prefer to keep it out of here.

Yes, that is the image I have of you now. Bent ciggies and everything.
DoubleCross 9th May 2013, 9:44 AM edit delete reply
I just thought I'd have a go at it.

Also I do believe I am a lot shorter than that. Also, replace the cigarettes with candy sticks.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 9:54 AM edit delete reply
The hennin makes you look taller than you are... Don't you google image that. Don't you do it...

This is reverse reverse psychology, because I don't want you to google it. After all, it's not like I've googlebombed a demonic headdress image that eats princess hair. Nope. It's all pretty dull. Nothing to see, just princess hats as far as the eye can see. Don't google image it.

irrelevant adorable rust monster plushie.
Stairc 9th May 2013, 11:32 AM edit delete reply
I'd say "people spending long post chains complaining about people that post a comment saying 'first'" ranks higher on my list of internet annoyances. =)

But seriously, let them just post their comment. It's human nature to find a bit of excitement at being the first at something - which is why it was such a big deal to be the first into space or the first onto the moon. It's a harmless thing that some people find fun and doesn't derail the discussion. All it does is take up one comment with one word.

What *does* take up a lot more space and often derails the discussion are all the posts that follow about people complaining about those that post a comment saying "first".

... And now I'm complaining about people complaining about people posting the word 'first'. When will we learn? When will we all learn?
Raxon 9th May 2013, 11:37 AM edit delete reply
I just wanted to show off the pic of the princess, and what my mental image of UmiCross, and used the first as an excuse, and then also the pic of the plushie, because it's adorable.

What's your excuse?
Tootled 9th May 2013, 2:32 PM edit delete reply
Tge problem with your links Raxxon, is that theyre hilarious/adorable just enough to lull you into security, before OMGWTH links appear.

Also: see SCP foundation for a constant source of fun links.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 3:15 PM edit delete reply
Don't be silly. Just because I link to, oh, say, Fur Affinity, do you suspect me of linking to something subversive? You think I do these things for !!FUN!!?

By the way, whatever you do, don't click that link. The first link contains nudity, and the second one has a naked dude wearing a leaf. And it disappointingly covers the fun bits!
█████ 10th May 2013, 5:18 AM edit delete reply
Hey Raxon, just fixing up that first link of yours:
Proper linkto the Ransu chibi
Raxon 10th May 2013, 9:41 AM edit delete reply
Hey! Don't tell everyone what it is! Half the fun is making people nervous about what they're clicking on!
The Western Wizard 31st Dec 2014, 10:48 PM edit delete reply
I hover my mouse over and see what website it leads to.
darkwulf23 9th May 2013, 6:02 AM edit delete reply
Yea, insult the intelligence of the brute right to his face, that usually works out well in the long run.
Digo 9th May 2013, 6:38 AM edit delete reply
But if the brute isn't intelligent, does he know he's being insulted? :)
Guest 9th May 2013, 7:52 PM edit delete reply
Well I guess the real question is whether or not the DM counts everything you say as in character dialogue or not since the question is rather moot if Rarity's statement is accepted as OOC.
Akouma 9th May 2013, 7:57 PM edit delete reply
Most games I play in basically assume you're talking in character unless you're saying something that makes NO sense or you outright say otherwise.
kriss1989 10th May 2013, 6:24 PM edit delete reply
My group uses a hand sign, crossed fingers out in the open, to indicate clearly that it is OOC.
Digo 9th May 2013, 6:02 AM edit delete reply
Ha ha! The ambush is a-paw-ling.
Good stealth pun with the font. I approve.
evilauthor 9th May 2013, 6:41 AM edit delete reply
I don't get it. What's the pun about the font?
DoubleCross 9th May 2013, 6:47 AM edit delete reply
The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Also, 'Old Face'.
NoahTopHatz 9th May 2013, 6:48 AM edit delete reply
Quick make as many dog puns as possible before raxon makes one, because we all know he barking mad
MWS 9th May 2013, 6:59 AM edit delete reply
I need some good puns. I've had a ruff week.
Digo 9th May 2013, 7:01 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, but let's not dog him about it.
Suburbanbanshee 9th May 2013, 7:08 AM edit delete reply
Arf a pun is better than none.
Digo 9th May 2013, 7:59 AM edit delete reply
Today is going to be a great dane for puns.
Lyntermas 9th May 2013, 8:00 AM edit delete reply
Guys, stop the puns. Just let sleeping dogs lie.
FanOfMostEverything 9th May 2013, 8:36 AM edit delete reply
I keep trying, but a good pun just won't occur.
Jannard 9th May 2013, 8:46 AM edit delete reply
You're puppyly triyng too hard lassie. Puns aare one of the basset ways of humor, so maybe you just need a rest to refresh your mind.
PikalaxALT 9th May 2013, 9:45 AM edit delete reply
Come now, I need at leash one good pun to make my day.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 9:50 AM edit delete reply
Hey, ease up guys. Why did you think I was gonna drop a ton of puns? Because I'm a jokester? That's rather pitbull headed of you. You really should know better than to collie a guy for a crime before he commits it.

Each of us is spaniel in his or her way. Turn to your left. Now turn to your right and give your funny man a big pug. It's terrierable that you've typecast me with no evidence. I'm going to get a big shar pie and put a scarlet letter on your clothes so everyone will know how mean you are.

Cast off your preconceived notions, bernard such things, and allow each person to prove you wrong! Your accusations will flandres without proof. Of corso, if I were, theoretically, to make some dog puns, you could blame me afterwards, but until then, Chinook before you leap. Griffon me the benefit of the doubt. I can tell that you don't think too much of me. Do you concur?
Digo 9th May 2013, 10:20 AM edit delete reply
Says the guy who just posted spot on to exactly what we had pawsed and guessed he'd do. :)
Raxon 9th May 2013, 10:28 AM edit delete reply
All I asked was that you reserved judgement until I had actually committed the crime in question. No need to be such a bichon about it. Wait until someone has transgressed. You cannot convict a person without briard actions. I cairn't imagine why you would condemn me for it when you haven't even heard my puns. Here, have some kibble. You're always cranky when you're hungry, so chow chow down, and we'll talk after you've finnished.
Digo 9th May 2013, 12:52 PM edit delete reply
Kibble?! Doggone it I wanted bacon! :D
Raxon 9th May 2013, 12:56 PM edit delete reply
Don't you mean Digone it?
Zuche 9th May 2013, 2:32 PM edit delete reply
Daushund anyone think this has gone on long enough? It's not like this is terrier incognita or anything.
kriss1989 10th May 2013, 6:26 PM edit delete reply
If anything else makes a dog pun, we'll have to whippit.
Walabio 9th May 2013, 6:43 AM “You horn glows again, … ” in the second panel should be “Your horn glows again, … ”. edit delete reply
“You horn glows again, … ” in the second panel should be “Your horn glows again, … ”.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 10:01 AM edit delete reply
That's right. It should be, "You horn, and it glows again..."
Newbiespud 9th May 2013, 2:28 PM edit delete reply
Blaaarg. Fixed.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 3:08 PM edit delete reply
Not from where I'm standing. Gimme a sec to sit. Ah, there we go.
Walabio 9th May 2013, 7:02 PM This brings up an interesting point: edit delete reply
Raxon 9th May 2013, 3:08 PM:

> “Not from where I’m standing. Gimme a sec to sit. Ah, there we go.”

This brings up an interesting point:

For saving bandwidth, when one reloads a page, the HTML reloads, but only newly inline linked objects load. To be certain to load updated images, just hold down the key “Shift” when hitting reload. The browser will reload the HTML and all inline linked objects.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 11:09 PM edit delete reply
I have no idea what you just said, and I won't stand for it!

Not when I have a very comfy chair right here!
aerion111 10th May 2013, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
Ctrl-F5 works too, at least with firefox.

Quite useful when youtube decides to be screwy, since it'll keep being screwy in exactly the same way until I do ctrl-f5
Walabio 10th May 2013, 3:59 AM On MacIntoshes, control-F5 does not do anything in FireFox. edit delete reply
aerion111 10th May 2013, 12:24 AM:

> “Ctrl-F5 works too, at least with firefox.”

On MacIntoshes, control-F5 does not do anything in FireFox. Maybe, Control-F5 is a Windows-Command to reload all of a webpage. I could remap Control-F5 to reload totally the page in FireFox or globally for all webbrowsers, but I choose not to do so for a simple reason:

As far as I know, Shift-ReLoad works on all webbrowsers on all OSes. I certainly have never had it fail to work on any browser on any OS since the 1990s. It probably goes all of the way back to Lynx and Mosaic created at Cern in the early 1990s. Control-F5 may or may not work on a random browser on a random OS, but Shift-ReLoad almost certainly will.

> “Quite useful when youtube decides to be screwy, since it’ll keep being screwy in exactly the same way until I do ctrl-f5”

¡That Flash sure is unstable, buggy, and insecure! ¡I cannot wait until the work on combining SVG (Scalable Vector-Graphics) and Ecma/Java-Script into a Flash-Replacement will finish! Flash is what makes YouTube wonky.
Indalecio 9th May 2013, 6:56 AM edit delete reply
I guess Rarity was...

/puts on shades

...barking up the wrong tree

Karilyn 9th May 2013, 7:06 AM edit delete reply
I think this may be the first time in the history of comedy that font choice has been used for a pun.

Gden 9th May 2013, 9:00 AM edit delete reply
Wow, throwing an image from ah my goddess season 2 in there, nice. (or at least it looks a whole lot like the image from the first episode)
redwings1340 9th May 2013, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
I considered using a font type as a pun at the beginning of the PMV I'm working on now, but I decided against it because it looked bad.
Guest 10th May 2013, 11:11 PM edit delete reply
CocoaNut 9th May 2013, 8:53 AM edit delete reply
Is anyone else disappointed that we didn't get to hear Rarity comment on the David Bowie reference today? Now we have to wait two more days...
Azureink 9th May 2013, 10:28 AM edit delete reply
Well, he didn't say their name yet.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 10:29 AM edit delete reply
The dog's name is now David Bonie. Nothing else is headcanon.
terrycloth 9th May 2013, 11:26 AM edit delete reply
Raxon 9th May 2013, 11:35 AM edit delete reply
I can go through a couple bottles of everclear in one night. If you expect me to drink beer, or anything less than genuine irish whiskey, you might be in for a dull time.
darkgloomie 9th May 2013, 9:57 PM edit delete reply
silly Raxon, does that mean that the other two dogs are called Ziggy and Stardust?
Raxon 9th May 2013, 10:15 PM edit delete reply
No. The other two would be named Hoggle and Ludo.

And if you want a less punny name for the main diamond dog, I suppose Jareth will do.

Rarity's new name is Toby.

Spike, you're the new Sarah.

Wait, If Rarity's going into the harness, will Jareth whip her til her name's Toby? Forcible transgenderizing through beatings adds a whole new level of kinky to the old scene. That's a little messed up, and taken out of context, could be pretty hot.
zimmerwald1915 9th May 2013, 2:23 PM Baskerville Old Face edit delete reply
I must say, that is a very efficient reference. It manages to reference "The Hound of the Baskervilles", "The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place", and "The Adventure of the Yellow Face" all at once, and to contain a "typeface" pun. Incidentally, dogs played important roles in two of those stories.
Newbiespud 9th May 2013, 2:31 PM edit delete reply
...I was just going for the first one, but that's pretty cool, too!
Zuche 9th May 2013, 2:34 PM edit delete reply
Aye, very well played, Newbiespud.
hokorippoi 9th May 2013, 3:13 PM Nice Dogs? edit delete reply
Anyone want to bet on the DM planing them to be nice dogs out to protect their homes, and Rarity will attack and steal from them (She is a Rouge). This will force them to attack the town to return their food source (diamond and other precious stones).
Maybe the guild is out to silents her and everyone one she knows; just in case.

Makes me think of all the poor kobold that get kill in there homes by Evil humans, elves, etc. kobold have to attack anyone they see just to protect their homes. You all are horrible people. *hugs a Kobold*
Grey Pen 9th May 2013, 5:20 PM edit delete reply
Rarity is not a type of make-up. Granted, she undoubtedly wears rouge, but that does not make her rouge. She is fact, white.
kriss1989 10th May 2013, 6:32 PM edit delete reply
In addition to your unfair condemnation of her choice in makeup, she is in fact a SOCIAL rogue, given to cons, fast talk, and living the high life on someone else's coin. Violent tactics are better left to raiders, footpads, and brutes.
Rahal 11th May 2013, 5:48 AM edit delete reply
We all know that Rouges are overpowdered.
aylatrigger 9th May 2013, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
So...I don't see anyone else having posted
Story time!

Tell a tale about an ambush or ambush prevented by knowing it was coming.
aylatrigger 9th May 2013, 5:56 PM edit delete reply
My own ambush story is this:
This is from a homebrewed world with homebrewed rules based mostly on 3.5 that my oldest brother made. Of note, there were a select few starter races and classes, and as the game progressed and you met others of various races and clsses some more were open to the party.
Now there was also a homebrewed Pantheon. Dwarves for the most part worshippeds dragons. There were three dragon gods that they worshipped. There was the LG marble dragon of war, good, and alcohol. There was the LE gold dragon god of war, evil, and alcohol. Each of the followers of these two thought their god was the one to bring alcohol to The First Great Bartender, who introduced alcohol to dwarves and the world. The last sect of dragon worshippers believed that there were orriginally 12 dragon gods, each one the god of a different art. The CN emerald dragon god was of course the god of the art of banditry. His holy symbol was either of the two other dragon gods' holy symbols stolen and with smiley faces graffiti'd on. Dwarves who followed him considered banditry an art, and one that should be spectated and rated by art critics ('that hold up was a little unintimidating, so I am only giving you a 6.5' type).
I was playing a fairy rogue (fairies in this world are notorious rogues, as they have to kidnap little children, called 'lost boys' to breed. Also they get -4 str and +6 dex...). I had made my dump stat strength, and until I moved arround stats I was overencumbered with my sized down crossbow. But my dex was amazing and I had awesome thievery skills. Anyway, we were ambushed by a group of dwarven bandits. We saw their art critic spectators off on the sidelines, and we were heavily outnumbered. My solution to this was simple: I started critisizijg their ambush technique. Furthermore, i started giving them advice on mugging people. After much diplomacy and use of all thievery skills, I convinced them to instead rob a small town of goblins that had gotten on our bad side. We left in peace.
Rokas 9th May 2013, 9:54 PM edit delete reply
Mmm, pun-tastic.
Raxon 9th May 2013, 9:58 PM edit delete reply
I joke with total impunity.
Rokas 9th May 2013, 10:45 PM edit delete reply
I was referring to the use of a Baskerville font. Referencing your puns and jokes and calling them funny is like mentioning the sky is blue; everyone already knows this. =P

However, rest assured that your noticing of this notice has been noticed and the proper notary authorities notified with notes.
Raxon 10th May 2013, 2:31 AM edit delete reply
Im-pun-ity. I was adding to my pun count. Ah ah ah!
Freemage 10th May 2013, 3:13 PM edit delete reply
282 entries in one sitting. Well done, author! I'm hooked, hard and barbed. Shall be a regular reader from here on out.
Antipode 10th May 2013, 7:33 PM edit delete reply
Agreed entirely. This comic's become part of my regular rotation as of earlier this week.
Lyntermas 10th May 2013, 9:05 PM edit delete reply
Welcome, Freemage!