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5th Sep 2013, 6:00 AM in Intermission 3
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So Many Dungeons
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Newbiespud 5th Sep 2013, 6:00 AM edit delete
Author: Scales

Guest Author's Note: "Scales here! I am a fan of music parodies and there's a couple of things I have to say: This was the first time I ever did any sort of image editing or comic editing, and I hope you guys like it!"

Notice: Guest comic submissions are open! Guidelines here. Deadline: January 27th, 2023.



Zuche 5th Sep 2013, 6:02 AM edit delete reply
Scales, this has been my favourite guest strip to date. Let me clarify that by saying I mean since the very first run of these. I too love the the musical parodies and you played this one beautifully.

That said, I am remiss for not thanking Zarhon for Tuesday's effort. The panels were perfect for the points listed, and it was worth several chuckles.

Thank you both.
LoganAura 5th Sep 2013, 8:40 AM edit delete reply
Even more than Maid of Rage? Or any of the actually drawn ones O_O
Digo 5th Sep 2013, 6:02 AM edit delete reply
Well this tune instantly became an earworm.
I approve!
Raxon 5th Sep 2013, 6:03 AM edit delete reply
Story time today is about music, I suppose. I will add my own tale later. Need to collapse now.
Grey Pennies 5th Sep 2013, 6:12 AM edit delete reply
*GASP* Raxon SLEEPS!? Who knew!?
Zuche 5th Sep 2013, 6:17 AM edit delete reply
Tell me you didn't start piñata testing on your own, Raxon. While I admire your dedication, a self-inflicted beating is going too far in the name of SCIENCE!!!, especially when so many volunteers would be glad to assist you.

...I'll bet the real problem is that you stayed up all night waiting to get the first post, didn't you? Nahhh... Whatever really kept you up all night, I just hope it was worth it.

Rest well, Raxon. Thank you for the comment. You'll probably serenade us in the evening.
Digo 5th Sep 2013, 6:38 AM edit delete reply
I'll bring some earplugs. ;)

For years I always keep some kind of mp3 player to add background music to my games. It really adds value to the atmosphere and in any game without music, the players notice.
This does mean that on rare occasion, I might click on the wrong song for the situation.

The PCs were at a temple to a nature god and currently speaking to several priestesses(sp?). Then, the BBEG shows up with some high-level minions. What was *supposed* to happen was I cue up an mp3 of Rezo's theme from "The Slayers", which is an eerie piece with a pipe organ.
Instead, I accidently cued up The Benny Hill Theme.

The players instantly took this and ran with it whole hog. So instead of a serious confrontation with a monologing villain, the PCs are running around the temple chasing the BBEG, who's chasing the priestesses, who are running around with less clothing than is orthodox, and a pew caught fire for no discernable reason.

It took four sessions to rebuild the BBEG's serious reputation.
XandZero2 5th Sep 2013, 11:23 AM edit delete reply
Ah. I do love your stories Digo!

Unfortunately, most of my RP groups have met up at the local game store for sessions. This means that, never wanting to be even MORE disruptive than we already are (and we can be pretty disruptive when we roleplay - especially me. I've been known to randomly start yelling and pounding a table to get in character, and I've even got up and reenacted some of my character's antics before too), but never wanting to be more disruptive, we've also never had the chance to play music during our games.

-I will say this though. I'm currently running a pony play-by-post, and in that game I've often linked PMVs to my posts...


^I remember the story behind my choice of this one quite fondly.
XandZero2 5th Sep 2013, 11:43 AM edit delete reply
-Oh, and also, mention of the Benny Hill Theme did remind me of one session of Dark Heresy I played in.

We were doing this session at the game store, so we didn't have any music handy, but here's the situation:

Big Bad Demonic Entity (BBDE), posing as a bishop, has tricked a powerful, local, important NPC psyker into helping said demon open a portal to Hell (centered on a cathedral that's the size of a city-state).

So the party arrives in time to watch as the psyker begins the ritual, the winds picking up as the sky goes black, a deck of tarot cards carved from bone (a cursed artifact which also happened to be making said psyker more susceptible to the demon's manipulations) rising up from the psyker's pocket and beginning to swirl all about him like a miniature solar system. The bodies of the dead lay everywhere (victims of the demon) with an army of brainwashed cultists packed into the pews, all turning slowly as one to stare at the party as we barge in through the front entrance to this cathedral that's the size of a city-state.

Can you imagine the dramatic tension?!?!

-And then the party sniper whips out his tricked out long rifle and gets a head shot on the BBDE - and we're thinking, "Whelp, our work here is done..."


-And he looks understandably ticked...

-At the sniper.

This is where the music came in.

See, as this point the fight devolved into the BBDE chasing after the sniper (while said sniper ran like hell), and the cultists chased after the party techy (while he limped like hell - he wasn't very fast).

We started making so many jokes about Benny Hill (especially since the BBDE was a bird demon) that the sniper actually got out his cellphone and looked up the theme to play during his turns.

Meanwhile, with all this going on, my PC (the party cleric) runs up to the NPC psyker and starts trying to beat him out of his gate-summoning ritual (the swirling tarot cards were acting like a force field, so I was clanging a sword against them uselessly).

-But yeah, it was utter madness - and Digo's story totally reminded me of that time... I wonder... are places of worship in RPs just prone to Benny Hill moments?
Digo 6th Sep 2013, 4:50 AM edit delete reply
I don't know about places of worship, but the theme music is always capable of finding a home somewhere in the adventure. :D
Zuche 5th Sep 2013, 1:16 PM edit delete reply
Well played, you two.
Anon 5th Sep 2013, 4:03 PM edit delete reply
Do single-player derailments caused by Benny Hill count?

Near the end of one mission on Star Trek Online, you're caught red-handed trying to sneak out of a Romulan Tal Shiar base. The Romulan commander (whom by this point you've tangled with before) calls in his fleet, and since you're typically in a smaller craft at this point, you're pretty well outgunned. Until the ships from the Romulan faction backing you up warp in, evening the balance of power. (Giving the Colonel the finger at this point is player-optional, but highly recommended.)

So the first time I'm playing this mission, both fleets get into it. A Rom V. Rom punchup with no holds barred. Plasma beams everywhere, heavy torpedo salvoes streaking towards their targets, and my little scoutship going evasive and trying to pick off the torpedos and stay alive. All in all, a nicely dramatic moment.

Aaaand then cue Benny Hill.

I called out the DJ who put that on, but they all found it funny as hell.
Raxon 5th Sep 2013, 8:15 AM edit delete reply
*ahem* Reddit kept me up.

I love bards. I'll happily sing whatever song I like. I'm not untalented, per se. I just never had any real training. So yes, I can sing along with Lanza for La Donna E Mobile, but the one minute held note kinda gets me.

And I love musicals. I have a wide range of interests, everything from Classic Rock, to some rap, to some pop, to swing, easy listening, country, show tunes, southern gospel, modern rock, techno, foreign stuff, etc.

Therefore, my bard might be a hillbilly with a banjo that sings Rattler's Pup or Good Old Mountain Dew. I might even have a hillbilly bard who serenades Applejack.

I might have a chaotic evil bard who sings to cast charm person and dominate.

I'm quite flexible. I have performed This Song... I refused a human partner, though. I demanded a reliable female partner. I acted like a primadonna right up and down, stating I had brought my partner with me.

I proceeded to perform the song with a rubber ducky squeaking the part of Christine.

I like rubber duckies.

I have also made people cry. For several different reasons.

Obligatory link.

But that's not what you wanna hear about. You wanna hear about Raxon, don't you? Very well!

He has the bard homebrew feat Pick It Up. This allows him to share his skill in music with other performers. When combined with his powers of suggestion, this basically allows him to feed the words of a song into someone's mind, and they suddenly know this song, and have an urge to make the words manifest...

This results in temporary musical talent and knowledge of the song in question. He has done this to sweep a karaoke competition with his sorta girlfriend, when she didn't even know what was going to happen until she got on the stage, and the music started playing, and she didn't even know any of the words. Yes, I'll share the song with you. Here ya go.

For reference, she's a general from another Earth, and sees television as a pointless waste of time.

And then he sends her off stage, uses a light fear induction spell, and sings this. Complete with illusions that he's summoning the souls of the dead to beatbox.

Yes, I'm a fan of all these things. I reach far and wide for my inspiration for fun things.
Digo 5th Sep 2013, 10:21 AM edit delete reply
When Astraxia, a young adult red dragon, was trapped in the body of an elf, her bardic music was in the form of free-verse poetry. It often incorporated observations and commands on handling the encounter at hand, so it was almost like she was commanding the battlefield.

Well, she was if she did use her command ability. :D

Either way, she's the only bard I ever had seen that didn't go with the classical musical instrument/singing kind of bard.
you know that guy 5th Sep 2013, 10:34 AM edit delete reply
Raxon, you gotta put down the duckie if you wanna play the saxophone.
Digo 5th Sep 2013, 1:43 PM edit delete reply
It's been years since I heard *THAT* song. Classic.
Raxon 5th Sep 2013, 2:31 PM edit delete reply
I'm not allowed within 50 yards of any woodwinds. I'm a registered sax offender.

Geeze, that clarinet player was acting like such a bassoon. Oh well, whatever flutes your boot.
Zeeth 5th Sep 2013, 4:43 PM edit delete reply
Shouldn'a showed her your piccolo, and now her whole quartet knows how you handle it. And don't go talking about your penny whistle, we all know what it's made of.
Raxon 6th Sep 2013, 9:52 AM edit delete reply
I was just oiling my slide!
Demonu 6th Sep 2013, 10:25 AM edit delete reply
Stories about music? Well, just about every game I've had that featured Dave...

Raxon, I see your bard and raise you a BARDbarian and his uncanny ability to cause the party to perform improvised songs on the spot.
Those who are wondering who this BARDbarian is, just listen to these stories of yore...

First case.
The story: a one-shot where the party got transported to an alternate dimension that was pretty much "Pop-culture references: the game"
The group got stranded in a picturesque little town where nothing bad ever happened and all the villages were full of joy and wonder. Save for that looming castle in the distance housing an bard who had sold his soul to the devil in order to be the greatest bard ever. A bard lich. He also was bend on enslaving the surrounding lands. Through music. For he was THE MUSIC MEISTER!
(because bards are underappreciated as BBEG)

Now the rules of this dimension worked a bit differently than usual. Most of the time, spouting references to this and that are the bane of any RPG because it takes away the atmosphere of and immersion in the game. Now in this dimension, characters actually got empowered by doing so, provided that the references are fitting/appropriate within the context (as to prevent usage willy-nilly) and the GM (me) must recognise them. But me being me, that wasn't that much of a problem. ^^

Anyway, just about every NPC in this village was a walking reference to one thing or another and allowing my group of players to have free range and go all out on quotes/references/puns was a fun experience in itself. Some were better at it than others but then again, you can't expect everyone to be equally good at everything.

But to turn the attention back to the subject of music. In terms of references, Dave had kept mostly to performing (snippets of) context related songs as par for the course. Nothing too major but fun on its own. Come the grand showdown with THE MUSIC MEISTER. Bard vs bard. Ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. If the group won, that would be the end of it. If THE MUSIC MEISTER won, Dave had to become his protogé. Because even when you have sold your soul to the devil, you can still recognise talent when it's bellowing rock in your face. Then the unthinkable happened: the group was losing. Yes, my pop-culture fu was overpowering theirs. With nowhere to go and their back against the wall, Dave decided to bring out the big guns. He grabs his guitar (lute in game), strikes a few chords and begins.

Dave: "There is just no way that we can win. That was a masterpiece. He sings too well because he's not a mortal man."

The group exchanges one single glance. They knew what to do.

Jim: "Goddamn it, Dave."
Mike: "He's gonna make you his minion."
Jef: "You'll be playing second fiddle."
Dave: "No..."
Tim: "Unless we break his control-spell into pieces."
Dave: "You guys..."
Alex: "Remember that one trap?"
Jef: "Mike had to play Hamlet."
Jim: "It was crap."
Mike: "Hey!"
Tim: "Now it's time to blow this sucker down!"
Alex: "Come Dave, let's break out Lucille."
Dave: "I hear you Alex , now it's time to seal the deal."
Jef: "I'll light up the stage with one of my dailies."
Mike: "Hey, who of you took the last bottle of Baileys?"
GM: "What?"
Party: "Now we've got to blow this sucker down."
Dave: "He'll mindrape me if we do not throw him down."
Jim: "C'mon Dave, it's only a lich in a gown."
Jef: "Oh, we'll eviscerate you, and be home at sundown.
Alex: "Hey Music Meister, you are a joke."
Jef: "We know your weakness, this we'll evoke."
Mike: "We rock the scene now, and blow your mind."
Jim: "We will defeat you for all mankind."
Tim: "You fucked up and you'll shit bricks."
Dave: "We'll kick your ass, we're Oceans Six!"
Party: "We're Oceans Six" [18x]

GM: "No no no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

They won. At everything. Forever. In that dimension at least.

It wasn't until after the game that I found out the group had thought it up and scribbled it down during the break when I wasn't looking. They all had their individual lines written down in front of them but still, credit given where credit's due.

There's more stories of music and Dave the BARDbarian but I'm running late for a very important date. If this page is still here on the morrow, I'll share another one.
In the meantime, I'll leave you with this:

Raxon in his spare time.
Pig s Feet 6th Sep 2013, 11:03 AM edit delete reply
My google-fu has failed me to a devastating effect. Would you be able to tell us what the base song is?
Demonu 6th Sep 2013, 4:42 PM edit delete reply
Beelzeboss by Tenacious D.
Climax song of The Pick of Destiny.
Pig s Feet 6th Sep 2013, 11:45 PM After a Youtubeing edit delete reply
This.... that's just awe-inspiring. I- I don't know what else to say. Good show and all that to you and your group.
MumaKirby 6th Sep 2013, 1:18 AM edit delete reply
I had a DM for a game who had a favorite bard character, and he was bored with one of our adventures. So in the last game of the series, he decided to jack up the difficulty.

The DR was twice our group's level. We had finished the adventure, and were relaxing in a tavern, when a drow we'd fought earlier appeared and asked for our help with some problems in the Underdark... followed instantly by a crashing sound outside. I was closest to the window, and glanced out. A cart had overturned on a handful of civilians. So, the party heads outside to help, at least most of them, Irriel really didn't care that much. At least not until half the assassin's guild melted out of the shadows and started attacking.

What does this have to do with singing, you ask? Well, the DM knew that the encounter was too difficult, so he included three npcs to help. The Drow woman, one of the civilians trapped under the cart was actually a ranger who had bad luck (the cart had actually set off a smokepowder trap and been blown into the crowd, but still), and the musical entertainment in the tavern, who was a bard and one of the DM's PCs. Every bard song/power came with a dirty/punny little song sung by our DM. We ended up winning, but barely, much to his disappointment. We swapped out for new characters shortly after that, and shortly after that my schedule changed and D&D time was brought to an end for a while....
L Lawliet 5th Sep 2013, 6:49 AM edit delete reply
I've recently started playing in a campaign on Roll20 and the GM decided to use the jukebox to provide music for the battles.

This, on occasion, led to moments such as:

A pose check (where if you pass the check, you get a bonus just for striking a pose) set to Bloody Stream from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

A battle set to the tune of I'll Face Myself (battle) from Persona 4-and which led to a lot of "the shadow, the true self" jokes with the shadow-using Wizard as their punchline.

Various minor jokes and references to outside media in-character being accompanied by music related to those references.

An act of forcing a bomb into a dragon's mouth becoming a slam jam.

And a flying kick to the same dragon becoming a genuine Rider Kick with "Time Judged All" from Kamen Rider OOO playing in the background.

In addition, the GM had music in place for critical hits and critical fails. We barely heard the CH jingle, though, because the rolls themselves were for stupid-as-all-hell things, and we were laughing too hard to listen.
LazerWulf 5th Sep 2013, 6:59 AM edit delete reply
Err... What song is this supposed to be?
DoubleCross 5th Sep 2013, 7:49 AM edit delete reply
The 'So Many Wonders' song from 'The Cutie Mark Chronicles'. It's a Fluttershy solo.
RunawayCanadian 5th Sep 2013, 9:53 AM edit delete reply
For the first couple of panels i thought it was A Whole New World, and that was how I read it until the last few panels.

Either way it was interesting in my head.
Curb 5th Sep 2013, 7:33 AM edit delete reply
There was the Digital Pulse incident.

Digital Pulse is one of my fun characters, a dubstep obsessed Silver Bell Fairy, she even dresses like a tiny DJ. Her favorite tactic as team infilitration and harrasment was to plant tiny wireless speakers in an enemy camp and blast them with dubstep.

This session, I wasn't GMing, but got the GM to go along with the plan. He thought it was funny as hell. Once she set her gear up, the party got into position, not knowing that we were going to play actually music. I set up the track and used They thought it was funny as hell as the GM had the enemy troops searching for the 'alien' and the 'bass cannon'. What's worse, we got to talking about building Digital Pulse an actually weapon called the Bass Cannon. Still need to work out the stats on that one.
Tatsurou 5th Sep 2013, 10:55 AM Homebrewed pet/familiar edit delete reply
I know a while back I mentioned a homebrewed Pernese Fire Lizard pet/familiar for D&D. I actually found the sheet with all the pertinent information, and was wondering what everyone thought of it. Note, it was an early D&D run, so accuracy to the rules might be questionable.

Pernese fire lizard familiar homebrew

Story explanation: A golden queen and her bronzes were going between at the same time as a Plainswalker attempted to phase into the world of Pern. This threw off the between jump, landing the fire lizards in the world of the campaign. A mating flight occured after arrival. However, they lacked the antibodies for the native world, although their naturally strong physiology allowed them to survive until the clutch was near ahtching. Also, the hatchlings inherited antibodies (roll 1d20 for the strength of immunity to local diseases, reduce cost of pet/familiar by 10 gold per point over 10, increase by 10 for each point below). However, the queen and bronzes were unfamiliar with local predators, and fell victim to an attack near hatching. (Your character) happened across the nest during an attack, and attempted to aid them. (Roll 1d20 for size of clutch). However, despite your best efforts, only 1d6 eggs were still intact by the time you got there, and you were only able to save (result of roll/2, rounded up) by pocketing them and running. Upon reaching your hometown, the queen had followed you. Upon judging you, you were allowed to keep the eggs. Upon hatching, one or more of the eggs hatched in your hand, and you formed the bond of impression. (Roll 1d20 to determine variety, 1-6=green, 7-11=blue, 12-15=brown, 16-18=bronze, 19-20=golden queen)

Initial Alignment be Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic Good.
Hometown must be port city or near the coast and equatorial, as fire lizards nest on warm beach sands.
Economic class no higher than merchant.
MUST take the Animal Empathy feat.

Cost for pet/familiar: 1d100 percent of initial gold, altered by above health modifiers. Cost is continuous no matter how many you wind up with, but numbers limited by above decsription.

Available as familiar to ALL classes that can take familiar, presuming they meet the above requirements. Available as pet to all classes.

Familiar bonuses:
Green-blue: +1 to int, wis, and cha, +2 when present
Brown: +2 to int, wis, and cha, +4 when present
Bronze: +3 to int, wis, and cha, +6 when present
Gold Queen: +4 to int, wis, and cha, +8 when present

Pet Bonuses (also applies to familiars):
Green-Blue: +3 to all spot, listen, and detect checks
Brown: +5 to all spot, listen, and detect checks
Bronze: +7 to all spot, listen, and detect checks
Gold Queen: Pet automatically aces all spot checks, all listen checks, all sense motive checks, all detect alignment checks, and all detect poison checks.

If Gold Queen is familiar and PC/familiar level is high enough for speaking same language, empathic link allows player to auto ace same checks.

Green-Blue: "I'm the Good Guy!" - If your alignment strays from your initial alignment by more than one step, your fire lizard will abandon you, never to be seen again.
Brown-Bronze: "You aren't you anymore!" - Same as above, but at two or more.
Gold Queen: "I'm always your friend!" - Will never abandon you, and neither will other fire lizards in your flock.
"Spoil me!" - Golden Queen will require a great deal more care and affection than other colors, and will be quite vocal about demanding it.

Care Requirements:

Food - 10 gold per week in bite size meat chunks. Can be self prepared and foraged.
Green-Blue: +3 to forage checks
Brown: +5 to forage checks
Bronze: Auto-ace forage checks for self, +7 for party based forage checks
Gold Queen: Auto ace all forage checks

Oiling - some form of skin/leather oil must be used on a daily basis to treat fire lizard skin to prevent chaffing. If skin is not oiled, roll 1d10 to see if skin chaffes. If chaffed skin goes untreated, roll 1d10 to check for skin breaks. If skin is broken, fire lizard loses ability to fly until treated, and dies if forced between. Any kind of skin/leather oil may be used, but higher quality brings more pleasure to the fire lizard (Queen's desire for spoiling strongly effected by this) and gives the hide better luster (plus 1d6 to fire lizard cha and pet based cha bonuses.)

All fire lizards have a 1d4 claw attack and a 1d6 bite attack, which they use in combat. Bronze and Gold Queen fire lizards bite and claw attacks ignore DR. All bite and claw attacks have a chance to inflict debilitating injury (gouge eye, cut hamstring, gouge ear, dig nose) based on the to hit roll. Bronzes have +5 to hit when healthy. Gold Queens gain +10. Fire lizards have a flight range of 30/round at rest, 70/round agitated, 100/round enraged. Green and Blue has a +5 to evasion rolls, Brown has +10, and Bronze and Gold have +15. When a flock is led by a Queen, they act as a unit but are treated as individuals for targeting purposes.

Because of their draconic appearance, fire lizards can intimidate once per round as a free action against non-draconic enemies with int<10. Intimidate score is [1d20 + (10-target int) + (if green,1; if blue,2; if brown,3; if bronze,4; if gold,5; highest rank in flock)x(number of fire lizards in the flock)]


All fire lizards have the ability to go between as an instantaneous action. Going between acts like telportation, but can only be interrupted or redirected by Plainswalking abilities. Range is infinite, so long as the fire lizard has a mental image of its destination. (In combat, range is the entire field. Out of combat, range is anywhere any member of the party has been). If a fire lizard is sent somewhere, it will take eight seconds in each direction to get there and return. Most useful for messages, but can also be sent to fetch small things. However, Green-Blue-Brown must roll a concentration check to be sure they remember to return in a timely manner. Bronze and Gold may be trained not only to deliver messages, but also to wait for replies and retrieve small belongings. A Queen can command an entire flock so all will behave as she does.


In early spring, Queens and Greens of age 2 years or more enter heat. If there are no blues, browns, or bronzes in the area, they will become irritable and destructive until heat passes, and may fly off to find males. If there are males in the area, they will find small creatures they can kill and drink the blood of to engage in a mating flight. Blues, Browns, and Bronzes will respond to a mating flight call. A PC whose fire lizard engages in a mating flight must roll a will save against amplified arousal due to empathic link. Will Save for just a participant is >15. Will Save for a PC whose lizard participates in the actual mating is a total of >20. If the PC fails the will save, the PC will act on the amplified lust with the PC/NPC nearest with whom they share the strongest physical/emotional connection.

Two weeks after the mating flight, Queens and Greens will return to the spot they were clutched to lay their own clutches. If the party returns to that spot, they may be able to acquire eggs that will hatch into fire lizards that can be trained as pets and familiars. Greens will lay only green and blue. Queens will lay all types, and at least one Queen per clutch. Roll 1d6 to determine size of green clutches, and 1d20 to determine size of gold clutches. For gold clutches, no less than one and no more than two eggs will be queens. If the Queen is the PCs familiar, egg types can be identified pre hatching. roll 1d20 per egg to determine type as per roll from story explanation section. Hatchlings that are hand fed at hatching by PCs will become attatched to those PCs as pets or familiars.


Fire Lizards are hatchlings until the age of two months. Until then, they are always in sleep state unless hungry, and vocally demand feeding three times a day in the first month, gradually decreasing until they desire food only once every three days. Hatchlings give a continuous +5 cha bonus when dealing with child or female NPCs of any race.
Queen hatchlings are more demanding than others, and will attack their PC for 1d4 damage per turn if food is not given to them in the first round of demand, and will continue to do so until their belly is full. This damage ignores AC and DR, and is auto-hit.


Fire Lizards have perfect raptor vision in any environment save rain, fog, snow, and ashfall.

Environment effects:

Fire Lizards prefer warm environments, but will weather cold environments if their PC insists, but not without complaint, and will prefer to curl up inside the PCs clothes if temperature drops below 60 degrees Farenheit. In warm environments, fire lizards are automatically in active mode. In hot environments, fire lizards will spend a great deal of time popping in and out of between, and will require extra oiling.

Stat effects:

A fire lizards physical abilities are based on what it believes itself to be capable of. Therefor, whenever magical, mental, or potion based effects would cause a temporary stat change, roll 1d6. If 1, the effect does nothing. Otherwise, multiply the effects by the roll.

Ex: if a fire lizard drinks a potion of giant's strength and the roll is 6, the strength increase is multiplied by six. Alternatively, if a hypnosis spell drains strength and the roll is four, the strength reduction is multiplied by four. A 1 on either roll negates the effect.
Digo 5th Sep 2013, 1:44 PM edit delete reply
Pretty extensive writeup! I like the detail.
aerion111 6th Sep 2013, 5:29 AM edit delete reply
Doesn't seem perfectly balanced, particularly how it gives a bonus even as a pet (and those bonuses are rather high for a familiar even)
Tatsurou 6th Sep 2013, 11:33 AM edit delete reply
Those are the bonuses the pet gets to its own rolls. The Fire Lizard gets its own rolls for all checks, and then tries to make the PC aware of what its become aware of. The only bonus the pet gives, ever, is to Charisma, and that's because everyone wants to listen to you when you have a pretty tiny dragon sitting on your shoulder.

And as for the familiar bonus, keep in mind that there's a pretty good chance that taking this as your familiar will leave you with the starting equipment of 'clothes' and 'stick'.
Shchenya 5th Sep 2013, 5:30 PM edit delete reply
Horror game, ended up in a pub surrounded by zombies... needless to say one of the player's responses was to find "Don't Stop Me Now", play it out loud and grab a pool cue...

I've also had a room with trapped pressure plates result in several songs worth of DDR play from my group, using their move actions and some stupidly catchy music.
Disloyal Subject 30th Mar 2014, 4:27 PM No One Will Read This edit delete reply
Heh, nice. Polar opposite of my usual music use - just seeing me break out my speakers is enough to make my players paranoid, now, since it usually means "horror session." They'll get rousing, triumphant music for bossfights, but it's prone to switching to darkly dramatic stuff if the dice shaft them. Shonen anime provides most of the BGM, Song of Ice and Fire the reality checks' style.
Evilbob 5th Sep 2013, 7:13 PM Crazy One edit delete reply
I can't be the only crazy one here. Someone. Anyone. Prove me wrong.

Did anyone else sing the comic's content according to tune (as best one can, of course) at least thrice?
Raxon 5th Sep 2013, 11:38 PM edit delete reply
You can't be crazy, or that would mean I'm crazy, too!
Disloyal Subject 30th Mar 2014, 4:22 PM WAAAGH edit delete reply
Dark_Albarn 5th Sep 2013, 7:20 PM edit delete reply
Call of Cthulu, swarms of zombies and Shoggoths, holding out on top of a belltower. Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls being played over an intercom system. I almost lived through it...

Fucking Melvin, though...
Warhorse 5th Sep 2013, 9:11 PM edit delete reply
Hey,I actually have a story today! So my high school had a Nerd Fest while I was there. Many things were done in Nerd Fest, but among the most popular was tabletop roleplay.

So last year my usual group of friends and I did a Rogue Trader campaign. Early on the campaign, some random NPC cultist managed to survive so much we sent at him that he escalated to Badass level. We eventually killed him, but he nearly killed us. So at the very end of the campaign we had aligned with space pirates, a governor from some planet, an Eldar fleet, and some Solar Angels we met when we breifly and comically crossed over into our previous D&D campaign, all to fight this really evil governor intent on unleashing chaos on the universe.

So once we finally meet the governor, he had already become a demon, however, he had one trick up his sleeve. In an unsurprising move, the governor turned into Dave, the Bad ass Cultist from the beginning of the campaign. The fight turned out to be based on the final fight from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, where Raiden fights Senator Armstrong. And to top it off, for the entire 3 to 4 hours that took us to kill this boss, our GM had been playing the final rock song that accompanied the Raiden/Armstrong battle. Needless to say, it was bad ass.
Dadada 1st Apr 2017, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
I guess those are "Scales" of music.