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17th Oct 2013, 6:00 AM in Intermission 3
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Miniature Mayhem
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 17th Oct 2013, 6:00 AM edit delete
Author: Spiffy

Actors' Note: "All of us at Ask-The-Toy-Box were happy to provide a guest comic, but Anguirus is the true fan and it was he who insisted that we go all out with this.

"If you want to see more of us or ask any questions you can visit our blog at

"Thank you and I hope you all have a nice day."

Notice: Guest comic submissions are open! Guidelines here. Deadline: January 27th, 2023.



Gden 17th Oct 2013, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
Out of curiousity, when do the guest comics end?
Zuche 17th Oct 2013, 6:22 AM edit delete reply
Buried within weekend commentary was an announcement that Newbiespud will be starting his next story on October 31st.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 6:06 AM edit delete reply
Well, this comic officially made me hungry.
deathsheir 17th Oct 2013, 6:16 AM edit delete reply
You're not alone
Raxon 17th Oct 2013, 6:32 AM edit delete reply
Agreed. I'm in the mood for some rocky mountain oysters. Yum yum
asdf 17th Oct 2013, 7:04 PM edit delete reply

Raxon 17th Oct 2013, 10:34 PM edit delete reply
You have to cook them thoroughly. You don't want a case of teste coli.
Jannard 17th Oct 2013, 6:42 AM edit delete reply
STAAARVEEEING!! FOOOOOD!! Seriously, My fridge is as empty right now as is my wallet. I'm gonna try and live off rice for a couple days.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 7:38 AM edit delete reply
At least you have the benefit that you can flavor rice with just about anything. Good luck on that plan!

Ahaha, I just noticed that the figurines are posing in front of food that is similar to their pony personalities. Dash in front of an energy drink, AJ in front of apples, Pikie is standing by some hot sauce...
ayone esle 17th Oct 2013, 8:12 AM edit delete reply
Then go out and find some dandelions, they should be good to eat again this time of year. Try to find he ones that haven't had flower stalks yet, then chop of the white part between the root and the leaves, that's the best part, it tastes like cauliflower. Next find some thistles and dig up the roots, you can wash them off good and chop up the roots, they taste good. Everyone goes on about burdock roots, but thistle roots taste better. Now get some purselane, it's got a dark pink stem and waxy leaves, and it tastes like cucumber. It'll grow anywhere with disturbed soil. Now, do you have any spices or flavourigs?

You can stirfry these in a bit of teryaki or soy sauce, or melt a little cheese ontop. Or you can boil them together as a soup (in which case I'd recommend adding the dandelion leaves in too, just pick the youngest leaves you find, they taste best) which is particuliarly good if you crack an egg into it while it's boiling. Or you can serve them on a bed of rice with a little roux sauce.

In any case it's delicious, and free food you can go get whenever you're hungry, just like lambquarters, mustard, grapes, watercress, walnuts, cattails, coltsfoot, even pine bark is edible if you prepare it right.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 9:20 AM edit delete reply
While your recipes sound weird, I used to know a chef that cooked that kind of stuff. Invited me over to dinner once and I had a salad with flowers in it. So yeah, pretty good stuff!
Guest 18th Oct 2013, 3:25 AM edit delete reply
Try some My Lidl Pony.
Zuche 17th Oct 2013, 10:11 AM edit delete reply
Dandelions may not be safe in any region that takes steps to contain their growth.
Norakos 18th Oct 2013, 1:38 AM edit delete reply
We must compare notes, as that sounds quite tasty.
Zuche 17th Oct 2013, 6:22 AM edit delete reply
I like the backgrounds here. I'll try to say more later.
GodBlessAmerica 17th Oct 2013, 10:10 PM edit delete reply
Don't go causing any more trouble, now, Zuche. We don't need no more repeats.
Zuche 18th Oct 2013, 3:43 AM edit delete reply
Thanks, random stalker!
Curb 17th Oct 2013, 6:23 AM edit delete reply
Good thing I grabbed some food on the way home.

Ahh, prepping minis...brings back memories, at one group, we were only allowed to use the GM's blank pewter minis, we weren't allowed to bring our own. I pretty much allow anything in the proper scale and isn't too silly or pervy.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, I usually don't mind if players want to bring their own minis. As long as the scale is compatible. On a rare occasion a player might bring in a useful prop for the mattle mat.

As it's hard for me to get ahold of non-fantasy minis for non-fantasy games, I've collected the little plastic stands from games like Candyland and drawn figures on cardstock. Players are welcome to bring their own images too for printing.
JSchunx 17th Oct 2013, 12:58 PM edit delete reply
Heh, at my house, my brother is the only one who even owns any minis, for the most part. Of course, I usually just use legos, since I can equip them however I like.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 1:27 PM edit delete reply
Legos are good for battle maps, but to keep from slowing the game down you have to prebuild a few items.
Joe the Rat 17th Oct 2013, 6:23 AM edit delete reply
Amusingly, I've actually used MLPs as miniatures. They were stand-ins for the druid's hippogriff summons.

Since then I've been told to get some proper hippogriffs... but they didn't say anything about Pegasi!

...I've been told to stop raiding my daughter's toys for miniatures.
aylatrigger 17th Oct 2013, 6:38 AM edit delete reply
You need to get up to the point where your daughter is raiding your miniatures.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 7:39 AM edit delete reply
My daughter and I have raided each other's miniature collection on several sessions. :)
Joe the Rat 17th Oct 2013, 5:09 PM edit delete reply
She would, but she's not the Druid. No summons for you!
DracoS 17th Oct 2013, 6:54 AM edit delete reply
But if Rainbow Dash can't use her energy sword, how is she going to get achievements in this session?
Walabio 17th Oct 2013, 7:11 AM The 3rd word should be “everypony”. edit delete reply
The 3rd word should be “everypony”.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 9:21 AM edit delete reply
Maybe it was said out of character?
MuffinMark 17th Oct 2013, 7:19 AM edit delete reply
I don't have anything clever to say, but I do own that same Spike figure
JSchunx 17th Oct 2013, 1:00 PM edit delete reply
I've got the same Rainbow Dash as the one presented; got it at Christmas time from a non-brony friend.
Crazy Eyes 17th Oct 2013, 7:56 AM edit delete reply
I like the choices of snacks to reflect character. That was a nice touch.
XandZero2 17th Oct 2013, 9:33 AM edit delete reply
Weren't those figures given away in McDonald's Happy Meals a while back? I feel like I recognize that AJ.

Also, I liked the comic too. Once I saw the hot sauce, I realized what was going on.

Here's a question though - did Spiffy and his group custom-make the Elements of Harmony book, or is that an official MLP product? It looks like it would fit right in with my 3.5 D&D books.
Zuche 17th Oct 2013, 10:34 AM edit delete reply
The book is an officially licensed product, even if a few items here and there might not be officially accurate. Basic episode summaries (complete with "friendship lesson") and all song lyrics from the first three seasons fill most of it. There's also a decent amount of concept art and commentary by show staff, plus a few other items some may enjoy.
Joe the Rat 18th Oct 2013, 5:41 AM edit delete reply
Okay, now I know what to get Bear for Crimbo in addition to her own dice set.
Amon 17th Oct 2013, 10:48 AM edit delete reply
Eyup that is an official product, I so happen to own one myself.
JSchunx 17th Oct 2013, 1:01 PM edit delete reply
Dang, I need to get me one of those.
_R_ 18th Oct 2013, 3:17 PM edit delete reply
Which remind me: I saw some MLP figures at the nearby McDonalds.
Bronyisim has invaded the Phillipines, my friends. And it hasn't even aired yet.
Zuche 18th Oct 2013, 10:42 PM edit delete reply
I did not know that. Thanks for the information, and may it soon change.
Dragonflight 17th Oct 2013, 9:56 AM edit delete reply
Rainbow Dash with a Covenant energy sword.

Hmm. Yes... I could buy that... :)
Joe England 17th Oct 2013, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
Y'know, that's a really nice and clever comic. It's a simple concept with a deceptively intricate execution. The snacks and things offer a very amusing, well crafted insight into each "player." Well done.
Guest 17th Oct 2013, 10:12 AM edit delete reply
Did anyone else notice how the backgrounds are generally fitting?
Classic Steve 17th Oct 2013, 11:27 AM edit delete reply
Oh yeah! Even apples for Applejack. But it looks like Twilight's player isn't snacking.

I know one person who made do with a Sheriff Woody hat for Applejack.
Wyvern 17th Oct 2013, 6:15 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, Twilight will pack books first and only afterward think of bringing food.
JSchunx 17th Oct 2013, 1:03 PM edit delete reply
She's got some orange juice, but yeah, I don't think that'd be enough for a full night's session.
Digo 17th Oct 2013, 6:21 PM edit delete reply
Being the organized type, she probably had a meal just before coming over.
Norakos 18th Oct 2013, 1:40 AM edit delete reply
As eager as I am to get back to regular updates, I do hope these guys make more MLP comics. This looks like the start of something good.
Digo 18th Oct 2013, 6:59 AM edit delete reply
4-hit combo!

+200 pts.
Newbiespud 18th Oct 2013, 1:45 PM edit delete reply
Let me take care of that quadruple-post for you...
Ask-The-Toy-Box 18th Oct 2013, 2:58 AM edit delete reply
So far it seems like you guys like our comic, THANKS!
We forgot to add a suggestion for stories so how about funny stories about toys you have used for your games?
Monopoly on Violence 18th Oct 2013, 5:53 AM edit delete reply
As a child, I would tend to use an orc figurine whenever we played Monopoly.

Sadly, no one was all that amused at my claims of being homeless and just squatting on property rather than paying rent. Any insistence that rent was to be paid anyway drew threats that the orc was just going to pillage and burn the properties to the ground.

Some people have no sense of adventure when it comes to board games.
Digo 18th Oct 2013, 7:03 AM edit delete reply
A still-talked about story among my local friends was a long ago campaign where at one point the players were all cuffed to a large log-shaped bomb at the top of a building. The building was infested with assassins, ninjas, and hitmen.

I simulated this by tying lego men together with string to a long lego brick. Was fun to have a visual where when a C moved, they could only go so far until other PCs moved too.

Keys for their cuffs were at the 1st floor lobby desk. Elevator's out, BTW. :D
you know that guy 19th Oct 2013, 4:51 AM edit delete reply
I don't have any stories like that, but several monsters in D&D were invented to fit the miniatures, such as the rust monster.
ShadowDragon8685 18th Oct 2013, 7:32 AM edit delete reply
Rainbow Dash looks 20% more badass with an energy sword, you have to admit.

This comic was 20% cooler, though somehow I imagine it took considerably more than 10 seconds to produce.
Destrustor 18th Oct 2013, 10:05 AM edit delete reply
Pony memes!
TechUnadept 20th Oct 2013, 2:41 PM elite edit delete reply
No energy sword? Why the wort not?
Guest 5th Nov 2013, 8:07 PM edit delete reply
Whoa, whoa, wait, where's that Fluttershy from?
Metool 19th Dec 2013, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
Rock candy is the bomb.