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26th Mar 2015, 6:00 AM in Intermission 5
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Chrono Chrys, Part 8
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Newbiespud 26th Mar 2015, 6:00 AM edit delete
We're just about done. Now that I've done this once, I'd be willing to try this a couple more times down the line as mini-arc palette cleansers, if people would be down for that.

So here's a prompt that I'd be surprised if it hasn't been brought up before: It gets kind of a bad rap because it undermines all the work we put into giving our characters cool abilities, but have you ever had a "power of friendship"-like effect happen in one of your games?

Notice: Guest comic submissions are open! Guidelines here. Deadline: January 27th, 2023.



you know that guy 26th Mar 2015, 6:12 AM edit delete reply
So, basically a bard's Inspire Courage?
The-Hittite 26th Mar 2015, 9:11 AM edit delete reply
Vape, vape, vaporise the evil queen!
Winged Cat 26th Mar 2015, 12:39 PM edit delete reply
Slay, slay, slay the dragon!

Make, make, make the death check!

Rest, rest, rest in peace!

Rot, rot, rot to dust! (And stop trying to eat my brains: they're full of cholesterol.)
Jannard 27th Mar 2015, 1:57 PM edit delete reply
Whoever you are, I love you for that
ANW 26th Mar 2015, 6:13 AM edit delete reply
Looking, looking. Nope can't think of anything.
So here's a stand by.
How did you dicide on your handle(Name).
Me:My Initializes(SP I know)
Easy to remember, but doesn't give my real name.
Digo 26th Mar 2015, 6:21 AM edit delete reply
"Digo" was the most common nickname my college friends gave me because my actual name was a little difficult for many of them to pronounce. So I used Digo as my online handle and it pretty much sticks with me for life.

Even my parents call me that these days. :3
j-eagle12212012 26th Mar 2015, 7:03 AM edit delete reply
In the 90's i played a little internet game called "infantry" my handle was j-eagle, fast forward to the year 2007 I played Assassins creed and needed to create an xbox360 gamertag so I took my old online handle and tacked on a date significant to Assassins creed's plot... and J-eagle12212012 was born, I've used it ever since.
ANW 26th Mar 2015, 7:09 AM edit delete reply
For Newbiespud, I get get the Newbie but not the spud
spudwalt 26th Mar 2015, 7:38 AM edit delete reply
My username is the combination of a nickname of mine (D-Walt) and what my parents called me before I was born (Spud).
Blaizokaran 26th Mar 2015, 9:12 PM edit delete reply
I think I remember seeing somewhere in Spud's old Interference fics that "Spud" was a nickname for him, presumably by his dad (though my memory may have skewed the details on that one).

As for me... Being honest, the name is something I came up with for an OC in a way too ambitious KH3 fanfic I tried to write when I was thirteen. The character was meant to be someone who took most of the Final Fantasy-esque spells of Kingdom Hearts and give them a "burning touch," so to speak, if only to give him a theme I could jump off of. Later, I found a roleplay forum, needed an online handle that sounded decent, and "Blaze" (as he's usually shortened to) had been rolling around in my head incessantly after the fic had been abandoned. So I reused it for both PC and online handle.

How did I come up with it in the first place? Took the name Blaze, started adding sounds on the back of it until it sounded good, changed the spelling a bit. That's pretty much it.
Disloyal Subject 27th Mar 2015, 8:52 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
Spud's a pretty common nickname for kids, and sometimes sticks past then. My aunt and I always call each other 'spud.'
That actually makes me wonder about the etymology. That branch of the family IS Irish, and potatoes were pretty important to the Irish for a while...
Mykin 26th Mar 2015, 7:59 AM edit delete reply
My first handle I ran into the ground (I was an 8 year old on an rp forum. I'll let you do the math) and I gave it up on it after trying to re-brand it a couple of times. The next one was alright, but it was too long for most places so I just abandoned it for something slightly shorter...and then abandoned that one after a while when people kept confusing me for a famous Catholic DJ of the same handle. Like he could play TF2 as well as I can. -_-

Finally, I was making an account for Spore and was thinking on a handle to use on that one when I decided to mash "My" and "Kin" together for the heck of it. I've owned it ever since. Though it does bug me a little bit when they shorten it to "Mike" when my actual name is "Dan" but whatever.
Chrysalis 26th Mar 2015, 8:01 AM edit delete reply
One of my most common monicres as of late has been Midnight, and it has to do with a simple fact, that that was the time I'd watched my very first episode of MLP. I just dubbed myself Midnight Rush, or the Midnight Brony, and calling characters Midnight just became my thing, at least for most of the male characters. Female characters, I just generally pick my favorite female characters and represent them properly in the DnD universe as best I can.
Boris Carlot 26th Mar 2015, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
This isn't my usual handle, but I do not want people searching my usual username and finding out I have brony interests. I made it up on the spot just before posting my first comment on here. It doesn't mean anything.
Curb 26th Mar 2015, 8:41 AM edit delete reply
A loooong time ago, I had a VW bug, a 71 at that. Steering had issues so if I let my mind wander even a bit, she'd drift to the left. My brother, in his infinite wisedom, would shout 'CURB' if we got to close and I'd adjust. We thought it was funny and when I started spending more time online, I chose it as my default username.
Specter 26th Mar 2015, 9:28 AM edit delete reply
Well, I have seven to choose from, but I'll go with the one I'm actually using here.

Specter- Well, I wen with this name because... it refers to ghosts/apparitions, it sounded like a shorter name for spectator, and, for some reason, I still believe it is a name that just blends into the background like some name plate or something.

Then again, I also consider this as part of my play style in many games that requires observation and scouting. In fact, other then this, I have six other names I can go by.
zimmerwald1915 26th Mar 2015, 10:21 AM edit delete reply
My handle combines a place and a time. Simple as that, really.
Chakat Firepaw 26th Mar 2015, 10:56 AM edit delete reply
Mine come from my fursona: Shi set up shop a few years ago when I was working up a Champions character. The name itself comes from the fact that shi has smoke-grey fur with orange-red socks and gloves, (i.e. paws that sort of look like they are fire).

The Chakat part comes from how chakats are named.
Disloyal Subject 26th Mar 2015, 11:00 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
Needed a username because there was already another person commenting under my first name. Someone went by "Luna's Loyal Subject" for a few pages, and it reminded me of my obligatory Mary Sue OC's irreverence for the Princesses, and absolute devotion to Equestria. Thus was born another alias. I don't really like it so much anymore, but it's established enough that I choose to keep it and whatever reputation's been attached to it in others' minds.
Tatsurou 26th Mar 2015, 11:07 AM edit delete reply
When I first took High School Japanese, our teacher had us choose a Japanese name for ourselves.

I've always had an obsession with dragons, so I asked what name would mean "Dragon Boy".

I've used it for everything that required a name, but not necessarily a legal name, ever since.
recentteen14 26th Mar 2015, 12:04 PM edit delete reply
For me it was back when I was 13. Back then, I was finding a show called Spider Riders- and they had a small multiplayer game. After hours of trying handles, I got recentteen13 since I had turned 13 a few days prior. Ended up changing it once when I hit 14, then decided it was too much work- and a waste of effort to change it every year after that. Stuck with recentteen14 since then, even though it's been more then 7 years! Still rolls off the tongue nicely, and a great way to troll.
Winged Cat 26th Mar 2015, 12:16 PM edit delete reply
I've had the nickname "Winged Cat" since 2nd grade. My friends and I were talking about what we wanted to grow up to be. I couldn't decide between mad scientist, pilot, or veterinarian. The second (winged) and third (cat) came out of that...maybe with a touch of the first (be a mad scientist to give wings to cats). Career-wise, I kind of went with the first, but nickname-wise, since then I've just used "Winged Cat" whenever I've needed a nom de plume.

I've rarely seen anyone else use it, except when they were pretending to be me. (One dead giveaway: if no one but me actually posts under this handle in a given forum until after I mention this topic, and then suddenly other people claim to have been using it.)

I even have a legal entity, "Winged Cat Solutions" (complete with site:, for when I need to pretend to be a company. (I'm still amused by the number of jobs I've gotten from that, where companies wouldn't contract with an actual person but would contract with a business entity, even if it turned out said entity was a one-person shop.)
Super_Big_Mac 27th Mar 2015, 9:08 AM edit delete reply
Superb Ad Association, LLC was the site I used, but only for a month during my senior year marketing class. It was awesome, and my teacher thought the name and web address were hilarious, though most of my classmates never got the joke. Somehow.
Raxon 26th Mar 2015, 12:29 PM edit delete reply
Raxon was the name of a Ranger I had in a MUD called Dragonrealms. I had that character for what, four, five years?

Good times. I loved my war harp, and the fact I was not limited to one class of weapons. Nope, Rangers get them all. I trained in bows, two handed edged weapons, and heavy edged weapons paired with a shield. Had a wolf companion, collected tons of neat little baubles, things like that.

Wonderful game, great community.
j-eagle12212012 26th Mar 2015, 5:40 PM edit delete reply
I'm a little sad that your name story isn't some crazy convaluted epic tale of insanity. oh well
Raxon 26th Mar 2015, 6:46 PM edit delete reply
Aside from using my own corpse as bait to lure out pseudopods, and bravely fighting (and killing) things well outside my level? How about the time I wrecked some guy by having my previous companion, a coon, take lil gifts to his SO in game. He had been bullying me in game, and PVPing me in generally nonpvp areas. He was so much bigger and higher level, I couldn't even run away. So I would send little things, such as roses, strawberries, lingerie, all sorts of little things. Then I stepped in and told him that some ranger bastard must be sleeping with his girl, and I offered to help him catch the guy.

Fast forward a couple weeks in real time, he's so pissed and angry, she leaves him, and intentionally hooks up with a ranger just to spite him. He ragequits the game by running off and getting himself killed over and over. After he messages me to say he was about to permadie, I hurried to where he was as he was dying. I started dragging the body out to a place that required survival skills to reach. Climbing and such.

I then told him what I did, and left him to his permadeath, secure that I wouldn't get my ass kicked by him again.

Do not dick with a ranger.

There was also the fact I loved to venture into horribly overleveled areas to snatch up goodies left behind by guys ten times my level. Basically, I got up to all kinds of crazy stuff. Up to and including fighting what were essentially stone golems, using actual tactics other than, you know, hit it until it dies. I would summon swarms of spiders to web them up and make them fall, then drop a tree on them. Rangers are effing badass.
j-eagle12212012 27th Mar 2015, 8:38 AM edit delete reply
That's more what I expected lol
daftdeafdave 26th Mar 2015, 1:40 PM edit delete reply
Pretty self explanatory
The Angry Vegan 26th Mar 2015, 1:58 PM edit delete reply
Nickname from the days before I gave up on veganism and got a grip on my anger issues.
Raxon 26th Mar 2015, 3:45 PM edit delete reply
Not getting enough meat will make you irritable. Here, have some veal saffron seasoned with puppy tears.
LegendofMoriad 26th Mar 2015, 4:16 PM Dear Celestia, the memories... edit delete reply
I chose my name a very long time ago. It came about from an old forum RPG I ran. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but I was too young to see the mistakes I made. The name stands as a reminder of past mistakes, and the improvements I've made since then. I use it as consistently as I can, for consistency.

Inicidentally, I've reused the naming scheme for a homebrew D&D setting that is far more fleshed out than anything that developed from that RP.
sjosten 26th Mar 2015, 4:40 PM edit delete reply
It's my first initial and my last name. Mine is a deep and complex psyche, clearly.
Vellikat 26th Mar 2015, 4:44 PM edit delete reply
I usually go by the name "Vellikat". I wanted a username that didn't have any numbers and yet wasn't likely to be take on any site. (So far, I've been able to get it as a username on all but one site- not CF, another one.)
Bombom13 26th Mar 2015, 6:07 PM edit delete reply
I had to write a short horror story for school, so I had some kids venture up a mountain to fight a yeti. I had just been randomly stringing syllables together and came up with bombom. It seemed to have a nice ring to it, so that was the name of the yeti.

Fast forward a few months, and I am setting up a Webkins account. Remember those plush toys with the website where they "came to life"? Yeah.......anywhosers) I needed a username, and the yeti was the first thing I came up with. I tried to put in my age afterwards, but that was taken by someone, somehow. I just kept increasing the number until it worked (at 12, actually) In that game, you went by the name of your character, not your username, so I thought it was just a secondary security thing.

Fast forward a year or so more, and I am buying minecraft after, I kid you not, months upon months of research trying to justify it to my parents. I put it in, and bombom12 is taken (HOW?), but 13 is free, so that one sticks. I wait for it to let me put in my name, but.....

Somehow, the name bombom13 was born completely unrelated to explosions (I noticed this correlation when some lazy typist abbreviated it bomb.) or Mario bob-oms (I hadn't played Mario but for one game briefly: Mario cart for the gamecube.
Euric 26th Mar 2015, 10:57 PM edit delete reply
Months of research to justify minecraft? Were your parents anti-video games or something like that? I mean, I can understand researching ESRB and PEGI ratings for age-appropriateness, but minecraft just seems so obviously kid-friendly.
Bombom13 27th Mar 2015, 4:46 AM edit delete reply
It was more of a "Santa will bring it, wait until Christmas" thing, so all I could do to get my Minecraft fill was watch videos of it and research it. They weren't saying no, just not yet.
MuffinMark 26th Mar 2015, 7:40 PM edit delete reply
Combination of my name and my school nickname of Muffin Man
aylatrigger 26th Mar 2015, 8:19 PM edit delete reply
Chrono Trigger with Ayla as main character. Then remove spaces and capitalization, as easier to type and more like a name. Plus it looks nice in cursive when I use it as a penname on my art.
Borg 26th Mar 2015, 10:25 PM edit delete reply
I used to go by my last name online. That was actually surprisingly anonymizing, because even though there's only a few people in the country who share my last name, most people wouldn't even realize my username was a surname at all, so they would never think to check if they wanted to track me down for some reason.

But when I decided to do a better job of separating my online and in-person identities, I thought of one of my friends who had dubbed me "the Borg lord" for my tendency not to show emotion and to be analytical, and called myself "borglord." Soon after, I dropped the "lord," since that seemed a little pretentious.
Euric 26th Mar 2015, 11:12 PM edit delete reply
My name goes back a good 5 or so years, when I was part of a small group of friends that would sit at a certain table during our lunch/recess/thing. One of the kids, Matthew, was writing a story and wanted to base the characters on us. So each of us chose a name, a job and a type of weapon (apparently it was a medieval story). Most of the other kids chose wacky names, but when it came to me, I pulled Euric out of some dark recess in my mind, and it just kind of stuck. From then on, whenever I needed an improv name, or something to write on a team sweatshirt, my first instinct was to use Euric. Tho the odd thing is, I don't think I've ever used it as a screen name before.
reynard61 26th Mar 2015, 11:33 PM edit delete reply
I took my name from the anti-hero of Goethe's "Reynard the Fox" stories. The number refers to the fact that I was born in 1961.
KSClaw 27th Mar 2015, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
Mine is a combination of my First name, my surname, and a computergame I was absolutely hooked on as a kid (Monolith Game's Claw)
ZhonLord 27th Mar 2015, 3:04 AM edit delete reply
Mine comes from an old RTS game 90% of the internet has forgotten. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. It's the only RTS I ever enjoyed, and my favorite of the four armies in that game was Zhon. So, I'm the lord of Zhon. ZhonLord.
FanOfMostEverything 27th Mar 2015, 5:23 AM edit delete reply
For a while, I went with the most generic name I could think of, "A Fan." That turned out to be a bit too generic; people thought I was a spambot. So I thought about how to describe my fannishness, and decided to fold in a reference to Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado. (Well, the character is actually the Lord High Everything Else, but I prefer my version.)
Super_Big_Mac 27th Mar 2015, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
I've had lots of usernames over the years. Super Big Mac is the one I've stuck with the most, as it was my first ever username.

SuperBigMac, Swooper_Beeg_Muk, Sweeterthanyou (on trackmill? Damn, that was forever ago), DickyFinkle (don't even know) and some other variations on Sweeter and SBM.

Mac is, of course, part of my name. I've always been the tallest or second tallest in my class, even back in elementary school, thus the big, and I didn't want too be named after a burger, so the super.
Skorzah 27th Mar 2015, 10:14 AM edit delete reply
Skorzah is the name of a pathfinder character I'm fond of.
Guest 27th Mar 2015, 10:17 AM edit delete reply
I have 3. GirlAnimePrincess, which was made when I was 12 and has just kinda stuck despite previous attempts to switch to something more mature. And Haru-No-Hikaru, my replacement attempt, which was just translating an oc's name into japanese. The username I made when I was 8 is honestly the best. And it's just "the pretty apple" in spanish, because "the pretty panda" in spanish was taken. All of these have just managed to stick instead of replacing each other.
banjo2E 27th Mar 2015, 2:34 PM edit delete reply
When confronted with the bizarre requirement for my username to have mixed case and a number, I had the brilliant idea to take the name of one of my favorite video games, slightly change the spelling, and use that. I've stuck with it ever since.
dzonewolf 28th Mar 2015, 12:35 AM edit delete reply
Mine comes from a nickname my 1st grade teacher gave me, D-man, and my borderline obsession with canines. D's Zone of Wolves
Super Kami Guru 28th Mar 2015, 3:14 AM edit delete reply
Not really much to tell about my handle. After watching DBZ abridged and laughing my plot off at Guru, I decided to take up the name. It's fun, but I think I'm going to start using the name I use for most of my characters in the various games I play. So from now on you can call me Drakion.
Clonchrooper 28th Mar 2015, 5:09 AM edit delete reply
I'm relatively young, and thus the internet has existed long enough for me to have made my first account when I was 6 years old. I was rather into Star Wars at the time, and so I wanted to have my account name be "Clone Trooper." I wasn't very good at spelling. So when creating my first ever internet account, I called over to one of the adults in the school computer lab that I was doing this in, and asked how to spell it. They said, "Sound it out." So I did. And thus, Clonchrooper was born. I quickly realized that this was not correct, but the name stuck, and I've used it ever since.
Smurfton 3rd May 2015, 12:27 PM edit delete reply
I played club penguin several years ago, and came up with my username there. I've kept it around because it is never taken, so it stuck.
Digo 26th Mar 2015, 6:18 AM edit delete reply
Never had a Power of Friendship effect in any of my games. Even in Pony RPGs, the team doesn't seem to have the right chemistry for that.
Pathfinder 26th Mar 2015, 6:35 AM edit delete reply
Wait... Which one is it:
Rainbow!player slaps GM,
Rainbow!player slaps Twilight!Player
Rainbow just slaps Twilight?
Curb 26th Mar 2015, 8:44 AM edit delete reply
I'm thinking Rainbow slapped Twilight both in-game and for real.
Wyrmshield 26th Mar 2015, 7:40 AM edit delete reply
We actually just had a moment kinda like that recently.

My friends and I play The One Ring (very good game based off of the Hobbit books) and it has a corruption-based system for when you come into contact with evil creatures/artifacts. We are also an RP intensive group, often taking entire sessions to deal with a single problem due to bickering, in-game shenanigans, extensive planning, and of course terrible rolls.

Needless to say, our ranger character goes to scout out a bandit army stronghold in the woods after his watch while the rest of us sleep. After getting lost on the way back, the rest of us realize he's gone and go out to find him, trying to stealth our way through the patrol-filled woods in the dark (it was a fighter, bard, wanderer, and scholar/healer trying to sneak).

With some lucky tracking rolls we managed to find out that he got counter-tracked by an enemy ranger and was captured in the stronghold. After several real-life hours later of trying to figure out what to do and execute it, we manage to sneak into the stronghold just in time to see the bandit king show something to our ranger friend and strange, dark sensations itch at our minds while we watched. It was something I the scholar surmised was a cursed item. He was corrupted (during our time planning, the GM had been RPing with the ranger and getting bullshit persuasion rolls, so he was totally on the bandits' side).

After the king left, we rushed in, distracted the guards, knocked out the ranger, and full retreated with him with us.

Mercifully, we managed to make it out in one piece and high-tailed it back to our boat we rented and spent several in-game days going back to the closest city to report what we found. Over the course of those days were several arguments about the bandit king's philosophy and why our ranger couldn't be allowed to help. His corruption was actually seeping into the rest of us, as we had to restrain him, sometimes hit him to knock him out again, and other things, treating him like a captive instead of a friend. I as the scholar couldn't even bring up to him the fact that there was a cursed artifact (the corruption would only sink deeper if it was mentioned to him).

By the time we reached the nearest city, the militia and army was already formed (we had sent a carrier raven ahead with the info that there was an entire other army hiding in the woods only days away with a dark artifact of some kind). While we were traveling with the good guy army going to deal with the bad guy army, we had to go to great lengths to keep the ranger under wraps without treating him like a prisoner, especially with him doing things like trying to carve makeshift shanks out of branches when we weren't looking (we managed to convince the leader of the good guy army to let us bring the ranger along, because if he was present when the artifact was destroyed - assuming we were able to when we found it - his corruption would be cleansed and he'd be back to normal).

When the two armies finally met, there was a whole section where the bandit king was trying to use the artifact and his own persuasion to get the ranger to fight for him instead while the rest of us tried to convince him otherwise. At the apex of the argument, the ranger snapped and shot one of us in the chest point-blank with his greatbow (we had reluctantly armed him so he wouldn't feel like a prisoner of war before the battle even started).

Turns out when the haze lifted he had shot the member of our group who had been his childhood friend, who had been trying the hardest to get him to see reason. I as the scholar/healer tended to our shot companion, meanwhile the ranger realized what he had done and through a moment of regret and resolve, cleansed himself of his corruption. He himself helped his healed friend back to his feet, apologized, and embraced. That act was enough to cleanse the trace corruption the rest of us were suffering from having to deal with the ranger the past week.

Now we were together, more solid than ever before. We closed ranks, got into our formations, and led the charge as the two armies clashed. Our teamwork and tactics were not only spot on, but the dice we also with us that battle. Crit after crit on our side, the five of us punched a hole through the enemy line all the way to the bandit king, who knew he was so fucked the moment he saw us literally mow down a straight line through his forces, straight for him. It was a complete rout. The bandit king dropped what he was carrying - including the artifact - and dived into the big river that his troops had been backed up against. He was swept away and we haven't seen him since. The artifact was definitively destroyed and the dark spirit that was possessing it flew off. We had won.

So that's the story of why we aren't allowed to go scouting during side quests any more, and why friendship is magic.
Chrysalis 26th Mar 2015, 7:58 AM edit delete reply
In a campaign where a couple of us were using a created race of my designs, our DM let us have a synergy bonus when we worked together on any task. We were just naturally good at it, gaining random bonuses to any activity we joined together to perform...and we were just friends, so I'd say that counts as a power of friendship thing.
Curb 26th Mar 2015, 8:43 AM edit delete reply
Can't say I've ever had a Power of Friendship moment as most of my former groups were just that, groups of players.

Some of my friends are looking to game together in the near future(if we can get scheduals to sync up a bit) and I think that we might have moments like that, but we'll have to see.
Disloyal Subject 26th Mar 2015, 10:56 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
There are few things more beautiful in my eyes than true friendship blossoming from complete strangers sitting down to roll dice and kill imaginary things. Ordinary players are still people, and that makes them extraordinary.
Bed Head 26th Mar 2015, 9:07 AM Love conquers all! edit delete reply
The Power of Friendship? Many, my Rise of the Runelords game got it in spades. One moment really stands out though...

While exploring the lost Runeforge, my party and I encountered a powerful demon imprisoned there. Naturally, our Tiefling team leader tried to open with negotiations.

For obvious reasons, this didn't work. The demon went on the attack and opened with a magical aura. One that stunned everybody in the party... except for my friend's druid and her animal companion.

Now at this point, everyone but the druid is locked down for ten rounds (Pathfinder man...). Absolutely nobody would blame our druidess if she elected to run and find cover and come back if/when the spell wore off. So what does she do?

She casts a Sunbeam spell right in the demon's face. By some miracle, he fails the saving throw and is blinded. The Druid and her animal companion (a vicious little wolverine) spend the next ten rounds dancing around the battlefield, leading the blind demon on a merry chase, peppering him with more Sunbeams and an absurd amount of Natural 20 rolls for the wolverine's claws and teeth!

At the end of it all, she kept the demon busy so long that the stun effect wore off and the rest of us rejoined the fight and finished the job. When told that none of us would blame her for running and asked why she didn't, she only had one answer.

"I wasn't about to let that monster hurt you guys. What else was I supposed to do?"

For those that don't know, Rise of the Runelords puts a lot of emphasis on living up to key sins and virtues.

At this point, the DM awarded our Druid with the mark that signified the Virtue of Love.
Skorzah 27th Mar 2015, 10:27 AM edit delete reply
Oh my gosh, that is fucking beautiful. I have the rise of the runelords path, but it's never been played in our group. I've really got to try that so I can see how the players react to what I call "the great big haunted mansion of mental bullshit"
Specter 26th Mar 2015, 9:11 AM edit delete reply
Power of Friendship moment... unless it is something like a unhindered battle strategy, or undead loyalty to each other, or something like that, not really.

But if you mean something like this, then also no, because none of my players are even trying to be friends in this game.
Digo 26th Mar 2015, 10:00 AM edit delete reply
My old D&D group really embodied the 'Murderhobo' concept with most of their characters. I think the main reason they got along was that they all assumed they could use each other to their own ends or something.

It's like if Lex Luthor saves the world and didn't get anything out of it. The real heroes would flip a table wondering how it happened. XD
Disloyal Subject 26th Mar 2015, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
The closest I've ever really came to "Power of Friendship" moments on the tabletop was during Excelsus; whenever a member of the fireteam was in critical condition, the dice smiled upon attempts to aid them. My favorite would have to be from the 3rd session: we'd been killing fellow heavily-armed humans for money until then, but this time we were after information, and ran afoul of an archeotech nuclear-powered war robot. Three of we five were out of commission by the time the team asshole took it down with some luckily rolled explosives, grabbing one of our beaten-unconscious Guardsmen (who'd have been splattered rather than merely half-dead if he hadn't gotten lucky and taken the warbot's power fist to his cybernetic arm) and hightailing it when the chassis started beeping ominously. That left me huddled by what cover remained, just outside the blast radius (not that I knew it) and the PC who was acting as a father figure to my own lying in a pool of his own blood not far from the thing as its power source was going into meltdown.
After being told to roll Acrobatics, I started kicking myself for not taking training in it (Climb seemed more useful for a sniper) but I rolled it...
And dove out of cover at a dead sprint to my friend, hauled the heavy bastard over my shoulder, and ran as if the Ruinous Powers themselves were licking at our heels. (Might be worth mentioning; my character was tiny -barely over 4' - with a laughable Stength score, and everyone else was a burly man in the neighborhood of 6.') We made it.
The Emperor Protects... But friendship sure seems to shine a beacon and guide His gaze to where it's most needed.
Winged Cat 26th Mar 2015, 1:04 PM edit delete reply
I've given this example before, but my favorite Power of Friendship moment came toward the end of a particularly epic campaign. One of the PCs had to duel his own mother, who had become an emodiment of hate, for the right to carry on the family name and tradition (not to mention the fate of the world). These were both powerful mages, and the mother was the more powerful of the two, so she chose her magic as her weapon. The PC chose his friends. (To be fair, the mother did not have many friends; certainly none who would fight for her, and she considered the PC's friends to be rabble and trash. Her only reservation was that matching her power with something so weak was an insult.) It was no curbstomp, but the party won by working together. In particular, the final move was that PC giving a free extra action to all his allies, letting them break through the cycle of damaging their opponent only for her to fully heal on her turn.
Mykin 26th Mar 2015, 1:29 PM edit delete reply
Power of friendship...Well, I've kinda already told those stories, to be honest. The time my party haphazardly save the slaves from the cultist camp, the time the roper tried to eat my cleric and everyone (minus one sorcerer) came to my aid, the time everyone tried to save my cleric's hide by pretending he was going to be sacrificed and managed to take out the cult head in two turns of max damage hits from everyone. It just seems like whenever my cleric is facing certain death, that is the time everyone steps up their A game to save him and the dice favor us like none other. It's gotten to the point that our DM has told us flat out that we are the group that just keeps pulling off these stupid plans despite the fact that they shouldn't work at all.

I guess you could say that my cleric is the Twilight of the group; the spark that keeps everyone together despite all that hits them....It's just a shame that he also has to be the bait/target of misfortune every time our "Power of Friendship" moment happens.
daftdeafdave 26th Mar 2015, 3:52 PM edit delete reply
The power of friendship is difficult to evoke.

In one LARP a group of us decided to play as a magical girl squad named the Soul Sisters - each with an alliterative name and a different elemental theme. We were:

The Well of JustICE! Soul Spring!

The Breath of Life! Soul Zephyr!

The Bloom of Nature! Soul Soil!

The Flame of Flame! Soul Spark!

And of course

The Heart of Light! Soul Soul!

Needless to say the power of friendship came up a lot - and its misapplication probably caused the death of my character (Soul Soil). The Soul Sisters had a rival group, The Heart Maidens, who our boss told us were evil. However, when we found out that the secret identity of one of the Heart Maidens was an npc we quite liked, we decided to befriend them and team up to fight evil. Doing this caused our boss to advance his plans. You see the missions he sent us on were staged to lead us into confrontations with the Heart Maidens - by fighting each other our magic would charge up the artefacts he had given us to aid in our Magical Girl transformations. He summoned us both to his mansion (ostensibly to explain himself and bestow upon us one final gift). He took half of our artefacts to "upgrade" them and fixed them to a suit of armour in a separate room. Donning the suit of armour he flew off trailing a rainbow of elemental effects.

Soul Soil was one of the individuals left without a transformation artefact after all of this. Now Soul Soil had cancer - which she'd kept from her allies for much of the game by partially transforming herself before their meetings. Without her transformation artefact she was woefully frail. Moreover, events from earlier in the game had led to her abandoning her life and running away from home because super-heroism was more important. Now that everything she had devoted herself to had turned out to be a lie and she was far too weak to even consider fighting back - she pretty much lost her sense of self worth. Through the magic of friendship and the magic of - well - magic this was about to change.

Next session my friends saw the state I was in and one of them (Soul Spark) offered me the use of their transformation artefact. Using it I found that I could cast magic from both the schools of geomancy and pyromancy. A third artefact was proffered and things started to get out of control. You see in the system learning too many schools of magic greatly increased the power of your spells (and was implied to cause a sort of buzz) at the cost of leaving you a little... unhinged. At this point a GM took me aside to tell me that this was happening. In the space of a few seconds Soul Soil went from feeling worthless to being given an addictive, brain melting chance of redemption dressed up in a narrative straight out of anime. So she did what anyone would do. Tricked each of her allies to give up their artefacts under the assumption that they were the only ones doing so and went off to solo the big bad.

During their climactic battle another pc secretly intervened, making the big bad disappear from sight for a moment so he could ask him a few questions. Soul Soil tried to stop channelling magic only to find out that she ...couldn't. So she fired volley after volley at where she'd seen him last. It was at this point that the rest of the Soul Sisters and the Heart Maidens turned up. Being the good little heroes they were they'd assembled even without their transformation artefacts and paid no attention to the absence of the member who was going through a rough time. When Soul Spark saw a speck in the sky surrounded by a rainbow maelstrom of magical effects she assumed it was her enemy and took a pot-shot at it. Soul Soil fell out of the sky, killed by friendly fire.

The battle was later won but their victory was pyrrhic and so the Soul Sister's tale was a cautionary one of tragedy and folly. Of course as much as it highlights the dangers of invoking the power of friendship, you could argue that the Soul Sisters were bought low by hostility, distrust, miscommunication and arrogance.
daftdeafdave 26th Mar 2015, 3:52 PM edit delete reply
phew that was a long one
Disloyal Subject 27th Mar 2015, 9:14 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
A good one, though. Perhaps Puella Magi poisoned me, but I prefer Magical Girl stories that end with bittersweet victory, and what I saw of that one was particularly beautiful.
daftdeafdave 27th Mar 2015, 9:45 AM edit delete reply
Given that our boss turned out to be a cat (A fact I neglected to mention because the explaination is complicated and the story was long enough as it is) I'd say the GMs may have had Puella Magi in mind.
Passerby666 26th Mar 2015, 5:08 PM edit delete reply
Is a mini-arc cannon to the cannon?
Passerby666 26th Mar 2015, 5:10 PM edit delete reply
*Friendship is Dragons story?
Mykin 27th Mar 2015, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
Is it Canon? Well, Spud said that it is. You'll have to scroll down a little bit to get to the comment but it's there.
Zuche 26th Mar 2015, 6:07 PM edit delete reply
Now that I've done this once, I'd be willing to try this a couple more times down the line as mini-arc palette cleansers, if people would be down for that.

Jellybean 26th Mar 2015, 6:24 PM edit delete reply
In a mecha campaign that a friend ran we reignited the sun after it had been infected by a cosmic entity referred to as Apophis through the power of our compassion for one another. One of us had to die for it to work, though.
XanatosDrake 26th Mar 2015, 8:14 PM edit delete reply
the first part of mine is from qui-gon's first apprentice xanatos. the second is because i love dragons.
aylatrigger 26th Mar 2015, 8:17 PM edit delete reply
For my Ponyfinder game, I did say that any spell with 'Magic' could be replaced with 'Friendship'. As we had added alignments base off:
we had such interesting results as 'Friendship Circle Against Boys/Girls' along with the more traditional 'Detect Friendship', 'Dispel Friendship', the ever popular 'Friendship Missile', et cetera.

I've also had many a heartwarming friendship event/discussion/etc., but few ended with massive explosions directly caused by said friendship... Most notably was when my brother and I realized his character couldn't actually hit herself due to being a high level monk... And due to this her mirror double would not be able to kill her without her will. As mirror doubles need to kill their originals before they leave the mirror plane or else the double will die, this made the mirror double panic... So instead of a fight, the mirror double convinced the monk to let her kill her in order to be saved. The plane aid nothing against resurrection or reincarnation, and as a 20th level Monk of the Four Winds, the monk would just come back. Th monk agreed to this on three conditions: the double waited for her to return; the double would lead her back to the entrance to Equestria; and the double would become her sister. Cue heartwarming family bonding between a high level evil and high level good character. Interestingly enough, the double now was very evil, but smart enough to realize she lived in a world of epic level good characters. She became a Card Carrying Poke-the-Poodle Villain. Being born evil and not being able to do evil gives all sorts of interesting roleplay.
Sureen Ink 26th Mar 2015, 11:28 PM edit delete reply
At the end of my last D&D campaign, they had to fight the very Essence of Chaos itself. Naturally, being an Essence, it's impossible to hurt the thing with any sort of physical attack, as it has no physical form. Well, the entire campaign, they had been building up the Power of Harmony that they needed to defeat the Essence of Chaos. In the end, they combined their character powers with the powers of their pets and the powers of themselves (as in the players), and I allowed them to each roll 10d12 damage. 10d12 damage rolled by 8 people... Ended up dealing 720 "Friendship damage" to the final boss... This was after they had already dealt nearly 400 damage to it the last two rounds as they were figuring out how to use the Power of Harmony to begin with... The boss had 800 health all together, and they dealt over 1100 damage to it XD
Solitary Performance 26th Mar 2015, 11:43 PM edit delete reply
Power of Friendship? I bundled it with a flavor of 'Rule of Cool' in a 3.5e D&D campaign against a pretty green DM. He had his vamp (LN?) cleric of Loviatar end up successfully charming both my companions (a human ranger? with Shredder-like arm bracers, a pair of daggers, and mock Scorpion harpoons, and a Ctarl-Ctarl something) and I, having just mock RP'd a minor bit of transformation relating to taking a level of Dragon Disciple, resisted the charm. I proceeded to take an almost shield-sized fragment of the dragon eggshell thing we had decided had formed around me during the minor transformation bit, and went to talk to the vamp cleric lady. Mind you, I'm a half-elven sorcerer / Dragon Disciple (5/1) at this point, so HP and attack rolls are not my class strong suit, and I didn't have my "granite cluebat" beyond being a +1 special stone greatclub my sorc could wield one-handed without an exotic weapon proficiency... (now currently a minor artifact weapon when I DM). To make a growing story short, I managed to beat friendship back into her and my two party members, using the dragon shell piece to force her to go back into human form when she tried to gas cloud out. Power of Friendship, Nanoha style (through [excessive] firepower).
AnonymousUserTheOnly 27th Mar 2015, 10:31 PM edit delete reply
ok, first of all i will explain my username. anonymity. pure anonymity. how many are named anonymous? millions, because anonymous is the nameless.

second, my comments on this page. who says time travel can't have it's own perks? getting into a time loop can help because it temporarily boosts stats during the loop, assuming you can become aware of the loop even existing and carry that knowledge back with you when it loops. another thing is, where a time travel arc is in play, all power limits go out the window with how the stats alter. min-maxers can suddenly change class and perks as if by transformation, and balanced warriors can suddenly find a new skill or fifteen just from alternate choices during skill advancement. the possibilities are as infinite as the multiverse. besides, it also opens the door to a "team with yourself" plot arc inside the time travel arc.
TDR 28th Mar 2015, 5:13 AM edit delete reply
Does the power of Friendship include making a diplomacy roll with your 'friends' to get them to hit on a dragon so she'll give us her loot?
Akouma 28th Mar 2015, 2:59 PM edit delete reply
I was once playing a character that was last seen in a completely different system. (We switched from the Marvel to the DC RPG, basically.) His powers (basically Rogue's from X-Men) were basically impossible to represent in the current system. I gave him the power Variable, which just lets him construct powers on the fly, with the idea that he couldn't get NEW powers from people anymore because he'd absorbed so many people that his genes had destabilized and he'd actually lost that ability, but he had absorbed so many people that he either had every conceivable power or could cobble together combinations to mimic them. So we get in a fight with a guy where nothing we're throwing at him works. My guy gets on the communicator with an NPC who's the closest thing to a dad he's ever had. The NPC's advice was to see if I could "eat him, like [I] used to."

One pep talk, stupid idea, and hero point later, and I've taken down the bad guy and absorbed him.

Only problem was that the bad guy was an old friend of another PC, and she had been trying to talk him down. So she's furious. My character comes to her with a suggestion. He gives himself a ridiculous rank in Immortality (which just says you respawn after you die, with ranks just reflecting how soon), hands her his gun, and tells her to just unload until she feels better. When she declined, my character then followed her shooting himself in the face every few seconds to demonstrate how cathartic it was.

So yeah, power of friendship, then the power of hatred. Even better is in a different campaign a couple years later my PC was the villain, and that same PC that was mad at him was the one to put him down.