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29th Sep 2016, 6:00 AM in Pinkie Pride
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Daughters of Anarchy
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Newbiespud 29th Sep 2016, 6:00 AM edit delete
Backstory is less about what it is and more about what you do with it.

Notice: Guest comic submissions are open! Guidelines here. Deadline: January 27th, 2023.



Masterweaver 29th Sep 2016, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
Backstory time! Yes, that's right: Tell us your backstories! Your best characters, and your worst! Your serious characters, and your silly ones! Today is BACKSTORY DAY! WOOO!
Joe the Rat 29th Sep 2016, 6:25 AM edit delete reply
Have I mentioned Kobold Hamlet here before? His father, the tribal "king" was killed by his jealous scheming witch-doctor brother (so more like Polonius was behind the whole plot). That one?
Digo Dragon 29th Sep 2016, 6:40 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I like to avoid backgrounds of being "The Chosen One" or turning my PC into some kind of angst-ridden anime protagonist. My style is writing an "Everyman" protagonist with a pretty normal childhood, but with just a hint of strangeness for the GM to use as a hook. :3

Doc Wagon: My earth pony doctor in Fallout Equestria grew up in a settlement built within an old Manehattan hospital. The ponies there live quiet lives as farmers, metal-smiths, carpenters, and most notably--medics (thanks the hospital's functioning equipment and library of medical texts). Doctors are the community leaders, and with plenty of medically trained ponies, many decide to travel abroad and settle in other towns that need a local doctor.

It is a fairly normal background, but the hint of strangeness then kicks in--The place is always referred to as just "The Community" by its residents, and it doesn't show up on most caravan maps. Those that live there tend to be much nicer than average for no discernible reason.
Winged Cat 29th Sep 2016, 10:21 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
...I need to confess to having apparently unintentionally ripped you off, then.

My PC in a just-started post-apoc (though not Fallout) campaign is essentially this, except the settlement is an old university (academic leaders instead of doctors, though my PC's still a medic), it is a small regional power (with enough wealth that the residents don't have to be as mean as in most places) but a ways away from the campaign's starting location, and traveling members were most commonly sent forth as, essentially, missionaries of Science.
Digo Dragon 29th Sep 2016, 1:20 PM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I'll take that as "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". :D
Akouma 29th Sep 2016, 7:51 AM edit delete reply
Well my first character that I remember was a Shardmind named Seluku (hence the avatar). He... didn't really have a backstory. He joined his first adventure mere minutes after manifesting a physical form.

Then there was my Marvel Universe RPG character Mirror. The most succinct description is "Rogue's power set, none of the morality." From birth he'd been kept in a lab since his powers made him dangerous to be around people, until another PC bought the company that had been holding him and decided to turn him loose. He wore so many different hats in his time, from lackey, spy, intelligence director, betrayer, and currently coma patient. (The betrayer gig did NOT end well for him.)

And my personal favorite character I ever made was Al'Deck of Many Things. (I swear the original name was "Al'Den of Many Things" but during character creation the other players demanded I change the name to a godawful pun. Peer pressure is a real thing folks.) A Greek style deity, youngest son of the king of the gods, whose powers let him travel to other plans and use any other god's abilities. But only while that god WASN'T using them. Naturally, this made him a potential threat, but a very easily mitigated one. You're the god of fire but you don't want Al'Deck to use your powers? Just keep a candle burning with your power all day. After finding that all of his peers had discovered these kinds of workarounds, he decided to travel to other planes where their gods didn't know the trick to dealing with him, and cement a reputation as a hero wherever he could. Four thousand years of wandering eventually lead him to Earth, and the campaign he appeared in.
Digo Dragon 29th Sep 2016, 9:13 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I've always wondered about that avatar. Now I need a new mystery. Also, while peer pressure is indeed a real thing, I have to say I like the pun. It is terrible, and that makes it awesome. :3

Another backstory~
Springboard Jackie: She was a pegasus pirate I played in a card-based RPG. Her real name was Jacqueline (I think), born to pirate parents that sailed the high seas. The nick of 'Springboard' came about because she was one of the few pegasi on the crew and trying to launch yourself off the main deck in a battle was hard! So, Jackie built herself a springboard that she could launch herself quickly into the air and take flight for boarding other ships. Thus, Springboard Jackie stuck.

When she was old enough, Jackie left the pirate crew to start her own gig. Unfortunately, she traveled in the wrong direction and found that deserts do not usually contain oceans within them. So she decided to become a sand pirate, "sailing" around on a skiff she re-purposed to glide across the desert. Yeah, not all that glamorous. Then the campaign started and she found a town that was looking for adventurous ponies to go investigate a network of caves, possibly containing loot. She jumped at the opportunity. I mean, what can go wrong?
Archeo Lumiere 29th Sep 2016, 9:05 AM edit delete reply
Hey Janus cat! Welll... the only character that has a really fleshed out background I can think of is from a Pokémon freeform roleplay that stalled, which I them imported into PTU for a game that never got off the ground.

Do note this is modified for the upcoming Alola region.

Avisé and A`u married from two different branches of the Daycare families, from the Kalosian and Alolan branches, to be precise. Taking the hyphenated last name Lumiere-Kameāloha, they spent an incredibly gushy honeymoon together on a family owned island in the international waters between Hoenn and Alola, before settling down at the start of the new year back in Kalos, to run the Daycare Center west of Camphrier. They decided to save their Alolan last name for those they truly love.

Somewhere about five months later, during an ordinary visit to Kirby Shin, the current Shalour gym leader, Avisé went into labor with her son. 36 hours later, little Archeo Lumiere-Kameāloha was born. It took another month for him to be brought back to his home, simply because all of the Shin family's Riolu and Lucario wouldn't stop doting on him, much to both theirs and the Lumieres' chagrin. The next few months held similar occurrences among the more mentally and spiritually inclined pokémon in their care, but at least it kept the rambunctious tyke busy.

As years went by, Archeo's education proceeded rapidly, assisted not only by natural intelligence, but also by an innate connection to pokémon forged over years of interaction, those same pokémon helping him hone in his natural abilities and teaching him about them as he helped his father take care of them. True to their names, A'o was the one who taught his son how to swim, and also basic swordplay, along with a Samurott he raised from an egg, while Avisé taught him more about the world around him.

To be continued...
Archeo Lumiere 30th Sep 2016, 4:47 PM edit delete reply
Part Two will come on tomorrow's page, any bets on the next page being how RD&Gilda met?
Winged Cat 29th Sep 2016, 10:58 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
Hoo boy, I have to pick just a few or this'll be the longest post on FiD yet.

First up, Star Seeker, who's had many forms over different campaigns but I'll give her original one here. She grew up navigating boats around the Skullstone Archipelago, a chain of islands where many seas (and some of the lands) let you travel over to the land of the dead (with blood seas, undead monsters, et cetera) at certain times of day. She grew familiar with the shortcuts, timing her passages and negotiating safety when necessary, before she was even a teenager. But she had a Destiny (this was Exalted, wherein practically all PCs do), and when demons invaded to try to take over the world, they sent a navy specifically to take her out before she could realize what she was. With a little assistance (another PC) sent to retrieve her, she managed to cat-and-mouse through the archipelago and escape to safety...where she proceeded to pilot a mountain-sized vehicle (filled with legions of fellow refugees from all over the world) right out of reality into the unformed Wyld, plowing through massive unshaped horrors the way a mack truck might plow through picket fences. (This left a trail for the demons to follow - which got titled the Road of Brass and Iron, IIRC - but the game ended before they could catch up.) She was also a ditz, and spent much of her time disguised as a junior technician who happened to have bridge access - which most of the crew readily believed, thinking that the daring and mysterious ship's pilot was simply someone they'd never personally meet. (Ironically, and to the disbelief of everyone who witnessed her do it, this ditziness helped her slip the ship past barriers that were partly conceptual, that their intended destination - another set of exiles long ago - had set up to deter anyone from following like this.)

I've made simpler ones, too. Such as Chao Blan, a monk-class in a nautical campaign. He was a martial artist carpenter: his style allowed him to use his chi to harden his hands into hammers, sharpen the edges of his palms for use as planing shears or axes, and so on. Like many of his order, he sought employment on a ship in order to practice his skills; that these skills were also useful in boarding actions or fending off sea monsters was less important to him (though not to his fellow crew - especially since, this being a campaign, said crew faced unusually adventurous journeys).

...okay, okay, simpler. Gin Gear, a tinkering pegasus descended from a pair of mechanics. Adventuring mechanics, who helped keep their home town port city thriving, and had collected quite a set of relics over the years including the by-then-thought-to-be-lost Elements of Harmony...

...maybe the Jesus riff I once did: Alex, sendling of one of the gods of the setting's pantheon, who initially did not know what he was but felt a call to heroism and adventures. In truth he was just a humanoid shell over a core of magical energy - a golem, to the dismay of those who tried to seduce him - and it was his destiny to give himself up back to his maker at the end of the crisis he was sent to solve (though he at least found this out in time to say goodbye to his closest friends).

I think I should stop there. The battleaxe-wielding, springy-jumping princess Sara who wound up leading her royal guard in a rebellion against her own kingdom might take a bit to adequately explain.
aylatrigger 29th Sep 2016, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
Hmmm, let's see, there's a lot...

El Bigote Blanco 'The White Mustache' (Tiefling Witch (White-Haired (yes, a fully prehensile mustache. That looks like muscly arms))/Monk(Tetori)): El Bigote Blanco, Luchador extraordinaire, and Magic Martial Mustache Wrestling Champion, had humble beginnings. He was raised in an orphanage (as happens), and went on to become a priest and adventurer. His adventuring party (which included him and four beautiful women, who were also his wrestling groupies at the time) found a town where all the adults had been killed. After avenging the adults and making the area safe again, they knew they had to do something to take care of the children. So they used their funds from adventuring to start an orphanage...and school for adventurers. Mostly an orphanage with really badass orphans. Because adventuring and Magic Martial Mustache Wrestling pay well enough compared to normal medieval lifestyle, their orphanage is one of the nicest places to grow up in the kingdom. It also has over a hundred orphans, which my GM was pretty peeved I made such an extensive list of NPCs in my backstory that are still around (at least none of them are at a decent level- and of course I would never put them in danger). El Bigote Blanco occasionally helps out with his former party members at the orphanage, but it seems he is the only one still burning for adventure.
Also, El Bigote Blanco never removes his mask. Being a tiefling and a luchador, this is needed. Rumors are that under his mask is another mask, and his tiefling skin pattern looks like he is wearing a mask anyway. But those are unconfirmed.

Temperentia (merfolk monk): In a particular large mountain lake is a tribe of merfolk, ruled by one mermaid queen. Now this tribe believes twins are a sign of evil. Especially in the royal family, if you have twins, the younger twin will be exiled down the river...which possibly unbeknownst to the merfolk quickly turns into a dangerous rapids. ...And having twins is common in this tribe, with over 2/3 of all births twins. Anyway, queen gave birth to twins, of course, and one twin is sent down the river. A monk, knowing about the tribe, their customs, and probably that there was expected to be a birth, was watching the river and fished her out. So Temperentia was raised at a monastery. After the initial river voyage, she never swam. Being a monk merfolk is hard, but pays off with fast movement and epic tail slap fights. (I do not normally do princesses, but probably the only ones that other communities would know about would be a royal birth...and there are no other merfolk at the monastery)

And let me see, one last one...
From 4.0... Akeldama Iuturna Aerondotter (Human Avenger...for the CN God of Insanity, Elysian...we did not like the 4.0 alignments): ...I found 'her' explanation of her backstory:
I grew up in a far off country with only my sister, who was 8 years older than me, and my father. My family had always been worshipers of Bahamut, and when I was 9 my older sister Helena became a Paladin to Bahamut and went off to fight for his sake. After 2 years, I received news that she had died in a nearby war. Not too long after, my father got a plague and died. I was devastated. I renounced Bahamut and left, seeking out a way to get revenge on the army that killed my sister and the god that did not protect either of them. Eventually I found hope in the church of Tiamat, which urged me to take vengeance on my newly found enemies. I trained to try to attack the church of Bahamut for a year. When I figured I was ready, I stalked Clihmorda, a priest of the church of Bahamut, looking for the opportunity to attack. Then a small boy ran up and hugged him just as I was about to attack. The boy was Clihmorda's younger brother. I remembered my own past and left the church of Tiamat soon after that. I felt it was wrong for the followers of evil and good to destroy families by killing and sending them off to be I decided to see if there were any gods among the neutral that would not try to kill off their own or another church's members. A wandering monk/cleric of Elysian, Ginarm, came to my town. Ginarm forged a letter that laid suspicion on the church of Bahamut working for the country that our country was at war with. The church of Tiamut took that opportunity to take over the country, but not without their own losses. Then the paladins of Kord from the opposing country defeated the Tiamut worshippers remaining. Ginarm took me in (I have no clue why) and taught me the ways of Elysian. I was intrigued by the idea of fighting not to kill or be killed, but to make the world more interesting. Also through Elysian's teachings, I have lost my compulsion to protect families, as life goes on after those near you pass on. I am now 17 and have been making the world more interesting for the past 2 years. Unfortunately for me, I don't have much gift in the random. I try to do my best in the name of Elysian, though. ^_^
Big Lurker 29th Sep 2016, 12:16 PM edit delete reply
I'm a sucker for backstorys myself; mine or a player's in a game I'm running. Way back when City of Heroes was alive, it usually took more time to write a backstory that no one would read than designing the appearance.
My favorite one would probably be from CoH, where one of my villains was the younger sister to a hero character of mine. He was the prodigy of the family martial arts style so, as the rebellious little sister, she fell into a bad crowd: staying out late, dying her hair, training in ninjitsu, committing crimes...
Blueblade 29th Sep 2016, 8:08 PM edit delete reply
So far not many of my characters have had much of a backstory besides "Well I guess I'm in prison now." (Seriously I have had4 characters so far and half of them started out in jail because "That's where the campaign starts" and my newest one is also currently imprisoned by raiders!) However there is a bit of backstory to the names I used for them and even the name I'm using now so hopefully this counts.
So back when I was naming my character for Wizard101 I had already picked out a first name (Luckily an option for a first name was the same as my real name) and then I had to pick two more things that come after the first name. So I thought "What are two things that I like?" And I think you see how this goes. My favorite color is Blue and I always thought swords were just really cool. Hence Blueblade. However that is not the end because come 7th grade I have this LA teacher who has this cool system for teaching hat calls Diddorol (hope I remembered the spelling) which is basically a combination of the class itself and DnD. We all had to make our own characters with the only catch being that we couldn't use our own names. So I thought "Hey! Just take my Wizard101 name drop the part that has my actual name and Voila!" And that's how my most commonly used username came to be.
GrayGriffin 29th Sep 2016, 9:49 PM edit delete reply
Nira Tyr: Sickly young girl with an athletic drive and a very determined heart. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to get her ahead in PE, and she was picked on a lot in school. She took to hiking as a solo activity, with only an Absol given to her by her parents for company. One day, she ended up encountering and fighting a mysterious man who turned out to be the legendary Terrakion, and he granted her some of his power, turning her spiritual strength into physical strength. After she ended up beating up several bullies and having her illness clear up a bit, her parents relented and let her set off on a Pokemon journey. Always DTF (down to fight).

Franciscus Erkens: Rich kid from a bloodline that is capable of using the Pay Day technique, thus creating money out of nothing. His mom is a member of the International Police who started out investigating his dad but ended up falling in love and dragging him into it. So Franciscus grew up kind of lonely, with his parents often away on missions, and wanted to join them as soon as possible. He did eventually get an Archen revived from a fossil to accompany him, and once he turned 18 he signed up to become a member of the International Police, and kind of charmed/lied his way into it. Tricks his way out of things, but is actually kind of good at strategizing.

Vera Hampton: War refugee who ended up in Kanto, looking for a job. Both her parents and her older brother stayed behind, her older brother going off to fight in the war. Kind and gentle, usually not very confrontational. Prefers talking things out.

Letitia Palmer: A member of the Palmer family, a large and famous family that owns a Pokemon ranch. Both Nira's Absol and a genetic donor for Franciscus' Archen came from this ranch. Very boisterous and strong, she set out to achieve acknowledgement for her own prowess beyond breeding.

Nathaniel Berger: Mareep farmer who set off on a journey of his own as a child after capturing a rampaging Carnivine that was a bit too vicious to have around the flocks. When he was 10, a group called the God-Hunters rose up and tried to kill all the legendaries. He tried to join in the battle, and ended up mauled and burned, with two of his loyal Pokemon dead. 10 years later, he joins a group trying to prevent the God-Hunters from rising again, as well as protecting the remaining legendaries. Quiet and solemn, but slowly coming out of his shell. Very protective of kids.
Kereminde 29th Sep 2016, 10:38 PM edit delete reply
All right, backstory. Best character for one I enjoyed even though he was hilariously vulnerable was a lab-rat of a mage in Ars Magica who really neglected his resistance to magic. He was never, ever, intended to be in combat but then when bad magic found its way to the PC stronghold it kinda . . . went badly and the labrat almost got killed by another PC trying to knock him out.

But on the other hand, he would write you an incredibly thorough understanding of the theory of magic if you were able to convince him to take time off studying.

He's the one I remember most, aside from one other who never got a chance to actually grow to high levels.

A female elf wizard I played in a couple campaigns who kept "Expeditious Retreat" memorized and practiced her bow skills. Hey, early level wizard, elf gets proficiency with longbow . . . you can bet I'm going to use it. Especially when she bartered flaming and acid arrows, and dressed more for archery than the "standard mage kit".
Rooker 30th Sep 2016, 12:23 AM Winging It edit delete reply
I made a Wizard. His concept began with the title "Joe Average" because he had nothing above a 14 and also one 8. I made nothing for this guy except the barest requirements, but I knew I wanted to play him more than the Bard whom I had built up somewhat already.
When I character build, I develop the persona inside of my head and give it complete autonomy of itself, so I actually don't know everything about my characters until they tell it to me.

Ferdinand Vassen is a Half-Elf Wizard who was turned onto the power of Necromancy due to two catalyzing events. First, he was recruited into a well-known library called Candlekeep where he met his mentor; a Yuan-Ti Warlock looking for scholars to sway into helping his race. The second was that his home village was raided by the Cult of the Dragon where his lover was murdered. Between Ferdinand's thirst for knowledge and a sense of incredible grief at the loss of a woman that had become his entire world, he gladly took the Warlock's offer. He learned of the former Death God Jergal and his replacements Bane God of Tyrants, Myrkul God of the Dead, and Bhaal God of Murder. The Warlock wants Myrkul removed from power because his Undying Patron is a servant of Myrkul. Ferdinand, having studied it all, wants to not only slay Bhaal but usurp his purview as he feels this trio of Gods have failed to do their jobs correctly. He also wants to kill the leader of the Cult of Dragon, whom Ferdinand learned had been leading the raid on his home back then (before Severin rose to power).

I'm still not even sure of everything with Ferdinand. His lost love's name, or his mentor's, but I did learn that his lover was a Yuan-Ti Pureblood herself and that his mentor turned out to be her father. The mentor thinks Ferdinand does not know this, Ferdinand hasn't found it pertinent to share. I'm really loving the way the Wizard is developing. Sorry as I was to see the Bard go, I don't regret removing him so the group could remain stable.
Mykin 30th Sep 2016, 1:08 PM edit delete reply
Backstory, backstory... hmm, alright, I'll grab a couple at random and see how everyone likes it. My approach to backstories tends to make the character first and then use the crunch to somewhat inform where my character came from.

A good example of that is the bard archivist I made for my only ponyfinder game. He was a unicorn that came from a poor family and took up being a librarian's apprentice in order to help support his family. It was supposed to be a perfect fit, considering his love of books and stories, but the indifference/subtle racism of the human owner and favored apprentice made working there difficult (He almost got replaced by a kobold at one point). It wasn't until a book about the Pony Empire fell on his head that he finally found his call to adventure. Reading the book made him realize that he knew very little about his own culture and people and he wanted to rediscover that. So he basically got his things together and left to do just that.

The game ended before it got anywhere, but I ended up loving the character enough that I made him the main character of my FO:E fic that I'm writing. It was actually pretty easy to port him over really. Just made him come from Tenpony Tower instead and gave him a desire to fix Equestria and I was set. I would still love to play Intrepid in a Ponyfinder game at one point in the future, though. But we'll see what happens.

Then there's Taiyth Akamiir, my half-elven cleric of Helm. I vaguely remember talking about his backstory here before (probably when I was tired and thought it would be a good idea to do so despite whatever the topic was at the time), but his backstory was more one that the GM kind of made up and I just ran with it. My cleric carries a scar across his heart from a dragon attack, so it was decided that he was the last survivor of his village, that his elven father was reason the dragon attacked the village in the first place, and that my character should totally be obsessed with getting revenge by any means necessary.

Instead, I had Taiyth was rescued by a cleric of Helm and decide to take his experience of losing everything to an uncaring monster to heart by being as helpful and altruistic as possible. That gelled more with his role as party center and moral pet of the group and made him far more tolerant to the kind of BS his party kept throwing at him at times.

Finally, there's Astral Blaze, from the FO:E game that I play in, whose backstory the GM and I kind of made up as we went along. Though we're at the point now that my character is starting to remember things about his past that even I didn't know about. To recap, he lived before the war working as a scientist on developing Project Blackstar. The project was supposed to be an easy way of getting rid of radiation once the end happened (While most ponies in Province hoped for the best, some knew it would be foolish to ignore the possibility that the war would end with everything getting nuked) but once he discovered that they were using soul infused meteorites to soak up the radiation, he basically objected. This got him and his brother, who was hospitalized due to lung cancer at the time, a one way ticket to Stable P-5 to have their memories erased and to live as puppets inside of Doctor Solaris Brown's virtual reality machine. 250 years later, the group stumbled upon Stable P-5 and rescued Astral and his brother from the hell that the good doctor was subjecting them to. Or rather, they were kicked out for finally annoying Dr. Brown to the point where she would rather not deal with the two ever again.

Traveling around the wasteland revealed more about his past, like that his real name was Balefire and that the mare he was awkwardly trying to hit on during his time in the Stable was actually his fiance before the bombs dropped. Rediscovering that his brother had cancer didn't do Astral any favors either.

At this point in the game, Astral has been given a chance to save his brother and rescue everyone from P-5 while also having a safe place to put all of those raiders and slavers the party keeps sparing for some reason. And after hearing about the group's own backstory (They came from Stable P-4 and it was pretty much wiped out and sealed up by a group of ponies seeking to steal Pre-War tech for... reasons), he basically decided that what remains of Stable P-4 would be a perfect new home for the soon to be displaced P-5 Stable ponies. Though time will tell if things will be as clear-cut as Astral is hoping for here.

And that's all of the interesting backstories I can think of at the moment. I probably could come up with more but I think this is getting a bit too long already.
Wyvern 30th Sep 2016, 8:28 PM edit delete reply
<b>Johnny</b> was a character with no mysterious background at all, and anyone who knew him would be struck by his openness and honesty. Nothing to hide with him.

It was an age of sail campaign set in the Caribbean and Johnny had come down from the British colonies, where he'd been born in some tiny seaside fishing village. He had a large family somewhere far away and was religiously devout - although in that time and place it could be wise not to make a fuss about your specific denomination; he might have been Calvinist.

As often as he talked about his home and family back home in Massachusetts he never actually dropped the name Innsmouth. And for all the lack of privacy on a sailing ship, even nosy player characters went a very long time before anyone started wondering why Johnny would write letters by scratching them onto copper hull cladding plates... and then drop them overboard when the ship was at sea.

He could sure swim underwater a long time, though.
jade 1st Oct 2016, 2:04 PM edit delete reply
Human Spiritualist with some guitar knowhow masquerading as a bard in an attempt to seem less suspicious. His hometown used to have close ties with a nearby kobold settlement they got along quite well with, and things were good. Until some well-intentioned but very paladin paladins performed a genocide on said kobold settlement.

His hometown fell apart over time without their close trading partner, with almost everyone moving out. One of the last ones to leave was said spiritualist, who had been about 13 with only some minor occult sensitivity when the genocide happened. Ever since, he'd heard voices in the back of his mind, growing stronger and stronger as he grew older and continued holding on to his resentment of the deaths of quite a few of his friends and the ruin of his town.

By the time of the campaign, he's in his mid 20s and is totally sharing his body with his childhood friend who was killed in the genocide, basically aging with most of the rest of the settlement in their inability to move on. They eke out a living with their combined talents while quietly trying to find out all they can about the men who destroyed their lives in hopes of destroying theirs in turn.
Xanderman1201 1st Oct 2016, 11:47 PM edit delete reply
One time, during a very poorly conceived campaign run by an amateur DM, I had a sorcerer who's back story was made entirely up by whatever jokes the group threw at him that managed to stick. the end results were as followed.

A Sorcerer who attended a Wizard College on a Football scholarship, who was only in the same location as the party because a dead Lich trapped in a Panda Corpse had summoned the one idiot in the land who had enough magical aptitude to preform the ritual to transfer his soul into their body, but was still dumb enough to cast the spell without knowing what it was.
Mythic Mind 5th Oct 2016, 2:17 AM edit delete reply
My worst backstory was for a drunkard Dwarf brawler. It was 2 words: he forgot.
The Dwarf was so stupid he couldn't speak common, but he could hit a rogue before they could hide in shadows.
Guest 7th Apr 2021, 3:57 AM edit delete reply
Ah, yes...

Ozmeg fo Griggle'Bool, the gnome wizard who studied monsters and was kicked out of his villiage for bringing a bugbear home. Memories...

That was an *amazing* session
PoisonClaw 29th Sep 2016, 6:16 AM edit delete reply
If there isn't one already, there should be a Drinking Game were one of the options is "Take a drink every time the DM gripes about his ruined multi-part campaign against Nightmare Moon."
Jennifer 29th Sep 2016, 7:13 AM edit delete reply
As I read it, I had a mind to propose a storytime about recycling plot threads and characters that never got used earlier in the campaign.
Digo Dragon 29th Sep 2016, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I can't wait for screen caps of the season 5 finale to get used then, specifically the alt-universe with NMM. :3
Freelance 29th Sep 2016, 12:56 PM edit delete reply
Not that s/he's bitter about the whole thing, oh no!
Akouma 30th Sep 2016, 5:26 PM edit delete reply
Thanks to our new overlord Glim Glam the DM can do all sorts of crazy stories.

Or just make the whole Starlight Glimmer's return thing one session. Either would be cool, even if it requires Starlight Glimmer to have her initial appearance if we're going relatively close to canon oh wait we aren't.
The Froggy Ninja 29th Sep 2016, 7:22 AM edit delete reply
Jennifer 29th Sep 2016, 7:30 AM edit delete reply
I was lucky to play through much of my backstory. I'd always wanted to build an Australian-style Imperial Guard regiment, and took the opportunity during a 40K play-by-post to do so.

Lance-Corporal Drew McNeill (name swiped from GM Fraser's McAuslan series) grew up on the fringe world of Gundagai, and was trained as a sniper-scout with the Fifth Gundagai Bushrangers. He fell into the orbit of a composite unit called the 113th Hamek's Landing Rifles, and ended up joining a xenos-hunting kill-team. That was where we started. Over the course of about five different missions, he helped blow up a rebel outpost, was promoted to corporal, slaughtered a ton of heretics and with his kukri and long-las, and was eventually mildly mind-wiped after a top-secret mission to sabotage a genestealer-infested Imperial cruiser. Around then the campaign ended.

And some time later, an Inquisition campaign was started. It made sense that the survivors of McNeill's kill-team would have drifted into the Inquisition, and so he returned. He was quieter now and didn't really want to be in the Inquisition, but it wasn't like he had a choice. In the run-up to the campaign I expanded his bio to several pages - born on a grox-station, he had left behind a sister on Gundagai, kept a keepsake of her, and posted letters home regularly knowing full well they'd probably never arrive. His first inquisitor had been no-nonsense and intimidating, but nice enough to look for someone else McNeill was better suited to. His assignment to the party began when their two Inquisitors cooperated on a raid, and he led the way by sneaking in and killing some sentries.

New Inq: "Good man you've got there."
Old Inq (perks up): "You want him?"

So much to his surprise, he was posted as a newbie to an already well-knit team. The Inq had a sense of humor and presented McNeill at a party as a warrior-poet. So he threw his superior a nasty look and regaled the effete nobles with Gundagai folksongs.

Just as the party got swinging, his former Inquisitor appeared, waving a rosette and heading straight for his new Inquisitor, who naturally became suspicious of poor McNeill who had just started to feel better about being stuck with him...
ANW 29th Sep 2016, 8:53 AM edit delete reply
Another piece of the lost campaign found.
Winged Cat 29th Sep 2016, 11:05 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
Raiders of the Lost Plot Arc?
Digo Dragon 29th Sep 2016, 1:26 PM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
PonyTales the movie: Treasure of the Lost Plot
rem 29th Sep 2016, 3:47 PM edit delete reply
I've always been a big believer in giving a character enough hooks in his backstory that the GM can completely screw me over if he wants.

in college I created a character who was an old man, and a starting adventurer. his story was that he had been a brave knight of the realm, as good with a spell as he was with a sword. He married well, and was granted a lordship for his efforts on behalf of his good friend, the king. He had 3 children, all adults, and then his wife died from a misdirected curse from an old enemy. Out of guilt he insists he must die, the king offers another choice. Mind wipe. Now this old man is a first level bard, with a young girl as his sidekick (his daughter) and she is trying to keep him safe from one of the lords of the realm (the oldest son who blames his father for the death of mom).

I was also in a 3rd ed D&D game where a friend and I created a joint backstory. The god of good and the god of evil have been forbidden from fighting anymore, so they each father a son, and have them fight it out instead. Both children will inherit massive powers, and will be raised by appropriate cults. Only to throw a wrench into the works, each god contacts their cult and has them attack the other to kidnap the kid and put the kid in an orphanage. The god of luck blesses both cults, so the 2 kids are BOTH stolen and put in the same orphanage, where we grew up together as brothers. Neither of us knew which was which (or cared really).
the closest we ever got to fighting was his character used a crossbow, but didn't have the proficency, so anytime he missed, I'd get shot instead of his target, so while on guard I gimmicked his crossbow so it would break apart next time he tried to fire it.
Guest 29th Sep 2016, 7:28 PM edit delete reply
I'm really hoping that Gilda has a good time, saves the treasure and doesn't turn into a jerk, cause it would be cool to have her around like that :)
Blueblade 29th Sep 2016, 8:09 PM edit delete reply
Griffin history in 5 words: And Then It Got Worse.
Delta Echo 30th Sep 2016, 4:03 AM edit delete reply
Backgrounds for me are funny things. In general, I only have a very vague outline when a character springs forth in my mind, and the background gets shaped and molded as the game progresses and opportunities for Expositing of Background arrive and-or events make the GM and my fellow players go "huh, that could be interesting if-"

(One of my Exalted characters suddenly sprouted an entire backstory thread with regards to her ancestry in this fashion, partially because of her terrible luck with rolls to resist social influence by seemingly every female Exalt the party met.)
Digo Dragon 30th Sep 2016, 5:00 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
That's not a bad way of doing things. If I'm playing in an unfamiliar setting, I tend to take this route with backstory.
Grant 30th Sep 2016, 5:33 PM edit delete reply
Not sure why, but I think my favorite backstory was for my investigator in the classic Call of Cthulhu RPG. You see, the general setting for our adventures was about looking into Lovecraftian doings in 1920s Chicago. And my character was biracial. And we'd agreed that we were playing this realistically, that meant serious racism and sexism confronting any party member who wasn't a male WASP. So I had William "Baron" Washington investigate as a jazz musician who played at a nightclub frequented by gangsters, politicians, and the rich and famous, all of whom were likely to end up making a deal with the interdimensional creepy crawlies (his real employer was an old archaeologist who'd assembled a group to fight the supernatural).

From there I found myself adding more and more details, such as his particular hatred of the Church of Starry Wisdom for massacring dozens of people in his town to fuel a ritual, a love of using obscure historical and mythological references to mock people (especially the well educated) without them realizing it and a superstition that as long as kept his dice made some odd creature's bones he'd have good luck.
BunBun299 14th Jun 2017, 6:44 AM edit delete reply
The best backstory I've ever come up with is that of my dhampir thief. She was raised by her vampire mother, who is ancient, and has been studying magic since pretty much the dawn of recorded history. My thief grew up learning magic from her mother, and viewing mortals as servants or snacks.

Then, one day while she was 16, some vampire hunters tried to kill her by dragging her into the sunlight. They were as surprised as she was that she didn't burst into flames. Just as the hunters were getting ready to just finish her with their weapons, her mother came to the rescue, killing the hunters in under a minute, even as she burned in the sun. Ancient and powerful vampire, and you do NOT mess with her little girl.

When her mother recovered enough from the sun exposure to speak, she confessed that she'd always suspected her daughter was half human, but for obvious reasons had never been willing to test if she were sun tolerant. To her mother, the only difference this made was her daughter did not need to hide from the sun. To my dhampir, however, it meant that she'd been doing horrible things to her own kind all her life. So she swore an oath never to kill again (beasts and undead, yeah she'll kill, but never anything sentient), then left her mother's home forever. She didn't take to stealing right away. But keeping any kind of steady work was next to impossible with her mother's people looking for her. So she started picking pockets and getting good at being sneaky. A bit of time living on the streets have her a great deal of sympathy for the less fortunate of the world, so she will often steal from the rich (as well as nibbling on their necks for a bit of blood), and slip portions of what she steals into the pockets of widows, orphans, cripples, and all the less fortunate who can't do what she does. Her magic talents have decayed. She only keeps in practice at spells useful for thievery, illusions, a healing spell to cover the bite marks when she takes a bit of blood (and act as the party's back up healer).

She's very much Chaotic Good to contrast her mother's Lawful Evil.

Playing this character, my GM tossed an enchanted dagger that can never kill at me. It just knocks the victim into an enchanted sleep for a while. Guess he got tired of me trying to come up with creative non lethal ways to participate in combat.