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18th Oct 2016, 6:00 AM in Pinkie Pride
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Double Rainbow
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Newbiespud 18th Oct 2016, 6:00 AM edit delete
WOW that was an excruciating weekend. I dare not describe the roulette of painful symptoms I went through. Time to find out how much of a hassle it is to reschedule a one-shot session.

Story Time: Integrating the current day's events into the story of your session. (Politics are banned, even if they're valid stories. Only you can prevent forest fires.)

Notice: Guest comic submissions are open! Guidelines here. Deadline: January 27th, 2023.



Digo Dragon 18th Oct 2016, 6:06 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I ran a Teen Titans campaign over the winter break back in college. We celebrated Christmas both IC and OOC. It was a lot of fun watching the PCs attempt to use their super powers for spreading good cheer to some of the villains in their Rogue Gallery. Or just caroling real poorly in front of their secret lairs. XD
ANW 18th Oct 2016, 6:07 AM edit delete reply
Anyone here ever celebrate their birthday in-character?
Tempestfury 18th Oct 2016, 6:37 AM edit delete reply
Good god I love Gilda's expression in the end. XD
Digo Dragon 18th Oct 2016, 7:45 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I made that same face the first time I ever bit down on a piece of tinfoil.
nathan400 18th Oct 2016, 6:41 AM edit delete reply
It seems the bird didn't reckon with the force of a party pony when pulling her ploy.
Rastaba 18th Oct 2016, 6:45 AM edit delete reply
Let this be a lesson to all! Never doubt the pretty pink pouncing party pony!
Dragonflight 18th Oct 2016, 11:14 AM edit delete reply
It makes total sense that the diplomancer in the party is also played by someone who can spot the troll in the real world and act appropriately. :)
Amanda M 18th Oct 2016, 6:59 AM edit delete reply
This literally just happened last weekend! Two of the guys we game with just got married, so the DM ran a one-shot during the reception! (In lieu of drinking and dancing, they had a ton of games, heh.) :D While our main characters are across the continent battling ice dragons, we panned back to our little podunk town in the middle of the frontier where two NPCs were getting married. We (and some extra wedding guests) played our NPC townsfolk, and turns out a demon had taken the form of the groom, so we had to stop him from absconding to Hell with the bride and find the real groom, etc. It was hilarious and fantastic!
Digo Dragon 18th Oct 2016, 7:46 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Whoa, that sounds like a really neat adventure idea. Nice! o.o
LegendofMoriad 18th Oct 2016, 5:36 PM Wedding Games edit delete reply
I've already been informed that I'm GMing for a friend's inevitable wedding. The GM has been booked before the groom!
Specter 18th Oct 2016, 9:04 AM edit delete reply
What's the matter Gilda? Never had a pink LARPing pony ruin your plans? Well I haven't either, let me know how that goes.

As for integrating a day's news into a game. In a semi-professional game of ShadowRun(gallop), I had gone with my family to watch a new movie that had come out (and this had gotten me about twenty minutes late for the game), so when the gaming group decided to come up with a reason I wasn't at the five minute planning bit for a kidnapping. The police knew I was a Shadow runner and had a tail following me, so I ducked into a theater to lose them.

I lost one of my tails, and it had to be surgically reassembled after I left the bathrooms. (Self-Note: stop forgetting about 'Chunky Salsa' rules)
aylatrigger 18th Oct 2016, 10:36 AM edit delete reply
Sounds like you had the same type of weekend I had, Newbiespud. 3 different sicknesses at once!

...I can't remember doing the incorporation of events into the story. The closest I can remember is incorporation of setting, which I mostly did at college. For oneshots in the RPG club at our events.
redwings1340 18th Oct 2016, 11:33 AM edit delete reply
My rp board makes this a tradition with birthdays. We're a really close group, so often we decide to create a noncanon rp celebrating our birthdays and having a party where anyone can participate. These are just silly, there's no plot development in them because they're all optional and we don't want people to feel pressured to join, but they're really fun too.

Meanwhile, Gilda has finally reached the point where she's so focused on her version of fun for Rainbow Dash, she's forgotten to actually check if Rainbow Dash is having fun in the first place. I think her motives are still genuine, wanting to support her friend, but it could easily go downhill fast now. Gilda's phrasing, "test our builds" is particularly revealing, because it shows she doesn't really see the characters as more than a bit of math, which makes me a bit sad.
Freelance 18th Oct 2016, 11:47 AM edit delete reply
RD's birthday, huh? I guess we're gonna need a... Cheese Sandwich?
Winged Cat 18th Oct 2016, 12:01 PM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
I will admit, I usually try to avoid this. If others want to incorporate their days in, fine, but for me, games help me escape from the day. (Besides, many times if I did in the games the things of note I do IRL, it'd come across as OP.)
Evilbob 18th Oct 2016, 12:35 PM edit delete reply
Prevent forest fires? But starting them is where's the fun's at!

Just ask Mykin!
Digo Dragon 19th Oct 2016, 6:06 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Huh. I feel as though I don't need to. Maybe I'm starting to know you all well enough?

But besides that, fire is pretty awesome. Solves more problems than it creates. :3
Pablo360 20th Oct 2016, 5:24 AM edit delete reply
Indeed, as a corollary to Vaarsuvius' Maxim, as the size of a forest fire increases, the number of social situations it is incapable approaches zero.

*whisper whisper whisper*

And That Would Be Bad.
Evilbob 20th Oct 2016, 3:40 PM edit delete reply
lol. It's been awhile since I've read OotS! Ironically, I think it's also where my GM got his inspiration for my current, lovely, two-heavy-incinerators-taped-together-unique-weapon: "Vaarsuivus' Incinerator"!