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21st Feb 2012, 5:00 AM in Friendship is Magic, Part 2
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Exhibits B & C
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Newbiespud 21st Feb 2012, 5:00 AM edit delete
Optional additional punchline:
Pinkie Pie: "Aww, isn't that adorable? She thinks I'm insane!"

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Berserkas 21st Feb 2012, 5:01 AM edit delete reply
Because she IS insane.
Guest 21st Feb 2012, 9:45 PM edit delete reply
Suggested story topic: Share about a memorable quirky/crazy/lulzy character that you've played with!
Akouma 22nd Feb 2012, 7:10 AM edit delete reply
Already wrote mine on the subject a little ways down.
EveryZig 22nd Feb 2012, 8:11 AM edit delete reply
Not a quirky personality so much as a odd character concept, but I recently began a campaign in which I am playing a warforged druid with a shapeshift specialty.
Consumer Unit 5012 22nd Feb 2012, 11:27 PM edit delete reply
Does it transform and roll out?
Brony Is Magic 22nd Feb 2012, 5:41 PM My Lulzy Character edit delete reply
Sorry, I accidentaly posted below, but-
"I've never really played a Quirky/Crazy/Lulzy character (except possibly that Grey Ooze Rouge... but I digress), I once played a 21st lvl Dwarven Defender/Paladin, and *accidentaly* cast Detect Evil while in the Abyss." Sorry, I posted before I had an account, so I can't remove it.
Anon 22nd Feb 2012, 6:41 PM edit delete reply
Had someone in a Gurps Supers game play a Muppet.

No, seriously. Wee little puppet man (player had recently seen the puppet episode of Angel). Loved explosives, and getting us in trouble. My best memory of him was him dragging my unconscious self out of a hallway, then trying to slap me awake. Didn't accomplish anything more than buffing my faceplate.
Rugsrat 22nd Feb 2012, 7:31 PM edit delete reply
Heh, insanity? My very first campaign, in my very first session. I was running the players in a super hero game through a fairly basic bank-robbery. My NPC was kicking their butt (seriously, in the Marvel Universe RPG, it's not hard to break the game, the character was built on the same number of points as the players).

Anyway, one of the characters decided that the best way to deal with this guy that was just wrecking everything would be to turn the roof of the bank into a dragon.

Yep. Turn the roof of the bank into a dragon.

This is what happens when you have a character that is both insane and has reality warping abilities.

I just put my head in my hands for a moment before letting it happen.

Still my favorite campaign I've ever run. That dragon made for some fun times.
Fatninja716 5th Oct 2012, 5:14 PM Gerald the God of the Colosseum edit delete reply
So I ran a game where I DM'd a couple of my friends through an arena like structure. Well the leader of the whole show was a Wizard by the name of Gerald. I ran him completely unstated (Because if I did they would kill him) and he was just this nutjob glory-hog with reality bending powers that almost tied Pinkie Pie. My favorite NPC and I hope to run him again sometime
Sumdood 7th Oct 2012, 3:46 PM edit delete reply
I don't have a good story myself, but I'd like to remind everyone of someone else's good story.

The story of Old Man Henderson, who won Call of Cthulhu. It's from 4chan, so the language is crude, but he managed to win CoC by being completely insane. And having a 320-page backstory.
Maklak 11th Jul 2013, 2:09 PM edit delete reply
Great find. Old Man Henderson is bucking epic.
TippyToe Zombie 26th Aug 2015, 9:45 AM I'm that player for my group edit delete reply
In my first game I tried to pickpocket one of the other players (because I was racist against humans), I failed and to try to disguise my intentions I grabbed the characters butt, which also failed, and he whipped his belt at me to scare me away. Then I discovered some exotic spices and chose to snort them. I also was able to bond with some NPCs who had humans invading their forest, so I spoke to them and the party agreed to help them get rid of the humans. I was obsessed with Electrum so I kept asking to be paid in Electrum. I was playing as an albino halfling warlock who got his powers by making a deal with the dungeon master.
Aeshdan 9th Feb 2016, 2:45 PM Prince Fraternal Of Pudding edit delete reply

I played a PC cultist in Call of Cthulhu. And I won!

Also once played a Stone Golem ninja.
Ranubis 21st Feb 2012, 5:06 AM edit delete reply
NMM: "And you call ME a monster? I just want to cover Equestria in unchanging darkness for eternity. YOU'RE the one who travels with that Chaotic Bard!"
Kaleopolitus 21st Feb 2012, 5:10 AM edit delete reply
I see you're using a new font(size) :)

I like your new font(size) :D
Newbiespud 21st Feb 2012, 7:30 AM edit delete reply
<sigh> No, that was an error on my part. I picked the wrong size while exporting this image and never caught it. Back to the regular size we go!
Digo 21st Feb 2012, 7:48 AM edit delete reply
Nooo, defeated by your Elements of Kearning!!
**Font Harmony Restored**
Kaleopolitus 21st Feb 2012, 8:13 AM edit delete reply
Oh thank god. I HATED the new style but I figured that you would want /some/ support for it >.>"
Newbiespud 21st Feb 2012, 10:38 AM edit delete reply

Feedback and support are two different things. Generally, I'm looking for the former.
Hippy Jesus 21st Feb 2012, 2:20 PM edit delete reply
As DTP'er I am obliged to correct you. It's kerning not kearning.
PikalaxALT 21st Feb 2012, 2:29 PM edit delete reply
My math professor has a great example of bad kerning on his webpage. WARNING: NSFW
Guest 21st Feb 2012, 5:18 AM edit delete reply
The old text was way better! This one has horrible kerning, especially the smaller size in the last bubble.
AJBulldis 21st Feb 2012, 5:22 AM edit delete reply
Thanks to xkcd, I now notice kerning. Life is a little more pedantic now.
the1andonly joe 21st Feb 2012, 6:09 AM edit delete reply
i only notice it when its pointed out.

Newbiespud 21st Feb 2012, 7:31 AM edit delete reply
Don't worry, this was an error. I'm not about to change formats in the middle of a freaking arc. Fixed now!
Derpmind 21st Feb 2012, 5:27 AM edit delete reply
The Party... will last... FOREVER!
Kyouhen 21st Feb 2012, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
I admit, I lol'd. All shall fear Pinkie's powers!
Chris 21st Feb 2012, 6:09 AM edit delete reply
NMM: You say your yellow friend is a living embodiment of Kindness itself? On what do you base this ridiculous claim?

TS: Well this one time, she totally co-I mean, swordblocked the barbarian...
Masterofgames 21st Feb 2012, 6:44 AM edit delete reply
Tap tap. "Hello, is this thing on? Ah, there we go! (Ahem) You are now looking at the fourth pannel, thinking o the tree saying "I'ma firin' ma' LAZOR!" ... It can now not be unseen. Have fun with that..."
Ranubis 21st Feb 2012, 7:48 AM edit delete reply
"I'm haunting you."
kriss1989 21st Feb 2012, 8:46 PM kriss1989 edit delete reply
God damn it Ghost Pinkie!
Gerwulf 21st Feb 2012, 8:01 AM edit delete reply
it has now changed to pinkie pie firing her lazor
Archaeopteryx 21st Feb 2012, 9:55 AM edit delete reply
<url=>Pinkie's firing</url>

<url=>her lazer</url>
Guest 21st Feb 2012, 2:31 PM edit delete reply
What he meant to say is,

[url=""]Pinkie's firing[/url]

[url=""]her lazer[/url]
Gyvon 21st Feb 2012, 9:45 AM edit delete reply
God damnit, Ghost Nappa.
Zeeth 22nd Feb 2012, 11:18 AM edit delete reply
Izandai 29th Feb 2012, 5:28 PM edit delete reply
It's funny because I just finished going through those videos.
Best, parody, EVER!
Curb 21st Feb 2012, 7:20 AM edit delete reply
Insane is has soo many varying layers, from mildly insane to over the top joker insane.
Archaeopteryx 21st Feb 2012, 9:43 AM edit delete reply
"Isn't sanity just a one-trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is that one trick, rational thinking, but when you're good and crazy, well, the sky's the limit!"
kriss1989 21st Feb 2012, 8:47 PM kriss1989 edit delete reply
That's why I prefer mild insanity. You get all the benefits of rational thinking when you need it, and squiddly boop de boop when you want it!
Raxon 15th Jun 2012, 7:13 PM edit delete reply
Indeed, for gravity is a harsh mistress.
Akouma 21st Feb 2012, 9:55 AM edit delete reply
My favorite insane character was a little guy named Mirror in Marvel/DCU RPG. His power set was basically just Rogue's from X-Men, except he was addicted to absorbing people to gain any powers they had and their memories. By the time he came into the campaign, he was already thoroughly insane from having absorbed so many people. And what did he DO with the people he absorbed, since most of them were either normal people or common criminals with no powers? Weekly checkers tournaments inside his head! Eventually he had absorbed so many people that it destabilized his genetic code so much that he temporarily lost his ability to absorb. But by that time he had godlike powers of every nature from all the people he'd absorbed (HUNDREDS of people, maybe even thousands), so he was pretty much cool with that.

For a time, during a time gap in the campaign, he went and did a solo hero act using the money our leader had left all of us after his death. His base of operations? A theme park named after himself, of course!

Oh, and his skin was also deep crimson because I was minmaxing like hell and having an extrememly noticeable nonhuman trait was an extra 5 points. Never actually bothered justifying that one.
Gyvon 21st Feb 2012, 9:46 AM edit delete reply
Love NMM's expression in that last panel. It's just perfect!
Violet 21st Feb 2012, 10:10 AM edit delete reply
Yes... fear Pinkie Pie.
Lyntermas 21st Feb 2012, 10:20 AM edit delete reply
Doesn't NMM's comment somewhat make her admit defeat? Unless she's specifically relying on Twilight not knowing the sixth Element. Anyway...

PP: What's the matter, NMM? Uptight royalty can't handle a little chaos?
NMM:...You're him, aren't you?
PP: Huh?
NMM: Listen, you mish-mashed troublemaker. I don't know how you escaped your stony prison, but I am taking over this kingdom, not you. And I will not suffer you tormenting my subjects as you did before. I am much stronger than our last meeting, and Elements or no, I will stop your Madness from destroying this land as you did many eons ago.
PP:Um, sorry lady, I kinda have no idea what you're talking about.
NMM: What? said I don't like chaos. What did you mean?
PP: I was just saying you seem to be Lawful Evil, so you wouldn't like my crazy antics. What did you think I mean?
Guest 21st Feb 2012, 10:30 AM edit delete reply
In a sing-song voice-
PP: "I smell a quest/plot hook!"
sjosten 21st Feb 2012, 4:19 PM edit delete reply
This is even funnier for me because in a campaign, I have a character based on Pinkie Pie (well Pinkamena but...) that took over the kingdom and threw it into chaos.
Dragonflight 21st Feb 2012, 10:32 AM edit delete reply
Seeing the expression on NMM's face in the last panel, I'm reminded now of what the party in my Calandia game did with a necromantrix they found along the way.

In my game, all elves are "Lodoss-type". They look like Deedlit and Pirotess, depending on if they're High Elves or Dark Elves. There aren't any other "kinds" of elves in the game.

Anyway, this necromantrix had made a baragain with a demon lord who liked to experiment with necromantic magic, so that if she died, her spirit would inhabit the closest female corpse and revive it, reshaping it into herself again. This made her an effective serial villainess for a player party which was very good at getting rid of enemies.

So when they cornered her the third or fourth time, rather than magic-jarring her or something, they just fought into her lab, destroyed her equipment, tied her up and brought her along.

For the next half game-year, the necromantrix was an unwilling party member, watched by the ranger, clerics and paladin very carefully. Whenever she backslid, they would prevent her from indulging herself.

When they finally let her go, she wasn't *good*, technically. But they reformed her somewhat, through the simple virtue of not giving her a choice.

Ironically, it came out in the game that she was actually the reborn Younger Goddess of Death, and when she re-ascended, she wound up being a more neutral Deity than the monster she'd been last time around...
Your Obedient Serpent 25th Feb 2012, 10:46 AM edit delete reply
Bonus cookies for the term "necromantrix".
leafia6 21st Feb 2012, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
It'll be interesting if Celestia revealed that there was another pony to weild the Element of Laughter. Wonder what she would be like?
Zarhon 21st Feb 2012, 1:13 PM edit delete reply
Clearly it would be Pinkie's identical twin sister. Who was secretly an illusion of Pinkie Pie, set up by Pinkie Pie from a young age, to make it SEEM like she has an identical sister, except the illusion gained sentience and became real, and only PRETENDS to be an illusion of a twin sister of Pinkie Pie to fool Pinkie Pie, except the real Pinkie Pie noticed and is pretending to not know, so she can pull a DC100 surprise on the GM.
terrycloth 21st Feb 2012, 3:55 PM edit delete reply
Never cast confusion on the DM. There's a 25% chance he'll lash out at the party.
Masterofgames 21st Feb 2012, 4:24 PM edit delete reply
How the heck did you come to that conclusion? That only makes sense if there is a THIRD pinkie out there that is a robot made on a spaceship parked on the dark side of the moon crewed by pink pony-like aliens that are Pinkie's true species!
Guest 23rd Feb 2012, 11:59 PM edit delete reply
And that's how Equestria was made!
Guest 21st Feb 2012, 5:59 PM edit delete reply
Why does that remind me of Xorn?
Zeeth 22nd Feb 2012, 11:21 AM edit delete reply
Surprise is a DC100 creature? No wonder...
Izandai 29th Feb 2012, 5:32 PM edit delete reply
With maximum skill points in hide and move silently.
Your Obedient Serpent 25th Feb 2012, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
xuincherguixe 21st Feb 2012, 5:52 PM edit delete reply
I have to agree with nightmare moon here. If you're attached to your skin? Stay away from Pinkie Pie or you might cease to.
Akouma 21st Feb 2012, 6:53 PM edit delete reply
Aaaaaaw but all she wants is a smile from her happy friends!
Ranubis 21st Feb 2012, 7:05 PM edit delete reply
PP: "Alrighty! Who want's to try my super-duper-special Nightmare Night CUPCAKES?!"
Hennith95 21st Feb 2012, 8:46 PM edit delete reply
I just checked the cast page, and realized that Pinkie has +10 to Intimidate. This makes more and more sense by the minute...
Azureink 21st Feb 2012, 8:56 PM edit delete reply
Bards make the best skill-monkies in 4e. Bard-of-all-Trades is the Bard-only version of a Heroic level feat (Jack-of-all-Trades) that gives +3 to all untrained skills instead of +2. Add that to Bard's class feature that gives +1 to all untrained skills, and you have a +4 to all skills (or +5 when trained). Also if you add in the feat Bardic Knowledge (which gives a +2 to all the "knowledge" skills) and you have a character who has insane bonuses to everything.

Also at Paragon tier, if the Bard is a half-elf, there is a Paragon Path that allows all your allies to gain a bonus on all Charisma based skills/checks equal to the Charisma modifier of the Bard at 11th level. Say hello to a huge bonus for everyone in social encounters.
pinkie_piepe_bomb 22nd Feb 2012, 2:59 PM edit delete reply
True, but Bards don't have trapsearch, which is why you really need a rouge instead. I mean, unless you multiclass your bard, but I've always found that multiclassing is dilutory when it's not done to munchkin.
Azureink 22nd Feb 2012, 4:48 PM edit delete reply
Or, you get a background or spend the feat to get training in Thievery. Then with a high Perception skill you can find all traps and disable them with Thievery... or Arcana.
Consumer Unit 5012 22nd Feb 2012, 11:35 PM edit delete reply
"Ugh, don't play a Rouge. Everyone knows they're overpowdered." - Heard on the GITP forum.
Azureink 21st Feb 2012, 8:50 PM edit delete reply
I like how NMM is aiding Twilight in her explanation.
Bronymous 21st Feb 2012, 10:47 PM edit delete reply
Hey, she's roleplaying, she's coming up with her own ideas, mirroring the DM's (more or less), no reason he shouldn't roll with it. Besides if she's already this committed to her plan, it would be a terrible idea to railroad her again.
Bronymous 21st Feb 2012, 10:52 PM edit delete reply
Why is that the one tree with a nose and lips, and the rest just have spiky holes in their trunks?

Tree: Come on, quit it, stop laughing at me you jerk!!
Pinkie: Ha Ha you're different!!
Tree: Cut it out! That's not nice!
Kiana 22nd Feb 2012, 4:59 AM edit delete reply
Nightmare Moon's face in the last panel makes me want to hug her. She looks so sad. =x
Brony Is Magic 22nd Feb 2012, 5:29 PM My Lulzy Character edit delete reply
I've never really played a Quirky/Crazy/Lulzy character (except possibly that Grey Ooze Rouge... but I digress), I once played a 21st lvl Dwarven Defender/Paladin, and *accidentaly* cast Detect Evil while in the Abyss.
Cain 22nd Feb 2012, 7:42 PM edit delete reply
Ranubis's Dwaven Paladin: The sane one of the group. Gorgon the minotaur, who lives just north of Chaotic Evil, managed to have some havok with the plan of this evenings session the Crystal Caves Unicorn Wrangling one... Decides to try getting friendly with one of the unicorns to the horror of the DM of the night (Ranubis) Also the crazy pixie who decided to insult Ragnar, (we decided he looks like the Hulk though after the first part of the description the pixie commented "We're talking to the Jolly Green Giant?") So my response as the Dwarf Paladin (I played the character for the night) was to gag him to keep the chance of getting more gold from Ragnar. The pixie's player clamped his hand over his own mouth and made comments through that for the rest of the talk.
Ranubis 23rd Feb 2012, 5:11 AM edit delete reply
What made it worse was that I had been planning to call the unicorns Twilight and Luna, to see who would get the references. That went out the window before I could start my description when the Minotaur suddenly says he's going to make a Seduction check. According to Cain, my face after he said that was priceless. "Noooo! Leave mah ponies alone!"

Of course, I may have started the madness. Going into the fey camp, the flavor text said that the satyrs were cooking food over some fires. The Minotaur immediately begins to ask what they're cooking, in case he's related. My thought's basically went:
Can't have them cooking a cow, that will drive away the party's main fighter.
Anyway, there aren't any cows on this island anyway, right?
So what are they cooking?
The only other animals that I know are on the island are bears and unicorns, so...
Oh. Oh dear.

And that's how the party learned that the island originally had THREE unicorns, not two.
Guest 24th Feb 2012, 6:26 PM edit delete reply
Why not bear? Oh, and doesn't drinking unicorn blood (or I assume EATING unicorn) in the Harry Potter universe give you a nasty curse or something? Or are D'n'D unicorns basically narwhal horses?
Ranubis 24th Feb 2012, 10:17 PM edit delete reply
At that point I was basically trying to shock the group into getting back on track. Thankfully, it enhanced the story a bit, especially when they learned that in D&D unicorns are intelligent enough to speak Common. The encounter is unique in that the players are supposed to get the unicorns from the other Fey without killing anyone, but they were focused on keeping their eyes on the unicorns in case the Green Fey tried to eat them again, so they got out of combat as soon as they could.
Consumer Unit 5012 22nd Feb 2012, 11:41 PM edit delete reply
Do characters in deliberately silly games count?
Because I once played "Yoshi, Freelance Ninja". A three-foot-tall anthropomorphic rabbit who spraypainted himself back with Rustoleum, carried a katana (don't ask where), and whose personality was based on Max from "Sam and Max, Freelance Police". He once stunned an attacking alien group-mind for a round by biting one alien's head off. (I was pretty surprised, too.)

In a slightly less silly Mutants and Masterminds game about a new group of Marvel's New Mutants, I played a character with time-stopping powers who was based on largo from Megatokyo: A reckless nitwit who thought of everything in videogame terms.
Iscelces 23rd Feb 2012, 1:25 AM edit delete reply
Well, I have one perfect for this. Recently, I've started some 4E in a local hobby shop. I had a half-elf warlock who was MEANT to have a very dark, haunted story... It didn't work out that way.

So, first encounter over, and we were SUPPOSED to be guarding a post. I decide that Erik is going to fall asleep. DM asks if I wanted to check the bodies first. I do and take a shovel from one of them.

Next example, I decide that I want to set a tower on fire (for strategic purposes). Of course, this was the tower we were meant to be holding and defending as part of our invasion into the undead-infested city.

And finally, we encountered the solo monster, a massive undead ogre. I'm wearing cloth, and I decide "I taunt the ogre."

The moment the game finished, I sat there, stunned and decided "Well, I had said I was chaotic neutral... Just thought I'd be a tad less chaotic than that."

Next game in a couple of days, can't wait.
Urthdigger 23rd Feb 2012, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
I think it's a given that any character I ever play will wind up quirky at best, batshit insane at worst. I've already mentioned by two favorites on earlier pages of this comic: Sakeek, the my mage's weasel familiar in one campaign who specialized in harebrained schemes and annoying the enemy into making mistakes, and Derek, who I WAS going to play more or less straight as a cleric of Olidomarra, then he kinda got slightly tainted by eldricht horrorterrors from beyond the veil and I decided to roll with it.
Timber Wolf 23rd Feb 2012, 8:16 AM That face.. edit delete reply
..that NMM makes at the end. Classic Pinkie-Pie reaction.
Zarhon 24th Feb 2012, 4:44 AM edit delete reply
Pinkie Pie truly is best freak of nature.

Is there a way to turn your character into someone that draws power/sustenance from the emotions/empathy of those around them, and possibly has shape-shifting abilites?

Cause that would perfectly describe Pinkie Pie's motivation for *everything* she does (and NMM's justified fear of her). It would also turn the plot of "A friend in deed" into "The GM tries to stop Pinkie Pie from recreating the "Pun-Pun" incident."

"Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine!
"All I really need's a smile, smile, smile!"
"Your smile fills me with glee!"
"That's the perfect gift for me!"

Come to think about it, Pinkie Pie is probably the non-evil, pony version of Hugh Bliss from Sam & Max.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie!" *ting*
TaraSwanwing 13th Mar 2012, 7:32 PM edit delete reply
Oh my gods...
Alright, I'm playing in a sort of role playing game. It's VERY strange, no dice, no papers, just some toys that inspired characters. And it all started as a little game with toys.
Black Hen? Fat hen who forgets what she's the goddess of typically.
White Hen? Forgets what species she is. We went through one session with her thinking she's a rabbit guard...
Granny? Homicidal duck who nukes Fodderville every half hour.
Chicky? Thief who hides her loot in laundry. Also called Chicky-Poo. They're kinda vindictive.
Time Dragon? God of Time, if he dies, time stops? Has some major hating for the goddess of life, who, guess what? Can't be killed without everyone dieing.
No, I can't do it. But it is insanely fun. And therapeutic! Nothing like destroying the world to cheer you up.
K9 18th Mar 2012, 6:19 AM edit delete reply
I gotta say, that last shot was EXCELLENTLY relevent.
Miri 20th May 2012, 1:11 AM 13thSyndicate edit delete reply
I'm running my first game, a homebrew percentile-based system using half the Stalking The Night Fantastic stat system. Anyway, one of the big things abut my game is that you can have a skill in anything - no predetermined list, if it fits the world and you can come up with a name for it and justify, you can have it.

The setting is a frontier mission sponosred by a continent that's just borken out of a millenia-long war. There are three superpowers, one of which is at a tech level somewhat similar to FFVII's world or possibly COcoon from FFXIII, while the second is more like Spira from FFX, very magically and spiritually focused (the cause of the war); the third power is somewhat like Renaissance Italy and has been dabbling in comining the two and is well on its way to becoming a steampunk superpower.

Anyway, when creating characters, one of my friends, known for being a little off-kilter, decides to be a Feyrisian (steampunk land) thief whose day job is a bartender. Okay, cool, no problem.

......then she asks me if she can have a "skill in duct tape". I couldn't think of a reason why not, since it's a resource that fits her background (importing it from tech-land would be no big deal, or it could be magitek or something).

I haven't regretted my decision. WHen the player is in the zone, Jay is the best, funnest character EVER.

We had a couple of sessioons where the characters were on an airship en-route to the newly-discovered continent, and the one experienced roleplayer in the group convinced everyone to teach a class in a skill they were good at. Jay was 'volunteered' to teach a class on searching/finding hidden objects.

Her challenge? "Last night, I got REALLY DRUNK and lost five important items. I need you to go around the ship and find where I left two rolls of duct tape, a gold necklace, a pocket watch, and my left shoe..."

Everyone was cracking up, it was a total blast.
Author#@ 6th Apr 2013, 11:10 AM edit delete reply
One of my party members is a dragonborn with a psychic, mind-controlling sea-cucumber living in his skull that controls his actions. Another is a cross between Steve Irwin and Jack Sparrow. Yet another is a vampire that hates french people (he actually asks every encounter if our foes are french as the DM let him have a bonus against french people. seriously).
The Starserker 1st Oct 2013, 4:32 PM Trolled edit delete reply
Me: *Puts Pinkie Pie Next To Nightmare Moon And Nghtmare moon Explodes* xD We Win
Chet_Manley 17th Dec 2015, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
So my first character was a 3.5 halfling wizard, and at first I had him as a blank slate. But then, after a particullarly harrowing encounter with zombies and a ghost wizard on an island and rat people on a boat, my guy was starting to look a bit worse for wear.

Long story short, we met an npc who was a prince running from an army and navy and we promised to help him hide. Now, I was secretly trying to get him caught cause I didn't like him, but the party shot me down.

After we get into a town, we try to part ways, and I give him a cloak "A token of our esteem." It was cursed, but the DM forgot that till I mentioned that, and he got caught because of it.

Needless to say, I got decked with a chaotic neutral morality rating, and the rest of the party decided to save him.

And after a botched attempt to break him out of a makeshift prison, I opened up the front door to get inside, only to find that 20 gaurds were waiting on the otherside.

Now, at the time I was low on health and had recently learned the fireball spell. I tried it out then and there while yelling "Fuck that!" and fired a fireball that incinerated both all the guards inside, and one of the ones standing next to me. How I didn't die right then and there is beyond me.

After that, I became the deranged halfling wizard who was both a pyromaniac and scared of rats. Fun times.