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10th Aug 2017, 6:00 AM in The Best Night Ever, Part 1
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Bird Notice
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Newbiespud 10th Aug 2017, 6:00 AM edit delete
When the quiet player comes up with an awesome plan that everyone agrees with, that's a moment I can't help but feel is worth a standing ovation. Just to pile on the positive reinforcement.

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ANW 10th Aug 2017, 6:13 AM edit delete reply
This one is a page late, but I didn't think about it until yesterday.
Has anyone ever made a PC or NPC called Murphy?
The Chaotic one that comes by when you call him.
"Hi, I'm Murphy. I'm here to make your day worse. Hope you enjoy walking through a thunderstorm even though the sky is perfectly clear"
That Murphy.
nathan400 10th Aug 2017, 6:16 AM edit delete reply
He'd have to be some kind of crazy powerful, like a g-d, or worse, an epic level wizard with sanity issues and minmaxing.
Achtungnight 10th Aug 2017, 10:43 AM Heh heh edit delete reply
Favorite Fluttershy moment coming soon. Squee!
Sheepking 10th Aug 2017, 11:20 AM edit delete reply
Not me personally, but my father at one point played a Gnome Cleric of Murphy. IIRC, he took Chaos and Luck as his domains.
Chronic Lurker 11th Aug 2017, 5:44 PM edit delete reply
O_O WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS?! ANY OF THIS!!! Thank you! This comment thread has inspired me! ^-^ Oh, this is going to be so much fun...
Wulfraed 10th Aug 2017, 6:17 AM edit delete reply
Knowing how the original episode ended, the royal animals probably are already spies for some pony with Dr. Doolittle abilities, and they would consider Fluttershy to be working for the opposition.
aerion111 10th Aug 2017, 6:53 AM edit delete reply
Not necessarily.
From what I remember, most of the original episode could just be poor rolls on Fluttershy's end.
Like, it wasn't so much that she met hostility, I felt, as that she just failed at what she was supposed to be good at, and eventually got frustrated.
Guest 10th Aug 2017, 2:00 PM edit delete reply
"most of the original episode could just be poor rolls on Fluttershy's end."

"Like, it wasn't so much that she met hostility, I felt, as that she just failed at what she was supposed to be good at, and eventually got frustrated."

Ah, CMCFs, I'd almost forgotten about those. Quite possibly one of the best things I've seen come out of the comments here, and there's been a bunch of good ones! Made me go back and find my local copies to reread those, so thanks for that.
aerion111 12th Aug 2017, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
Guest 12th Aug 2017, 8:37 AM edit delete reply
Cutie Mark Critical Failures.

As introduced by the original poster (can't remember who it was, sorry) as follows:

DM: Hey gang. Glad you could make it. Since much of the upcoming content will be a little less...dramatic, I'd thought I'd introduce a new mechanic to spice things up.
TS: Let's see...Cutie Mark Critical Failure?
DM: At certain points, you may find your character having trouble doing what they do best: the study of magic, working the farm, throwing a party, being caring to animals, etc. If you continuously fail at things pertaining to your Cutie Mark, I may ask you to make a save roll, with further failures having higher requirements for passing.
Rarity: And if we fail the save roll?
DM: Then your character will suffer from some sort of mental strain. I'll describe the "change", and your character must behave in a certain matter, along with a penalty to certain actions.
AJ: Hmm. And how can I get out of a "failure state"?
DM: At that point, YOU can't do it yourself. You need your friends to actively counteract the source of the strain in order to return you to normal. Other special circumstances may arise, but those are the general guidelines.
RD: So if I fail repeatedly, I have to rely on these guys to get me out of a funk? Lame.
TS: Come on girls, we messed up the DM's full campaign, let's just go with it. It's probably not going to come up all that much anyway.
reynard61 12th Aug 2017, 1:13 AM edit delete reply
It's called "Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome".
DoubleXXCross 10th Aug 2017, 6:23 AM edit delete reply
"Darlin', Ah could probably kiss you right now."

Digo Dragon 10th Aug 2017, 1:02 PM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Haha, yeah I was thinking about the ships too.
Rastaba 10th Aug 2017, 7:58 AM edit delete reply
Yay! It's Thursday so a new page....Hurry up Saturday!!!!
Classic Steve 10th Aug 2017, 8:36 AM edit delete reply
"Heehee." Ngaww.
TheBaron 11th Aug 2017, 10:17 PM Quiet Moments edit delete reply
At our local games club, we have a GM who altered another game's system so we could roleplay Fallout. This is what happened one night.

The party bedded down for the night, having taken on a large group of Legionaries that day. We awoke to find a member of the Enclave in full power armor, brandishing a plasma rifle and asking that we come with him.

One member of the party straight up bolted. After chewing the fat for a round or two, seeing that the rest of us weren't intimidated and were more concerned with breakfast, the enclave solider gave chase to him.

So we had a melee focused character, who was intellectually challenged by radraoach, being hunted by a trained professional with a large gun. While he did have a plan to use agility and the terrain to his advantage, things were looking dicey.

Then the moment came. As the tech guy of the party, I causally remarked to the sniper; "You know, with his pack to us like that, I bet you slip a couple of rounds straight into his power core."

The table went silent for a few moments, then he hopped straight to it. Escape became certain when the first shot crit'd, causing the core to go up like a mini nuke.
Skorzah 12th Aug 2017, 5:01 AM edit delete reply
That is fantastic!