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4th Nov 2017, 6:00 AM in The Best Night Ever, Part 1
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Drop Test
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 4th Nov 2017, 6:00 AM edit delete
Thank goodness there was one singular cup sprite for the Grand Galloping Gala so I could imply that these two scenes are correlated... even though in the original episode they happened in the opposite order...

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FanOfMostEverything 4th Nov 2017, 6:02 AM edit delete reply
Occupational hazard of being a mysterious, shadowy mastermind: You start thinking you need minions for everything.
Hariman 4th Nov 2017, 6:21 PM edit delete reply
Blueblood also lives up to his namesake. A blue blooded noble too full of himself to realize how much of a selfish jerk he's become.

And that's BEFORE he became Elusive!
Digo Dragon 4th Nov 2017, 6:03 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Huh, I actually like how you linked those two scenes together. That feels better. :D
Dusk Raven 5th Nov 2017, 10:50 AM edit delete reply
I was positive they were linked to begin with... I know something one of the Mane Six did caused that spill...
Specter 4th Nov 2017, 6:04 AM edit delete reply
Royals/nobles, "We must never change our course for any reason, lay in that mud so that my shoes do not become sullied".

Almost everyone else, "It's a two foot diameter puddle in a who-knows-how-big forest, just step around it".

Me, "...". *walks through mud*
Digo Dragon 4th Nov 2017, 6:15 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
And that's how you lose a foot to a gator! :o
Freelance 4th Nov 2017, 10:44 AM edit delete reply
Me: "....." *Trips noble.*
b-wolf95 4th Nov 2017, 1:49 PM edit delete reply
Well, there isn't a Story Time for this page yet, and tripping nobles is relevant to a story a friend told me, so why not?

So my friend had made this Prince character for this campaign to play as, and a new player in his group wanted to look at his sheet for reference. As a joke, my friend decided to get into character a bit and partake in that classic government official pastime of bureaucracy.

The other player ended having to sign three separate documents to see the character sheet. And just to add salt to the wound, he had to physically mail them to him.

Needless to say, the other player was more than a little peeved.

Come the start of the campaign, and my friend's character is entering the party's camp to recruit them to help him on his quest...

And the other player trips him on his way in, which (thanks to a natural 1 saving throw) kills him.

The event was retconned away almost immediately since my friend's Prince character was kind of important to the story, but the message was clear: Karma does not like bureaucracy.
Winged Cat 4th Nov 2017, 11:51 PM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
In what system does critfailing to dodge a simple trip kill someone? (Barring tripping into spikes or the like.)
b-wolf95 6th Nov 2017, 1:36 PM edit delete reply
I'm not sure what system (didn't think to ask), but I think the idea was that he couldn't dodge the trip and the saving throw was to prevent him from falling flat on his face.
Digo Dragon 5th Nov 2017, 7:59 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
Haha, now that's an answer. XD
Needling Haystacks 4th Nov 2017, 11:15 AM edit delete reply
Me: Jump over puddle. I can probably clear two feet...

*lands at least half a foot short*

Well, at least 3/4th of the puddle is behind me now!
Rokas 4th Nov 2017, 4:41 PM edit delete reply
Walking through mud is a good way for your feet to pick up an infection from the kind of bacterial smorgasbord you find in thee average pool of liquifacted soil.
Quill Penn 4th Nov 2017, 6:17 PM edit delete reply
Quill Penn
I believe this is appropriate.
Jennifer 4th Nov 2017, 7:36 AM edit delete reply
You know, I never noticed that cup before.

This comic has made me look at the show with new eyes on more than one occasion. Good going, Spud.
albedoequals1 4th Nov 2017, 11:30 AM edit delete reply
Who knows, maybe that was actually the way they originally intended it, but they decided later to have Dash catch the cup instead?
Thud 4th Nov 2017, 11:39 AM edit delete reply
What if it's just because people like to have matching drink ware at parties.

I mean most sinking vessels are parts of sets of identical vessels.
Guest 4th Nov 2017, 11:39 AM edit delete reply
Drinking Vessels.
Dusk Raven 5th Nov 2017, 10:52 AM edit delete reply
I'm pretty sure something one of the Mane Six did caused that spill. If I recall correctly, the stallion that Rainbow "saved" was carrying a cup, which he dropped when Rainbow launched him into the air.
Guest 6th Nov 2017, 12:57 PM edit delete reply
It was the same cup Rainbow dropped It when the wonderbolts were draged away after caught It And could not hang out
Miaikon 4th Nov 2017, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
I have... caught up to the story? Wow, didn't expect THAT. I went through the Archive in about 2 days, and I love it. And now I wanna know how it ends...

Also, Rainbow Dash says what we are all thinking. Plus, it's a fancy party, so someone should be along with a mop any minute now.
Hariman 4th Nov 2017, 6:19 PM edit delete reply
It will undoubtedly be a well dressed butler with a very fancy mop!

Also, I read through about the first third of Friendship is Dragons, stopped for a while, and thankfully checked back at the right time to watch the finale of the "Rarity's last con!" arc.

I also caught up on the in between "collecting tickets" arc, and did enjoy that too. ;p
Winged Cat 4th Nov 2017, 11:54 PM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
A mop? How pedestrian. I would expect towels at the very least, if not non-flashy magic that just makes the liquid (and anything in it) simply vanish.
Classic Steve 4th Nov 2017, 6:18 PM edit delete reply
Hey, Prince Blueblood isn't speaking in yellow anymore!
Newbiespud 4th Nov 2017, 9:12 PM edit delete reply
Wow. Been a while since I've made that error.
Boris Carlot 6th Nov 2017, 2:30 AM edit delete reply
JDB1984 5th Nov 2017, 5:42 AM edit delete reply
The reason I never got that rule of etiquette. So a woman is supposed to wait for a guy to have a garment long enough to allow her to walk through a puddle without getting wet, rather than just walk around the water?
Jennifer 6th Nov 2017, 9:13 AM edit delete reply
It's based off a single incident during the reign of Elizabeth I, never expected, required or repeated. Had the courtier not had a bright idea, she'd just have gone around and the meme would not exist.