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28th Jul 2011, 6:30 PM in Friendship is Magic, Part 1
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Lacking in Dungeons
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Newbiespud 28th Jul 2011, 6:30 PM edit delete
And so it begins! If you've ever read Shamus Young's DM of the Rings or the Comic Irregulars' Darths and Droids, you know what's going on. For the rest of you: If you like D&D, you should do yourselves a favor and check those comics out.

In the aforementioned comics, the creators treat the source material as a fantasy campaign, complete with insufferable players and suffering Dungeon Masters. Hilarity and satire ensue.

Now here I am to give this an honest try... but with ponies.


Lee V. 28th Jul 2011, 6:49 PM edit delete reply
Lee V.
Anything with ponies is awesome. :)
Spade 28th Jul 2011, 7:30 PM edit delete reply
well well well, looks like I have something to keep my eye on
Adventure Jeff 1st Aug 2011, 1:49 PM edit delete reply
Adventure Jeff
The concept has my interest. You've got my attention!
Hio590 5th Aug 2011, 6:22 AM edit delete reply
I love when these things pop up
Rockburgh 5th Aug 2011, 8:47 AM Wait... edit delete reply
A pony comic inspired by DMotR? You have my attention, good sir. I shall be adding this to my ever-growing queue, lovingly entitled "webcomics that have eaten my life."
Billy 5th Aug 2011, 1:48 PM yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! edit delete reply
I have been waiting for ages for a good D&D/MLP crossover comic/fanfic. thank you for providing! :D
Metsfan 7th Aug 2011, 7:46 AM edit delete reply
i will observe this
SparksTesla 10th Aug 2011, 6:30 AM edit delete reply
Can haz update?
Travis 28th Aug 2011, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
You just name dropped two of my favorite webcomics. If that's about what I can expect, I love this already. =D
Lugbzurg 25th Sep 2011, 7:59 PM edit delete reply
Yes! I am loving this, already!

Rainbow Dash would be the one to dislike classics, now, wouldn't she?
leafia6 18th Oct 2011, 2:32 AM edit delete reply
Clearly this Rainbow Dash hasn't seen what she can do in the third episode in the second season.
Taraswanwing 10th Jan 2012, 7:35 PM TaraSwanwing edit delete reply
This will be interesting...
Guest 2nd Feb 2012, 8:05 AM edit delete reply
sweet, a comic made from screenshots of the show
how original
RustyBacon 10th Jun 2013, 9:11 PM edit delete reply
It's still brilliant.
TheTraveller 31st Aug 2012, 7:11 PM edit delete reply
You know, even though I know its not true, I like to picture the players as the ponies themselves, I just adds something to it for me. Great comic! *begins to reread it from the beginning again*
Emptybee 10th Nov 2012, 12:00 PM edit delete reply
If you like doing that, you should give the fanfic "Ponyies play D&D" a read.
Tatsurou 23rd Jan 2013, 8:35 PM edit delete reply
Where can I find that?
Magnaliscious 17th Jan 2013, 6:42 PM edit delete reply
I had a NPC with us who was a wizard. in a campain called "War of the burning sky".. her name of Katrina. she was a 5th level wizard who's favorite spell was fireball... ON EVERYTHING! Demon in a hotel room. Fireball. squid? Fireball. Monk trying to kill us and i'm at 10 Hp?fireball. FIREBALL FIREBALL FIREBALL!
DNTME 22nd Jan 2013, 7:37 PM Copyrights edit delete reply
Um, aren't all these images copyrighted by the owners of the MLP series? How is it you are able to legally do this?
Flashpoint 8th Feb 2013, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
Pretty sure he's got some legal speak thing lying around for things like that.
Pablo360 19th Sep 2016, 3:28 PM edit delete reply
Because nobody cares enough to sue since he's not distracting any profits from them and he's not worth the cost to sue, let alone the PR damage?
DreadLindwyrm 4th Jan 2017, 8:44 AM edit delete reply
Fair use of copyrighted material includes "for the purpose of parody".

If this isn't a parody, I don't know what is...
Azureink 29th Jan 2013, 3:49 PM edit delete reply
For Raxon:
Ted the saiyanwolf 28th Sep 2014, 3:03 PM edit delete reply
Ted the saiyanwolf
Something tells me this is going a awesome comic!
Candlewick 29th Dec 2014, 9:59 PM Theory edit delete reply
Dash's player is a boy.
Blueblade 16th Jan 2015, 2:16 PM edit delete reply
Ah good old humble beginnings to think that the comics have now breached 500
Testing testing 16th Jan 2015, 2:17 PM edit delete reply
1 2 3
shadow 2nd Apr 2019, 3:24 PM I LOVE THIS edit delete reply
this will be fun
Mrjacob77 27th Apr 2020, 9:33 PM edit delete reply
So I just got myself caught up on one piece 3.5 earlier today after about three straight days of archive binging. Now I'm going to do what any sane person would do, start an archive binge of another ridiculously long screencap comic almost immediately!
ilhzak 6th Oct 2020, 3:31 AM edit delete reply
Nice one very good!
IndigoTarrasque 30th Nov 2020, 12:20 PM edit delete reply
It’s amazing returning to our roots after the dozen doozies we’ve been through.
GameZone 26th Feb 2021, 1:09 PM edit delete reply
Yes but these girly ponies tend to do cool things.
ub3rl337z4ur 3rd May 2021, 4:37 AM edit delete reply
Hey man, enjoying the series. Keep it up!